Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mary Cummins Faces Jail Time

Well, well, well….Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates (one in the same), Cummins Real Estate Appraisals (not a r-e-a-l company according to Scummins) and Cummins Real Estate Services (yet another business name associated with Mary Cummins that is not a r-e-a-l company according to her) has really done it this time.  The ever popular INDIGENT real estate ‘wizard’   who does not even know what a mechanic’s lien is, is at it again railing about the injustice of it all and how her life is ruined because she owes a mere $7,800,000 and counting ($25K per month interest on that $6M judgment).

Stay with me here folks because this is going to be fun; I promise.  Before I go further, what is wrong with the LA Business Journal that they are printing out awards for businesses that are not actually businesses at all?  At least that is what Mary Cummins has stated in court documents in 2 different states.  Mary Cummins claims she does not have a bank account, does not own any businesses (I bet the people who have paid her to do real estate appraisals will be interested in that fact), and she does not own a car (how on earth does she get to her real estate appointments?).  Mary Cummins is the recipient of the LA Business Journal Latino Business Woman Award for 2014 and Cummins Real Estate Services also received a like award in 2014.  Oh, I forgot, you BUY those awards and pay to go to the luncheon at the Millenium Biltmore.  This is just another tidbit of what the legal types were talking about in legal docs.  Anyway, back to what is going on at present…

Animal Advocates:  Interestingly the so-called non-profit that Mary Cummins started seems to own a car and pay rent but not rent for themselves as Mary Cummins claims she is “too injured to care for wildlife.”  Yes, apparently Mary Cummins is living off of a non-profit.  She has them pay her RENT in Bel Air!!!!!  I mean don’t all indigents live in Bel Air, one of the richest communities in the United States?   Oh, and do not all non-profits that exist on a mere $8,000 per year  on average pay in excess of $2,000 per month rent on an $850,000 house?  Oh it gets better…

The IDIOT, malcontent Cummins has the non-profit pay for a USDA license for her even though she is prohibited from doing educational programs and exhibiting animals!  The state of California Fish and Wildlife Department just said “NO” to Mary Cummins having a license because she has abused too many animals and lied too often on her paperwork.  Cummins even reported caring for a “non-releasable” animal she had reported being DEAD more than 3 years earlier!   I promise the FOIA of her CADFW records is eye-opening.  Then as the CADFW repeatedly DENIED her license she threatened to sue them.  I guess she did not comprehend the MOU she had to sign in order to get a rehabber license 3 years ago.   She even said she was consulting with her attorney on the matter.  Where on earth does Mary Cummins secure an attorney when she has stated for over 5 years that she cannot afford one?  The really funny part about all this is that Mary Cummins actually believes that people believe this BS.  I am sure CADFW can write a book on her by now.  As you can imagine THE FOIA WAS JUST ONE LIE AFTER ANOTHER.  She even told them she has had a perfect record with the USDA for 11 years!  Say what?  Scummins just got her USDA license in 2011 because Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary fame had one.    We all know she desperately tries to copy Amanda Lollar but she is just too far beneath the illustrious Ms. Lollar to even hold the dust pan that scoops up guano.  So she has a perfect record with the USDA and has this license that she cannot use, paying some $50 a year for it which is more mis-use of a non-profit’s assets or is Animal Advocates Mary Cummins personal money laundering service?  Oh, I just remembered, the last time the USDA did an inspection on Cummins they noted, are you ready?, that she had NO ANIMALS.  Ha, ha, ha.

Now to the really juicy stuff…Mary Cummins has put the following on her professional web pages:  “If you don't like what I've posted here and get your panties wadded up in a bunch and want to sue me, go right ahead. I will file an anti-SlAPP motion and you'll owe at least $20,000 in legal fees.”  NOTE:  Uhhhhh, This is on her professional page? I'd certainly think twice about hiring anyone with THAT written on their page, and LOL, besides, no one has to worry about her ridiculous anti-SLAPP motion because, according to court documents, every time she has filed one she has LOST!    

