Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday Mary Cummins

To the followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, we give you Mary Cummins on her birthday and present to you a year in review of yet another year older, another year crazier, another year of being a disgrace.

Right now I wish I would have kept a diary but never fear because Mary always does that for us.  You know how proud Mary is of reading her own failures and trying to spin them into something her Branch Cumminians can see as a success.  What comes to mind are things like being charged with animal abuse by her own California Department of Fish and Wildlife or being told by a judge in superior court that she is ‘annoying’.  “Your motions are annoying and you are annoying.”  Or skipping ahead to the end of the year when Mary Cummimns let over 100 innocent, orphaned wildlife die from dehydration/starvation/heat stroke and being eaten alive by insects as they struggled to hang on until help arrived but instead Mary Cummins told the people trying to help them, “F*** You!  I am not coming.”  (That must have been the cherry on the top of her kale cake; knowing she had the power to cost baby animals their lives).

But for all of Mary’s abhorrent, reprehensible behavior we have to admit that she has given us some really good belly laughs as she announced in public court documents, “My vaginawas not injured”, “I was forced to sign this (document)”, “Amanda Lollar admits that she vomits in court”, “I have to go back to pads or I will be forced toget a tattoo” (What the hell does that even mean?), “I was a member of Junior Mensa,  “The Los Angeles City Attorney stole my eyeglasses”,  A man in the Cayman Islands said he was “going to cut my husband’s penis up into tiny little pieces” (Note:  Mary Cummins has never had a husband),  “Randy assaulted me while my lawyer was asleep”, “He molested my hand”, “She said she wanted to fuck my big fat fake tits” (finally, an admission her breasts are fake), “I found Burt’s head mold which I took”.

The sad age progression of Mary Cummins
We can only hope that Mary Cummins’ birthday was as memorable for her as June 14, 2012; that stellar day when her cumulative reign of terror against innocent people received a price tag of $6.187 MILLION DOLLARS in damages and the seizure of her money and property.

Here's hoping she celebrates her next birthday in a setting that suits her...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Mary Cummins, Communicable Diseases, Mental Illness

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Real Estate Appraiser, Communicable diseases, Mental Illness 

I understand that this information authorized for release may include information concerning communicable diseases such as hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, drugs, HIV, AIDS, mental illness (except for psychotherapy notes), chemical or alcohol dependency, laboratory test results, medical history, treatment, or any other such related information.” 

The above excerpt has been captured from a medical release form Mary Cummins was to sign for the alleged injuries she claims to have sustained when she was at the famous Bat World Sanctuary in June of 2010.  It is a standard release form everyone signs when they are suing someone for a ‘personal injury’. 

Remember Mary Cummins alleged slip and fall and her ridiculous, “Ow, I bumped my head and there’s guano in my mouth” claim?   But there is a turn of events.  Mary Cummins REFUSES to sign the form as printed. 

Here is what Mary Cummins has done to the form.  Every reference to communicable diseases, venereal disease, gynecological records was crossed out by Mary Cummins!  Why?  Why would anyone who is legitimately injured REFUSE to sign a medical release for their records and ONLY scratch out the references to syphilis, gonorrhea, drugs, HIV, AIDS, mental illness and drugs or alcohol dependency?  Uh-huh, I know what you are thinking because I am thinking it as well.  If you have never had syphilis, gonorrhea, drug dependencies or mental illness you have nothing to hide; nothing at all, you sign it.  It all becomes increasingly clear why Mary Cummins recently announced to the courts, “My vagina is uninjured.”  Her vagina may be uninjured but hardly clean according to her apparent latest attempt to conceal communicable diseases and mental illness. 

mary cummins, mary cuummins-cobb, mary k cummins
Click to enlarge the form

Boy, this is a whole new can of worms.  We already know Mary Cummins is under the care of a psychologist  but what other mental health professional (who hopefully is prescribing medication) is she seeing?  We know Mary Cummins has lived a loose and free lifestyle ever since she confirmed in a courtroom hearing, “My trips were paid for by all different men.