Cummins:  “I have been sued twice before for defamation. I represented myself both times and won. The first was Ashton Technology, Fredric Rittereiser vs Mary Cummins. The second was Kathy Knight-McConnell vs Mary Cummins.” NOTE:  Uhhhhh, no, Scumdum Cummins cannot count.  She has been sued 5 TIMES for defamation and she has NEVER won.  The cases she references were dismissed for lack of jurisdiction, meaning, the people suing her had a great case and could prove Cummins defamed them but because this was around 12 years ago and states had not caught up on jurisdiction as it pertains to the Internet (but they have now), the cases were dismissed.   Cummins merely weaseled out of them on a technicality since the suing parties did not have jurisdiction.  I do believe that is a Charlie Sheen type of ‘winning’; winning only in one’s own mind.

Cummins:  “I'm currently involved in another case which is in appeal. As usual I report evil people to authorities to prevent others from being ripped off or abused.”  NOTE:  OMG, OMG, OMG!  There is NOTHING in Appeal because Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary and Randy Turner cleaned her skanky clock and not only did they win the appeal but when she filed with the Supreme Court of TX, they DENIED Cummins’ petition.  What a loser.  Furthermore, remember that “Ow, I am stupid and cannot step up on a Rubbermaid stock room step without hitting  my barely haired head personal injury lawsuit?”  Well, that case was DISMISSED by Judge Terry Means in September, 2015.  LOL, Loser!  You would think when you lose about 100 motions, you lose in the circuit, superior, appellate and supreme courts of the land, in 2 different states, that you would say, “Okay, it is me and I need to correct my evil ways” but no, not the IDIOT Cummins.  She keeps doing what she does and keeps expecting a different result.  Okay, all together now, “that is the definition of insanity.”  But wait, there’s more…

Mary Cummins, aka "The Roach"

The scurrying, obnoxious, disease to society, aka “the Roach”, moron actually thinks she has a chance and actually thinks she will not be extradited for her crimes against the innocent.  How stupid can one person be?  You can drive a truck through Mary Cummins’ lies because she is not smart enough to keep them straight.

Well followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins stay tuned because we are all part of the party and the entertainment is watching this nut job take a nose dive.  Did she really think she would escape jail time?????   I told you this would be fun!


Mary Cummins Animal Cruelty
Mary Cummins stalks Attorney Randy Turner
Mary Cummins Exposed
Mary Cummins makes Death Threats
Mary Cummins stalks Bat World Sanctuary
Mary Cummins stalks Amanda Lollar
Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
Mary Cummins, Cyber-Monster
Bat World Wins 6 Mil Against Mary Cummins
Mary Cummins attacks another philanthropist

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mary Cummins numerous and repeated wildlife rehab permit VIOLATIONS

Proof of Mary Cummins alleged animal cruelty, animal neglect and violations of the California Department of Wildlife.


How many animals that end up with Mary Cummins end up with "no eyeballs"? Is Mary Cummins removing the eyes of skunks and squirrels in order to make them "non-releasable" and keep them captive? 

mary cummins captive animals with no eyeballs
Mary Cummins captive animals with no eyeballs. Click to enlarge.

Mary Cummins places captive wildlife inside her bra and takes inappropriate photos to share online.

mary cummins possum in bra
Mary Cummins puts possum between fake breasts. Click to enlarge.

Mary Cummins helps Mary Ellen Shoeman hide a raccoon from the California Department of Wildlife after she allowed it to lick her lips and mouth.

Mary Cummins hides raccoon from CADFG
Mary Cummins, indignity to wildlife, permit violations


Mary Cummins Animal Cruelty
Mary Cummins stalks Attorney Randy Turner
Mary Cummins Exposed
Mary Cummins makes Death Threats
Mary Cummins stalks Bat World Sanctuary
Mary Cummins stalks Amanda Lollar
Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
Mary Cummins, Cyber-Monster
Bat World Wins 6 Mil Against Mary Cummins

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mary Cummins - to know her is to loath her

Supreme Court of Texas is just saying, “No” to Mary Cummins!

Well, well, well let’s all take a turn at ‘laugh at the idiot Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Appraisals.  The self-proclaimed ‘indigent’ real estate flop insists on displaying her ignorance yet again.  She took the $6 million dollar judgment against her all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas just to lose to legendary legal lion, Randy Turner, and renowned bat expert, Amanda Lollar yet AGAIN.  God, it must suck to be Mary Cummins. 

Mary Cummins ridiculous attempt to have her case heard by the Supreme Court was met with disdain by the SCOT.  The court referred to her Petition for Review as a “Miscellaneous Motion” and the status of that meaningless document – DENIED.  Because Mary Cummins NEVER learns from her mistakes – ever – she also filed an Amended Petition, thinking she could do better, (uh, no) and what did the Supreme Court reply to her Amended Petition for Review – DENIED.  Ha, ha.  No surprise there, huh, folks?  In usual form Mary Cummins has promised to file more papers Monday, August 31st, 2015.  Imbecile.

Now let’s look at the Twitter storm in which Mary Cummins is involved since learning that she has NOwhere to turn in her trumped up, “Freedom of Speech, the judge is too old, they should not have jurisdiction over me because no one should”, verbal rampage. Frankly, I can't stop laughing at Cummins’ ignorance. 

Cummins stated, "I haven't seen the letter yet. I don't know if all the justices agreed."  
NOTE to Readers:  Ok, Scummy Cummy, here is your Supreme Court 101 lesson for today:  There are nine justices on the court. It only takes one justice to request a response from the respondent (you know, the other side, the winners).  The fact that the court did not request a response from legal giant Randy Turner or bat expert Amanda Lollar means that nine justices read your petition and not one of the nine cared enough about your rant to even be interested in how Turner and Lollar might respond to it.  They won hands down; no argument.  In other words, it was not even close.

And where is Cummins Freedom of Speech lawyer, Paul Levy of Public Citizen, who Cummins claims “completely supports” her?  And what about David Casselman who Cummins claims is the “foremost animal rights attorney” in the U.S.?  You remember Casselman, the nasty piece of work who spoke out against Amanda Lollar without even reviewing her stellar accomplishments or reading the trial transcript.  Amanda Lollar pioneered the rehabilitation of bats and Randy Turner has NEVER lost an animal rights case in over 33 years and his record stands all the way to the Supreme Court. 

Any intelligent person in Scum-dum Cummins position would throw themselves on the mercy of the court, Lollar and Turner and completely shut their mouth but what has Mary Cummins done?  The idiot is reposting all of the defamation so that Turner and Lollar can get the rest of her socked away fortune in a new lawsuit.  This is fun, isn’t it?

Cummins stated, noting the court did not grant her petition to the Supreme Court, “I bet it was because my case did not bring up a new legal question”….BZZZZT, wrong again. The Supreme Court denies petitions for review whenever the Appellate Court gets it right.  In other words, they agreed with the 76-page opinion written by Justice Dauphinot.  Sorry Scum-dum you are not the legal whiz you think you are. Cummins is truly the epitome of someone being a legend in their own mind.
Oh, by the way, you won’t be getting a “letter” Scum-dum.  That little one-line email you got from the court clerk is it.  That’s all you’re going to get according to my ‘good ole boy lawyer friends’ in Texas. The court does not even waste money on paper postcards to deny idiot malcontents who try to retry a case in their inadequate blathering petitions.  It was a done deal from the Appellate Court when they rendered a 76 page opinion that totally nailed all the calculated defamation that was committed, with malice, against Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar.  Let me see, what was it the Supreme Court clerk stated in the emails that were sent out…..DENIED

As much time as the moronic Mary Cummins spends on the internet you would think she would Google Texas Supreme Court and read about the process—how many justices it takes to request a response, how many it takes to request briefing on the merits, how many to grant the petition, and how many to win.  It is quite apparent not a single justice was curious how Randy Turner and Amanda Lollar might respond to the roach rant of Mary Cummins.

So how did we get to this point?  After Cummins LOST in the District Court and the Texas Court of Appeals, she then appealed to the Texas Supreme Court. The nit-wit actually began flirting with one of the Supreme Court justices on Twitter in an attempt to influence him.

What a MORON.  She flagrantly gushed to him how “extremely well-written and loving” his opinions are, “we need you to be a judge at least 50 more years.”  Since she is such an idiot I bet she thinks he voted in her favor!  LOL.  Cummins even included in her tweets to the justice a twenty plus year-old photograph of her to make him think that is how she looks today (when we all know differently).