After we all regain our composure from seeing what Mary Cummins does not want revealed about her sexual organs and exchange of bodily fluids,  we do have the opportunity (yet again) to have a good laugh.  Did you read where she stated, “I was forced to sign this”?  Who the hell would EVER hire this woman to do anything associated with their family, animals or their real estate?  She is a functioning moron.  Are the courts putting guns to individual’s heads to sign documents?  Mary Cummins is too stupid to be using up oxygen that could be put to better use.  In what universe does someone bring a lawsuit against someone else for a supposed ‘personal injury’ and then not produce all their medical records to prove their claim????  Anyone I know who has ever been truly injured jumps to sign the release so they can prove their injuries.  How can Mary Cummins always be so comfortable stating, “I was forced” or “I was ordered to….”?  Did no one ever tell her those are the excuses of a spoiled child not an adult?  It just proves even more how stupid she is and if she is that stupid who in their right mind would hire her to do an appraisal of their property?  Mary Cummins clearly has too much time on her hands begging for donations through her not-so-non-profit Animal Advocates so she can pay her OWN wine, grocery and auto bills.  She needs to put on her big girl pants and act accordingly.

Mary cummins, mary k cummins, mary cummins cobb

Well, in closing, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins we can rest assured that Mary Cummins has certainly earned her “Junior Mensa” status………she is a mentally non-existent entity, a legend in her own mind just like “Junior Mensa” which never existed at all – ever.   Imagine your claim to fame being something that never was.  LOL.



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Mary Cummins REFUSES to help dying baby animals!

MARY CUMMINS,  Animal Neglect, Animal Advocates, Appraiser, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Cyber-Stalker

Mary Cummins REFUSES to help dying baby animals! 

She openly tells the people seeking her help, “F*** Y**! 

Mary Cummins:  "I rescue wildlife which are attracted to outdoor colonies [of feral cats]. I have to go to these colonies time and again. One in Marina del Rey refused to stop leaving food out. Raccoons, skunks, opossums came to eat the food. They multiplied. Manager of huge apartment complex paid a guy to trap and kill the animals. They trap, killed all the moms leaving the babies for me to rescue. Soooo many!  I pleaded with the colony guardian begging her to leave food out for 20 minutes while she watched then pick it up. Nope. After two years of picking up at least 100 wildlife babies I finally said "fuck you! You go rescue all the crying, dying babies. I'm done! They let the wildlife babies die just so they could continue to dump dry food everywhere."

mary cummins, mnary cummins animal advocates, mary k cummins

The uncaring, animal abusing Mary Cummins stated that the people who called her for help with orphaned babies are the ones who let them die!  SHE is the one who let them die; Mary Cummins claims she is a trained small mammal rehabilitator yet she REFUSED to respond to the crying, dying babies.  What kind of monster does something like this?  We are only talking about 100 orphans in a 2 year period.   That is a very small number of animals to treat for any decent rehabilitator.  Mary Cummins has repeatedly stated that she rescues approximately 1,000 animals a year so why would she voluntarily choose to ignore 50 babies in a single year?  She has stated she has over 14 volunteers; where were they and why did they not help the suffering animals?  Did Mary Cummins forbid anyone licensed with her to give aide to wildlife infants or has Mary Cummins once again LIED about the number of animals and people associated with her not-so-non-profit Animal Advocates?  There is no viable explanation that would excuse the blatant disregard of these orphans. 

Helpless orphans were left to die a slow, agonizing death while they were being eaten by insects as they gasped for air.  Their tiny heads pounded from the pain of dehydration but their plaintiff cries were ignored by Mary Cummins.  Mary Cummins had the option to notify CADFW to retrieve the animals and have the animals humanely euthanized to end their suffering but she did NOT do that.

mary cummins, mary cummins animal advocates, mary k cummins
Mary Cummins, Animal Adcovates, Animal Abuse
On November 11, 2014, Mary Cummins was begging for funds to buy incubators for wildlife.  Why would she do this when she leaves babies to die?  You will notice that she did not direct people to a site to fund the purchase of the incubator directly but rather she wants the donations sent to her.  Is this so she can once again commit donor fraud like when she begged for funds to buy a wheelchair for herself when it was NOT doctor ordered and she does not need one;  Or when she solicited funds to buy HERSELF a car for personal and professional use?    What did Mary Cummins do with the $26,643 she took in last year?  According to her 990 she had in excess of $3,000 to spend. 