The sad aging process of Mary Cummins
Because the repulsive Ms. Cummins used every delay tactic in the books, she now owes Amanda Lollar $6.9 MILLION DOLLARS.  Like I always say, “Ya just gotta love $25,000 per month interest, y’all.  It keeps a girl in cotton.”

If you want to read more about Scum-dum Cummins fawning over the Supreme Court justices, and I highly recommend that you do, go directly to Randy Turner’s page.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200 because the faster you get there the sooner you will be laughing until your sides hurt.  Another fab site, ahem, I highly recommend is mine wherein I expose the ridiculous Ms. Cummins as the apparent Queen of Communicable Disease (by her own editing she just hands us that inside look into her medical records). 

Well, followers of the very, very dark, dank world of Mary Cummins this is marvelous news for everyone who has ever heard of Mary Katherine Cobb, oh I mean Mary Cummins (wink-wink), because to know her is to loathe her.  



Mary Cummins Animal Cruelty
Mary Cummins stalks Attorney Randy Turner
Mary Cummins Exposed
Mary Cummins makes Death Threats
Mary Cummins stalks Bat World Sanctuary

Mary Cummins stalks Amanda Lollar
Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Should she be medicated? You decide:

  • A man in the Cayman Islands “said he was going to cut my husband’s penis up into tiny, little pieces;” 
  • “Some veterinarians were threatening to kill us…;”  
  • A man “tried to stab my husband with a machete;”  
  • An orthopedic surgeon “hired a hit man;“ 
  • “A bat lady hired a hit man” and “ordered a hit on me;” 
  • “She encouraged convicted criminals to attack me;”  
  • A Director of Special Projects and others “have been assaulting me;”  
  • A process server “assaulted me;” 
  • An attorney “assaulted me while my lawyer was asleep;” 
  • “LAPD said they’d only file charges if I had broken bones or profuse bleeding;” 
  •  A man “stabbed the hedge trimmers through the fence at me;” 
  • “My neighbor would sing my name over and over again in a high-pitched operatic voice on his front lawn” and “he started to tear my house down saying that the city ordered him to do that;” 
  • “I got death threats and crap instantly;” 
  • “A woman who is supposedly a dog groomer has been attacking me since 2002…I am posting her public bankruptcy documents now;” 
  • “I beat the sh*t out of a guy in the Ralph’s parking lot;” 
  • “A bunch of people instantly threatened to kill me in disgusting ways;” 
  • “I suspect that bat lady ordered a Molotov cocktail and an M-80 that were found under my car.”

  • A Wikipedia administrator was “stalking me;”  
  • Corporate shareholders “cyberstalked me;” 
  • “Bat lady stalks me;”  
  • An attorney in California “cyberstalked me;”  
  • A newspaper editorial writer “cyberstalked me;”  
  • Professional stock promoters “cyberstalked me;” 
  • An artist was “stalking me;”  
  • Randy Turner “stalks me;”  
  • “My neighbor stalked me;”  
  • A lady “has been stalking us for the last few years;”  
  • A woman in Arlington, Texas and others “have been stalking me;” 
  • An entrepreneur in Los Angeles “is cyberstalking me online;” 
  • A man in an assisted living facility is “stalking me;” 
  • A retired police officer was “stalking me;” 
  • Anonymous people have “cyberstalked me;” 
  • The executive director of the Yavapai Humane Society “is stalking me;”  
  • Bat lady's husband was “stalking me;”  
  • There is “a crazy lady stalking me;”  
  • A woman who is “supposedly a dog groomer has been stalking me since 2002.” (A total of 19+ stalkers)
  • The president of an IT company “defamed me;”  
  • An employee of the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife is “libeling and defaming me;” 
  • The head of a horse rescue organization “defames me;”  
  • A disabled man with spina bifida is “defaming me;” 
  • "Ten John Does defamed me;”  
  • "A bat lady defames me;”  
  • An engineer and others “have been defaming me;”  
  • The head of a California wildlife sanctuary “defamed me;”  
  • A graduate of UCLA “is defaming me;”  
  • A person in Pennsylvania was “defaming me;”  
  • An Texas attorney “defames me;”  
  • The CEO of Google hosted blogs that “defamed me;”  
  • An animal rehabilitator in California “defamed me;”  
  • A business systems analyst “defamed me;”  
  • An attorney in Los Angeles “defamed me;”  
  • The executive director of a humane society in Arizona “is defaming me;”  
  • A newspaper reporter “defamed me;”  
  • A woman in New York was “defaming me;”  
  • A retired international project manager “defamed me;” 
  • “A crazy rehabber in Ventura…defamed me;” 
  •  A voice-over artist “has been defaming me.” (A total of 30 defamers.)