Mary Cummins:  “We're raising money to buy some of these professional incubators. We've been using tupperware containers with heating pads underneath for over 30 years. They new heating pads turn off. The older ones would sometimes melt the underside of the container or shelving underneath. It's time to get something better. The mechanical base model is $375 but we need the bigger size which is $525.

Mary Cummins clearly stated that for 30 years she put helpless orphans  in plastic containers that would melt!!  The CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, like any wildlife agency, needs public support to permanently ban Mary Cummins from torturing wildlife, particularly the most helpless of all wildlife, the babies. 

Now is the time for all those concerned for the welfare of wildlife to speak up.  Write the CA Dept of Wildlife supporting an effort to forever remove Mary Cummins from having access to wildlife.  Mary Cummins is under the care of a psychologist for what she deems are “my problems.”  What is Mary Cummins doing that qualifies as her “problems”?  Abandoning animals in need?  Experimenting?  Torturing?  Encouraging people to capture them and sell them?    

NOTE:  The quotes in this post made by Mary Cummins are direct quotes, hence the grammatical errors and spelling were not corrected but left as she originally posted.



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Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, cited for Animal Abuse

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Real Estate Appraiser ...

Mary Cummins is President of something she calls Animal Advocates. Mary Cummins was cited for abuses to animals in her care by the California Department of Fish & Game.  She maintains a USDA license but states, “Practically any animal abuser can get a USDA license.”

mary cummins, mary cummins animal advocates, mary k cummins
Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Animal Abuse

Mary Cummins is a known career litigant with an extensive history of abuses. Mary Cummins is nearing senior citizen status yet constantly posts pictures of herself in her 20’s in an attempt to falsely project that she is young and energetic.   Mary Cummins, by her own admission in court documents, is under the care of a mental health professional for, as she states, “my problems.” 

Cyberstalker Mary Cummins latest attack on famed animal rights attorney, Randy Turner, exemplifies why she is in the care of a psychologist.   For years Mary Cummins stated her own mother was dead but her philanthropist mother is very much alive and married to renowned inventor/philanthropist/space engineer Clifford Sponsel.  What kind of a person says their mother is dead?  Once it was revealed her lovely mother was alive, Mary Cummins urged people to report her own mother for IRS abuses.  Note:  Mary Cummins has been accused of ‘projecting’ her own failings and misdeeds onto innocent others.  The mere fact that Mary Cummins stated her mother defrauded the government may be an  indication that Mary Cummins has been abusing her non-profit’s assets (Animal Advocates), for personal use amongst other violations, such as donor fraud by soliciting funds to buy a wheel chair while she was involved in an apparently trumped up personal injury lawsuit.  According to court records Mary Cummins sued Bat World Sanctuary for a supposed “bump on the head” injury she sustained when she could not maneuver her bulbous body through an 8 ft x 4 ft exit, then she quickly tried to settle with the Sanctuary (via their insurance company) who would have no part of her ‘scam’.  She even insisted that Bat World’s attorney, in exchange for personal attention by the nasty Ms. Cummins, negotiate a deal with Bat World’s insurance company to get as much out of them as possible.  The answer to Mary Cummins attempted insurance swindle was not only “No” but “Hell No and Go Away.”

On another note, does anyone find it odd that the self-proclaimed indigent Mary Cummins who states she lives “in a 700 sq ft rented shack”, and who has lost every single one of the lawsuits (4) in which she has been involved with Bat World Sanctuary is still trying to sell the story that Mr. Turner has, of all things, dementia?!  Yes, this is the super attorney who took a $6.1 MILLION dollar settlement against Mary Cummins yet Scummins claims it is Turner who has dementia.  Say what?  In her latest blog on Mr. Turner, Mary Cummins wants us to believe that attorney Turner, who wins one case after the other, sets precedence for case law, has argued in front of the Supreme Court, has NEVER lost an animal rights case in over 30 years, who is a highly sought after personal injury law specialist and who has secured the 2nd largest settlement in the state of Texas for defamation (over $6 MILLION dollars against Cummins), is suffering from dementia!  If there is one thing any thinking person knows is that anyone of Mr. Turner’s elite caliber does not have is dementia.  He is a winner and that is what the nasty Mary Cummins cannot stand.  According to courthouse sources Mr. Turner does not want to come within 3 ft of the skanky Mary Cummins and he is never alone in her presence.  He always has several people as witnesses including court bailiffs.  (I guess Mary Cummins thinks those armed guards and bailiffs in the court house are for decoration and not there because of her).  However, the mentally disturbed Mary Cummins, who is by all accounts drowning in her own cesspool of depravity, has declared that Mr. Turner has dementia.  Obviously, Mary Cummins is suffering from mental and comprehensive issues of her own to even try to plant such an absurd seed of doubt.  Or, perhaps it is more calculated than you might think since she is so infatuated with Mr. Turner and his command over her legally that she just cannot stop herself from writing about him and trying to get him to contact her (which he apparently has NO desire to do).  Hmmmmm, I need to ponder this further but while I do, take a look at the clues about Mary Cummins’ fixation with Mr. Turner:

From Mary Cummins over 400 page blog about Mr. Turner.  (Yes, I said OVER 400 pages):
Cummins:  “I stated a few times that I believe Randy Turner's odd behavior is the early signs of dementia. He filed a motion to strike his own witness. Even after I told him that he was attacking his own expert witness he still set a hearing date.”  Note:  This is pure fabrication on the part of Mary Cummins.  No such thing ever happened according to the court documents.  Why doesn’t Mary Cummins ever get tired of lying?  Can you spell s-o-c-i-o-p-a-t-h?  This statement is simply a case of an insignificant roach squirming, desperately trying to sneak through an opening; where is that Raid when you need it?

mary cummins, mary cummins-cobb, mary k cummins

Cummins:  “Inappropriate staring. He would stare at me for five seconds them come to and continue speaking. He stared inappropriately.”  Editorial Note:  Blah, blah, blah black sheep Mary Cummins.  When is she going to get over the fact that Randy Turner wants nothing to do with her?  She has been spewing this bile for years now.  As proof that her statement is pure fabrication, her own attorney petitioned the court to sever his attorney/client relationship with Mary Cummins so he could testify for the other side!  Her lies were so blatant about Randy Turner that Cummins attorney was forced to set the record straight about his clients’ BIZARRE conduct.  According to court testimony, there were 8 people present when Mary Cummins stated that Randy Turner stared at her.  Who exactly was Mr. Turner supposed to look at in a deposition?  If Mary Cummins insists on behaving so reprehensibly that she needs to be sued and since according to Cummins over 400 attorney’s in the state of Texas turned down retainers to represent her and she is forced to rep herself pro se, she should expect that the opposing party’s attorney will be looking at her across the table or while deposing her.  It is called a deposition; opposing parties sit across the table from one another.  Mary Cummins needs to let go of her breast obsession and her newest obsession with her vagina.  I think we have all seen Mary Cummins postings of pictures of her breasts by now and there is nothing noteworthy about them except for the fact that they are lop-sided.  LOL. 

Let’s also take a look at someone else upon whom Mary Cummins focuses her evil attention;  Randy Turner’s wife of over 35 years, Patti G. Turner, who Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins seems to constantly reference, querying why Randy Turner is married to this lovely woman.  This is very disturbing given that Mary Cummins went through picture after picture of the Turner’s elaborate home when it was for sale and Scummins discussed how she would have furnished it, what she would have done, how she would have done it.  Ewwwwwww. I know you are with me here followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins.  Then remember all the times Scummy Mary Cummins  posted that she dreamed about Randy Turner?  Yuck, that is enough to give any normal person the creeps having Mary Cummins dreaming about them. Don’t you just love reading how jealous Mary Cummins is of Randy Turner?  I do.  It is oozing out of her skanky pores.

Mary Cummins,  Mary Cummins Animal Advocates, Mary K Cummimns
Mary Cummins, warty pig-nosed dirty specimen

Looking at the Turner’s it all comes together as to what Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins is doing by constantly writing about them; Cummins cannot stand the fact the Turner’s are intelligent, attractive, accomplished, dedicated individuals in a marriage that has lasted decades.  Basically they are everything she is not, they have everything she does not BUT she is JEALOUS of everything they have and what they have accomplished. 