  • An attorney in California “stares at my chest;”  
  • An attorney in Texas “stares at my chest;” 
  • A man “talks to my boobs 80% of the time;”  
  • A man at a public event “stared at me with…an almost frightened expression as he looked at my chest;” 
  • “Bat lady is a lesbian obsessed with my breasts;” 
  • "Last time I was flat chested I was seven;” 
  • “I was a C cup by age 11;” 
  • “I hand wash my bras because I don’t want them to shrink;” 
  • “The reason you cannot see my breasts is an arm is covering them;” 
  • “After running around in a snug underwire bra all day long…I released the girls from their confinement;” 
  • “Bat lady is flat-chested;” “She wants to be me but she is not.”
  • A photographer’s assistant “likes to talk about how ugly and bald I am;” 
  • "William Shatner is missing 90% of his hair;” 
  • “Burt Reynolds wears a (hair) piece;”  “
  • I found Burt’s head mold which I took;”  
  • A witness at a trial Cummins stalked for weeks was described by her as “his hair line is too low, which is abnormal…and shows signs of development problems;” 
  • “Randy dyes his hair the night before a hearing in order to charm the female judges;”
  • “He charmed the trial court judge with his affections and would dye his hair and comb his hair repeatedly before going into her court.”
And if that weren't enough...

  •  Bat lady demands my gynecological records;” 
  • “I’ll have to go back to (menstrual) pads or I’ll be forced to get a tattoo…;” 
  • “My neighbor stared at my crotch;” 
  • “My vagina is uninjured;”  
  • A Texas attorney “stared at my crotch” and he also “wants my gynecological records;”  
  • A person “has been contacting me late at night stating disgusting sexual things;” 
  • A psychiatrist “told me that Amanda Lollar is in love with me;” 
  • “She has more wrinkles than I do;” 
  • “She is shorter than me (sic); She wants to be me;” 
  • “I was a member of Junior Mensa” (there is no such thing)
  • “I’m not missing one tooth;” 
  • “Four out of five dentists recommended not killing Cecil the lion” 
  • “True ‘pin heads’ are mentally challenged;” 
  • “Pot mixed with cocaine is called a coco puff;” 
  • “I am armed and dangerous;” 
  • “Bat lady caused me to suffer garden variety emotional distress;” 
  • The Los Angeles City Attorney “stole my glasses;” 
  • “My mother pretended to be my grandmother;” 
  • “They instantly called me inexperienced, ill informed, stupid, evil, uneducated, vile…;”  
  • An orthopedic surgeon “threatens those he can’t bribe;” 
  • “If my weight makes me a fatty fatso…;”  
  • A CA attorney’s high school football team had a “horrible record of 2 for 6,”whereas, “as a freshman I was on the varsity swim team;” 
  • “I posted a woman’s birthday because she lies about her age;” 
  • “A woman was found dead in William Shatner’s pool;” 
  • “They destroyed my complaint about the property;”  
  • A false report was filed “stating I had a whale in my home;” 
  • “I got death threats and crap instantly;  
  • “First time I went to Kentucky the women were so nice to me I thought they were lesbians;” “I’m not a homosexual.”

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mary Cummins, Los Angeles Real Estate Appraiser, GUILTY of defamation, hate crimes and TOTAL STUPIDITY

Mary Cummins, Los Angeles Real Estate Appraiser, GUILTY of defamation, hate crimes and other heinous actions.  However, today we are strictly dealing with Scummy Cummy’s  unprecedented stupidity

Everyone is all too familiar with Mary Cummins lack of intelligence but the most hated woman on the Internet (by her own admission*) has elevated herself to a whole new level of stupidity (or is it more of why she is seeing a psychologist for what she states are “my problems”);  it is hard to tell which since she has exhibited bizarre behavior of both given she claims she has been a realtor and broker for over 30 years but she does not know what a mechanic’s lien is, she has monumentally violated the real estate code of ethics and professionalism, prides herself on representing herself pro se while writing motions that affirm the other side’s claims and she idiotically went after famed bat expert Amanda Lollar and renowned animal rights attorney, Randy Turner, who have since cleaned her roach-infested clock.

Well, strap on your seat belts because you will fall off your chair with laughter if you don’t.  Here we go for Mary Cummins’ latest journey down the road to bizarre revelations in a mind that is more twisted than a stick of Twizzler’s licorice.

‘US Department of Resumes’….yes, I said it and I can feel your eyebrows tightening as you tilt your head in wonder, “Say what?”  Here is Dummy Cummy's exact quote.

After numerous complaints by government officials Amanda Lollar was forced to remove the false information from her fake curriculum vitae. 99% of what Amanda Lollar wrote in her CV is totally false and fake. Amanda Lollar was forced by the Federal government to remove her totally false statements.

Just to give the idiot Mary Cummins her day in court (wink-wink) how many of you knew there was a secret government agency who spends untold millions and trains a workforce of super agents who scour the Internet, isolate an alleged resume offender, and send in storm troopers to “force” individuals to change their resumes? 

OMG, OMG, OMG Mary Cummins is such a moronic malcontent!  Not only is everything on Amanda Lollar’s curriculum vitae verifiably true (I checked every item and so can you), but it is so laughable that Mary Cummins is over-the-moon obsessed with Amanda Lollar’s accomplishments that Cummins lets her stupidity get the better of her (if there is such a thing as a ‘better’ of Mary Cummins since the whole barrel of her soul is rotten).  This has got to be right up there with one of Cummins other ridiculous forays into the bizarre happenstance of what she calls a life with her statement:  “They reported me for having a whale in my living room.

Animal abuser, Mary Cummins has written so many absurd things that I agree we have become used to Mary Cummins' lack of mental acuity, particularly against the stellar accomplishments of Amanda Lollar and her rather brilliant mind, but this one just had to be shared.

The only thing I wonder is, just how did Mary Cummins amass all of her millions because it certainly was not because of any glimmer of brilliance, which leads us to “Oh yes there are other ways an idiot can actually make money.”  That would explain her desire to not have any communicable disease, venereal disease records disclosed.  If you have never had any of these illnesses why object to any of those records being made available because if you have not had any diseases that qualify for those categories then there will not be any records to be had? 

However, I do not see anyone wanting to pay any real money for Mary Cummins’ company so this is perplexing. We already know Mary Cummins is not good at her real estate work since, according to her, she cannot get any work (for several years now) and the only 2 jobs for which she was hired in the past decade she was fired from both of them (one job only lasted 1 day).  Any thoughts?  Ha!  I knew we were thinking the same thing.

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, until next time I leave you with a picture of what happens when you are consumed by evil (plus we all get to laugh-again).  Believe it or not these pictures cover a mere 23 year span.  Yes, 23 years – that is all.  Now that is some serious evil ugly oozing out of those pores.

The sad age progression of Mary Katherine Cummins-Cobb

*Mary Cummins stated in a court ordered deposition that hundreds of unknown people threatened her health and safety.  (If true, now there is a case of poetic justice).



And now, a plug for my favorite charity:

Friday, April 10, 2015


On April 9, 2015, nearly 3 years after the Honorable Judge William Brigham rendered a decision in favor of Lollar against Mary Cummins for her vicious libelous attack on Lollar the Texas Appellate Court upheld the ruling of the Supreme Court that when a defendant (Cummins) commits acts of actual malice and publishes statements “with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not”, the plaintiff (Lollar) is entitled to both actual and punitive damages.  The Texas Supreme Court recognized that “in a defamation suit between private parties, recovery of presumed and punitive damages does not violate the First Amendment,” but in even such cases, Texas requires the plaintiff to prove at least negligence.  This is an important fact because Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins thought she would skate by on an easy defense claiming First Amendment Freedom of Speech privilege.  The IDIOT Cummins even thought that by having the even more ridiculous attorney, David Casselman of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and Elephants in Crisis, write an amicus letter for her would make a difference.  Shame, shame, shame on Casselman for supporting the truly EVIL behavior of Mary Cummins against the fine work of Amanda Lollar, two-time Indianapolis Prize nominee.