See you soon followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins because just as we know the sun will rise we also know that Mary Cummins’ immoral self will rear her ugly head



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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mary Cummins states her vagina is uninjured!

Late Breaking News!!!! Mary Cummins states in her latest court document that her vagina is uninjured!

Direct quote by Mary Cummins: “Plaintiff (Mary Cummins) did not injure her vagina.” Whew, given what former boyfriends have identified that Scmmy Cummy does with those body parts of hers apparently there was a cause for concern. But who in their right mind would state, "Plaintiff did not injure her vagina" to a federal court judge? Scummy Cummy that’s who.

Now that we are on the subject, let me enlighten you further. You might also be interested to know that Scummy Cummy also claimed “Plaintiff did not injure her uterus, breasts.”  Last time I looked Scummy was suing for a bump on the head so how did her vagina end up in the court documents?  Talk about crass. 

Doesn’t it appear that Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins has an unnatural obsession with her female organs (as if they are new to her/him)? Maybe dead Mom can identify the gender of this demented individual. You remember dead Mom that Scummy Cummy resurrected after she was outed about the fact that her mother is very much alive and is a cornerstone of Santa Barbara society. How embarrassing for this fine lady.  Sadly, Granny, who Scummy tried to embezzle millions from as the elderly lady was dying (according to these lawsuit documents in the California courts), is still dead. But I am sure she is rolling over in her grave at what she unleashed on society and that would be the individual that announces to the world via federal court documents, ”My vagina is uninjured” when she is suing for a supposed bump on the head and twitch she refers to as a 'back injury'.

As if it was not bad enough that earlier this month Cummins was posting a picture of a young girl associating it with Cummins own obsession with pedophilia and now we are burdened with Scummy Cummy’s vagina. Ugh, what is the world coming to followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins?



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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is Mary Cummins OBSESSED with Pedophilia?

Mary Cummins is posting pictures of young girls on the Internet and associating pedophilia with those pictures!  Good grief, just when you think the Queen of Skanks aka Queen of Trash cannot possibly sink any lower, the roach rushes to her sewer.

What is wrong with this man/woman known as Mary Cummins aka Mary Cobb (name of her birth certificate), Mary Cummins-Cobb?  I guess the IDIOT who scammers around in filth is now bored with her other obsessions of vomit, poop, her breasts and crotch so now she is focusing on young girls!  Ewwwwwww.  Mary Cummins does not need to be locked up in the U.S.; she needs to be contained on an island for criminals somewhere and they need to throw away the key. 

Mary Cummins failed life would continue to be amusing if it were not for her latest subject – pedophilia.  I mean, come on, involving children in her nastiness really is about as low as one person can go.  Let’s look at the progression of Mary Cummins’ slimy trail:

•    Involves herself on a biker blog as Maryqueenofscoots with the most disgusting exchange wherein she hopes for a “pearl necklace” if she is good.  Again, this is not Grandma’s pearls she is wanting but drops of semen deposited around her neck.  Some bikers are so appalled that they state they would not give her the pearl necklace she desires if she were on fire; indicating that she is too disease ridden to be that close to her.
•    Posts and references a picture of herself on the Internet with a substance all over her face that she identifies in court documents as being SEMEN, circa 2006/2007.  I mention the years because in a court hearing she tried to associate that picture with Bat World Sanctuary claiming that the “bat people” created it.  She was not involved with Bat World until June of 2010.
•    Tried to embezzle her Grandmother’s fortune.  She was sued by her mother and sister and had to return millions of dollars/property.  A $50,000 penalty was put into place in the agreement whereas if she contacts her mother or sister there will be that price to pay.
•    Sues her boss for sexual harassment because she was FIRED from a volunteer position.   This is also when she turned against one of her latest targets, famed billionaire philanthropist and all around good guy “putting his money where his mouth is” for animal causes, Dr. Gary Michelson, because Dr. Michelson also fired Mary Scummins for poor performance from her paying job. 
•    Posts all over the Internet that her mother is dead.  A little research proved her mother is very much alive as is a pillar of society.  (Poor woman must be appalled at Mary’s actions.) 
•    Attempts to ruin the reputation of famed bat expert, Amanda Lollar.  Mary Cummins is so obsessed with all of Lollar’s achievements that she posted a picture of Lollar on the Internet with the caption, “Not Experts". Imagine being so consumed with someone else’s talents that you feel the need to post a picture of them with a caption denouncing their expertise.  Wow, that is very sociopathic and probably why Mary Cummins is alone at night “cracking my molars” and “I have seen a psychologist for my problems”.  See the bottom of page 9 on this link for Nutso Fatso Mary Cummins’ remarks about seeing a psychologist.  
•    In the 4th lawsuit that was brought against her for defamation, she lost to Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar to the tune of over $6 MILLION DOLLARS
•    Mary Cummins posts instructions on Facebook on how to give a BJ alerting woman that they “need to roll their lips over their teeth”, etc.  Yes, this is the same woman who wants to come into your home with your children to do real estate appraisals.  The same woman who also makes death threats on the Internet. 
•    Thinking she will escape the $6 Mil judgment, she files that she is indigent despite the fact she lives at on the 800 block of N. Beverly Glen Blvd on the outskirts of Bel Aire.  She claims she rents the property for $2,000 per month.  The state of California is now interested in how she is over the poverty level yet living off of them.  More on this later.
•    Attacks judges, attorney’s (her own attorney dumped her for lying and testified for the other side!) ,philanthropists and posts on the Internet that her socialite mother (who apparently she resurrected from the dead) is a tax cheat and Cummins wants people to report her.  (Poor Mom who is not in the best of health).
•    Created specific blogs to continue her reign of terror against the innocent – Amanda Lollar, Randy Turner, Judge Brigham, Judge Goodson, Dr. Gary Michelson, etc. – and goes so far as to attack their wives, husbands, children and even the animals they fight so valiantly to protect
•    Constantly posts pictures of her breasts online and talks about her vagina (as if it is a new organ for her/him.)  She discusses her breast development and lists the ages for that supposed development.  NOTE:  Lest we not forget that her original pics from her early twenties shows she had no breasts but now she is posting humongous breasts. 
•    Mary Cummins tries to have thousands of bats exterminated out of revenge against the primary focus of her attacks, Amanda Lollar. 
•    Mary Cummins ventures into the world of pedophilia and with malice and forethought tries to associate decent people, including Randy Turner, with Cummins own obsession with pedophilia.  Why Randy Turner?  Because he took a $6.1 MILLIION DOLLAR judgment against her and he documents Mary Cummins’ malicious activities with proof of every action.  

There have been many comparisons drawn between Mary Cummins and David Koresh, but even Koresh did not dabble in pedophilia like Mary Cummins.  I think we are all in agreement that Mary Cummins needs to go to jail for her nasty, unspeakable obsessions.  She was already labeled an ANIMAL ABUSER  by her own department of fish and game, she has gone after other women’s husbands (even tried to marry one but he was still married to his real wife and did not want to go with Skank Queen Cummins), she has referred to homosexuals and lesbians with great disdain, she has a TERRORISTIC THREAT police report against her at the same time she blogs endlessly about how she does not have a criminal past, and her activities get even nastier from there.  Ugh, Mary Cummins, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Animal Advocates really is scum, hence the nickname of Scummy Cummy.  For a list of the known victims of Mary Cummins, see this link.  Who knows how many more innocent people Mary Cummins has victimized? 

I tell you one thing the best way to fight evil is for good people to do something. Do you want to know what to do about the likes of Mary Cummins?  Cross post this information about her.  Get the word out so innocent people will not be exposed to the plague known as Mary Cummins



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Mary Cummins Chewing Off Her Own Leg

Well, well, well it appears the ever ridiculous Mary Cummins is caught in a trap and she is trying to chew off her own leg (if only)!  Scummy Cummy just does not know when to stop, shut up or go away but now she has brought the fight down on top of herself and she is squirming under the pressure of the boot of justice crushing her.

Here is a court order from a federal judge for Mary Cummins to produce all records to Randy Turner, attorney for Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. 

Scum-dum Cummins filed a personal injury lawsuit against Lollar and Bat World and thinks she can pick and choose what information she will provide.  Ugh, Cummins is so mentally deficient.  In what universe do you sue for a ‘personal injury’ and not have to prove your claim?

U.S. District Court
Northern District of Texas (Fort Worth)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 4:12-cv-00560-Y

ORDER PARTIALLY GRANTING 110 Motion to that Plaintiff (Mary Cummins) shall, no later than September 16, 2014, provide "under oath" as required by Rule 33(b)(3) complete answers to First Set of Interrogatories Nos. 2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 15a, and 21 and produce the documents requested in First Request for Production Nos. 6- 10, 12, 18, 19, and 21. It is further ORDERED that Plaintiff has waived her claims for damages for lost wages. It is further ORDERED that Plaintiff shall, no later than September 16, 2014, resubmit her original responses "under oath" to Defendant's First Set of Interrogatories to all other Interrogatory Numbers not set forth the above paragraph. (Ordered by Magistrate Judge Jeffrey L Cureton on 8/26/2014) (mem) (Entered: 08/26/2014)

I must admit although I genuinely am concerned for the good people that have become the victims of Mary Cummins, after a long hard day I am utterly amused by Mary Cummins emotional pain.  It has a way of lifting ones spirit, reveling in the fact that Mary Cummins, a true boil on the rump of society, is getting her come uppins’.  Regarding the aforementioned lawsuit, here are some of the details about how the renowned idiot,  living her pathetic failed life, brought a personal injury lawsuit against Bat World, Amanda Lollar and the Board of Directors, oh and lest we not forget her favorite additions to all her lawsuits – John Does 1-10.  NOTE:  In one lawsuit Scummy Cummy tried to say Amanda Lollar was John Does 1 and 2!!  We all know she did this thinking (in her usual low IQ way) that the famed founder of the sanctuary, Amanda Lollar, would settle out of court.  Are you kidding me?  Have you read any of Amanda Lollar’s books, seen the awards, accolades and recognition she has received?  What about the elite individuals she has trained – zoologists, veterinarians, biologists, conservation scientists- did Scummy Cummy not do her homework at all?  AND how is she going to ever get the better of  a fabulous individual like Amanda Lollar when Scummins herself has stated that Lollar is 3 people – herself plus John Does 1 and 2!!!  Seriously, does anyone think Amanda Lollar would buckle to the likes of a scummy, low life, mentally deficient, has been, bride-wannabe like Mary Cummins, the Queen of Skanks?  That is ridiculous beyond measure but let me get to the good part about Scummin Cummins chewing on her own leg……the absurdity of what I am about to tell you will blow your mind.  Stay with me fellow followers.  Mary Cummins, the plaintiff in the personal injury farce actually thinks she is going to get Amanda Lollar’s medical records!! 

Remember it is Dummin Cummins who claims she was injured because she is a bulbous clod who’s body could not fit through what looks like a 8 ft high by 4 ft wide exit so she allegedly fell backwards (about 12 inches), allegedly saw some odd color spots in front of her eyes, allegedly sustained a concussion, allegedly (no this may be true given her propensity for doing the unthinkable) had guano and urine raining down in her mouth (gulp-gulp), allegedly bulged a disc in her back and developed warts I think, BUT she is the one who refuses to produce her medical records and she wants Amanda Lollar’s medical records!  Say what?  I KNOW.  Mary Cummins is truly the single dumbest person I have ever come across.  I use to think she was nastier than anyone alive but now I think she is more stupid than she is nasty.  Naw, it must be a draw.  

Can you believe what you just read?  According to the scum blog Cummins keeps online she does not want to produce all of her medical records.  Mary Cummins keeps stating that the defendants want her gynecological records.  Again, is it just me or if you were truly injured would you not want to prove how badly you were injured by turning over whatever medical records the defendants wanted?  Cummins seems to be focusing very heavily on her gynecological records despite the fact that is not what has been an issue with the defendants.  From what I have seen thus far Mary Cummins has not provided the most fundamental of medical records based on her alleged injuries as well as a defendant’s right to those records (as the court pointed out to her).  She claims they want everything from the time she was born.  Well, that seems logical to me.  What if she had a birth defect (stop it, I know what you are thinking)?  As for the gyno records I do NOT see any specific reference to them but one female judge stated, “Women tell their gynecologists everything; more than a specialist so there is a reason why gynecological records should be a part of complete medical records.”  Her poor mother must be so embarrassed that this ‘thing’, this moronic abortion, actually was birthed by her.  I mean, Mom is totally normal.  Her other daughter is not only normal but very likable and pretty and then there is Mary.  Ugh.