Mary Cummins now doomed for life
Cyber-stalker and alleged pedophilia obsessed Mary Cummins filed a frivolous appeal but the Court of Appeals upheld the $6 million defamation judgment. In a 76-page opinion blasting Cummins the appellate court found that "Lollar showed by clear and convincing evidence that Cummins acted with malice" when she lied about Amanda Lollar. And Cummins "engaged in a persistent calculated attack on Lollar with the intention to ruin both Lollar's life and her standing in the animal rehabilitation community."

Mary Cummins will be held in contempt of court in the very near future for her continuing defamation.  Work will begin on seizing additional bank accounts, inheritance assets and trust funds from the nasty Mary Cummins.  Apparently, Lollar has already seized some of Cummins assets so you think the most hated woman on the Internet, Mary Cummins, who has proclaimed that thousands of people hate her and have sent her death threats, would throw herself on Lollar’s mercy?  No, not the RIDICULOUS Mary Cummins because she is too stupid to rationalize actions have consequence. Instead she went on a crazed rampage and re-posted all of the defamation she was ordered to take down thinking that she is now protected by the law concerning ‘prior restraint’, meaning you cannot order someone not to do something before they do it, BUT, she never stopped to consider that once she has done it she can be taken down so far that she will never get up. 

What is worse than the truly egregious actions of the crass Cummins?  The people who supported Cummins in her attack on the selfless Amanda Lollar and they did not take the time to review any of the court documentation or they would have withdrawn their support – David Casselman (attorney), Jennifer Conrad (veterinarian), Kenneth Jones (veterinarian), Maryellen Shoeman (flunky), Walter Moore (attorney).

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of the skanky, animal abusing, mean-spirited, boil on the ass of society Mary Cummins (aka the roach) I think this is a good day for all the fine people and animals of the world because Mary Cummins is now trapped in that sewer of hers never to get out.  STOMP!

P.S.  Feel free to do the Stomp the Roach dance; it will make you feel good.


And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
bat world sanctuary amanda lollar

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mary Cummins Spirals into a Fit of Rage

The courts seeing through Mary Cummins’ absurd lies – good; ... Mary Cummins LOSING yet again to Amanda Lollar – PRICELESS.


Mary Cummins spirals into a fit of rage over losing her second appeal in her ridiculous attempt to obtain a restraining order against famed bat expert and renowned author, Amanda Lollar.

Since 2013 Mary Cummins has tried, (and repeatedly FAILED), to get a restraining order against Lollar in Cummins’ feeble attempt to prevent Lollar from obtaining her financial records and seizing more of her bank accounts for the over $7.7 MILLION DOLLAR judgment Lollar has against Cummins for her “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation”.  For the privilege of Cummins being allowed to make an ass of herself in her moronic foray into the appellate courts, she is being given the honor of paying Lollar’s attorney fees!  Cummins claims they are in excess of $144,000. 

You'd link the idiot Mary Cummins would learn to leave well enough alone at this point, but no. In her typical, pathetic MO of refusing to accept her continual LOSSES to Lollar, Cummins immediately filed for a rehearing of the Appellate denial of her restraining order.  In a day when the average court decision takes anywhere from 2 months to 2 years, the Appellate court sent a message to Mary Cummins -and her obsessive behavior against Lollar- by handing their decision down in less than 24 hours, refusing to listen to any more of Cummins vicious diatribe against Lollar.

So what does Mary Cummins do next? She vents to her one and only friend - the Internet, and in doing so hatefully slandered Amanda Lollar’s deceased brother, mother and war veteran father in an attempt to reduce Lollar’s loving family ties to Cummins own dysfunctional family history.  Cummins mother, beloved philanthropist Juliette Sponsel, and successful movie actress sister, Juliette Cummins, refuses to have anything to do with their revolting fecalpheliac relative, Mary Cummins.

 Even the LAPD, who have been following the case, along with Texas detectives who have a TERRORISTIC THREAT issued against her, had to resort to keeping her at bay by telling her to just FAX in her relentless onslaught of false complaints against Lollar.  Cummins’ accusations were so bizarre that the LAPD closed their file before the case ever went to court. 

Cummins allegations included that Lollar hired a thug to assault her with a piece of paper while she was carrying balloons (click here to watch the video of this horrendous brutality), Lollar (and her celebrated animal rights attorney, Randy Turner) threw a Molotov cocktail under her car, Lollar was outside her door whispering her name all night long, Lollar called her “Fatty, fatty, fatty fatso”, Amanda Lollar caused her “garden variety emotional distress” (I guess that means take your pick) and Lollar reported her for having a whale in the living room of her self-proclaimed 700 sq ft rented shack.

Well followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, I leave you with a picture of what this much hate does to a person….Mary Cummins pictured at the age of 47 and she could easily pass for someone who is a hard 78.

Mary Cummins Animal Advocates Cummins Real Estate Services
The sad aging process of Mary Cummins



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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mary Cummins LOSES AGAIN!

Well, well, well, the alleged communicable disease Queen herself, Mary Cummins, LOST another case to renowned bat expert Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary fame. 

The never married, I-stalk-other-women's-husbands Mary Cummins (born Mary Cobb) LOST her Appeal to obtain a restraining order against Amanda Lollar, and Scum-dum Mary Cummins was ORDERED to pay Amanda Lollar’s attorney fees!  Say “YES.” Don’t you just love it when a roach has to pay for its dirty, slimy deeds?  I know, I do. I wonder if Cummins now qualifies for vexatious litigant status after bringing yet another frivolous actions against the innocent? Just with the actions in which she has been involved with Bat World I believe the count is at 6 or 7 (not to mention the over 30 lawsuits in which she has been involved in her 50 years on this planet.

Enjoy the Appellate Court order wherein it clearly states that Mary Cummins proved nothing and the lower courts’ ruling was upheld.  Judge Carol Boas Goodson did not take any BS from Cummins and ordered the self-proclaimed (alleged) poverty whore* to get out and get a job so she can pay Bat World’s attorney fees. 

mary cummins, mary cummins cobb, mary cummins animal advocates

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, look up ‘ambulance chaser’ in the dictionary so you can see a recent picture of Mary Cummins.  In case you missed my earlier reference to Mary Cummins as the Queen of Communicable Diseases, it is all explained in this blog.  You will get a clearer understanding why that reference has been associated with her name.  For even more fun, or if you are new to my page, make sure you get a good laugh viewing Mary Cummins claim of her ‘natural beauty’ and her Kmart blue light special of a boob job.

Scummy Cummy aka 'the Roach" likely now lays awake at night dreaming of yet another scheme to try and destroy Amanda Lollar. Meanwhile, Lollar just has to be smiling while watching the roach squirm. I know I do.

A Nightmare on Roach Street (aka Beverly Glen Blvd).

*A poverty whore is a woman who constantly proclaims she is poor when she is not so she can get a free ride in life, and game the judicial system.  Poverty whores cost taxpayers a great deal of money.  In Mary Cummins case she pays over $2,000 per month in rent; she claims she lives in Bel Aire (one of the richest communities in America), she drives a Prius, eats out, shops at high end markets and she does not work. See what I mean? She brought a personal injury lawsuit against Bat World Sanctuary (only after they sued her and ultimately secured a $6.1M judgment against her for her malicious defamation). Then, in order to prevent them from obtaining her financial records (which defendants have a right to secure from a Plaintiff when they are being sued) Scummy Cummy immediately dropped her claim for financial damages.  Mind you this is a woman who had repeatedly stated that she was broke because she could not work and yet when she found out the defendants could subpoena her financials she immediately changed her tune and dropped the claim of any financial loss.  How does someone allegedly become injured to the point where they cannot work (as Mary Cummins claimed) and not pursue financial damages.  Because she is a poverty whore who lied about her finances, working, as well as her alleged injury.  You can read the entire case file through the Pacer records system.  The case number is 4:2012-cv-00560.  /



And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
bat world sanctuary amanda lollar