Wait, I am not done.  Here is what skanky Mary Cummins wrote:
Again Amanda Lollar and her attorney Randy Turner are demanding all of my medical records for everything since the moment I was born. This is very disgusting. They also were supposed to send me a notice of subpoena but did not. This is a violation of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 45 (a)(4). I am filing motion for sanctions.  I will be requesting Amanda Lollar's medical records. She should treat my records and any requests the same way she wants her records and requests treated.  If she does something nasty to me, I will be forced to do the same ten fold. I have never met a more revolting person in my life as Amanda Lollar.

Okay, now let’s analyze what we just read.

•    First she stated, “(they) are demanding all of my medical records for everything since the moment I was born.  This is very disgusting.” The idiot just said her medical records are disgusting (okay we will agree since we know she is disgusting).
•    “They also were supposed to send me a notice of subpoena but did not.” Poor Scummy Cummy did not receive a copy of the subpoena (so she says).  Maybe it is because she maintains a post office box some 30 miles from her house.  Oh, that’s right she is stalking Dr. Michelson this week in the LA courts so she is v-e-r-y close to her mailbox.  Hmmmmmmm, correct me if I am wrong here, but by default the idiot just admitted she has the subpoena.  BTW, does the post office not deliver mail on N. Beverly Glen?  I wonder, since Mary Cummins claims she is indigent and all, how is it that she can afford a post office box?  Why doesn’t she have her mail delivered to her house?  Oh sorry, Animal Advocates house (wink-wink).
•    “I am filing a motion for sanctions.”  LOL, how many times does that make that she has filed a motion for sanctions and we ALL know how that goes – DENIED!   Come on, she is dealing with a seasoned attorney, Randy Turner, and what is his specialty of law?  Uh-huh, that’s right, personal injury.  My God, Mary Cummins either is developing dementia or she really is that dim-witted to think she can out maneuver Randy Turner. 
•    “I will be requesting Amanda Lollar’s medical records.”  LOL, for what?  Not that any court would EVER give them to her, but why?  Why is Mary Cummins so obsessed with Amanda Lollar?  Well, the obvious of course, she is jealous of Lollar who has accomplished so much in her life and Mary Cummins has been rejected by her wealthy family; rejected by her proclaimed friend, Ady Gil (proclaimed by Cummins only);  she has been banished from numerous websites (her Wikipedia page was removed by Wikipedia, Great Non-Profits banned her for attacking Bat World Sanctuary, etc.) and well you know as well as I do the list truly is endless of those who have rejected Mary Cummins because she is just that terrible.  She is vicious and the world now knows it.
•    “If she does something nasty to me I will be forced to do the same ten fold.”  Will someone please tell the unintelligent Mary Cummins that ‘tenfold’ is one word not two.  So, let’s think on this a minute Mary Cummins is threatening Amanda Lollar, is she not?  Hmmmmmm, I wonder if Lollar is adding to the TERRORISTIC THREAT police report  that has been issued against Mary Cummins?  What nasty thing has Amanda Lollar ever done to Scummy Cummy?  Nothing.  That is one of the things that irks me the most about the skank, fatty-fatty-fatty-fatso Mary Cummins (using the words she herself posted on the Internet), the fact that it is Mary Cummins who has a $6.1 MILLION DOLLAR DEFAMATION judgment against her for defaming, stalking and making Amanda Lollar’s life less than pleasant yet Cummins claims it is Lollar who is being nasty.  Say what?  Ever the fool, Cummins still does not get it that when you have an attorney they are bound to defend their client against the likes of nasty pieces of trash like Mary Cummins.
•    “I have never met a more revolting person in my life than Amanda Lollar.”  OMG, OMG, OMG Cummins is such a dope.  She cannot even touch Amanda Lollar’s shoes she is so beneath Amanda Lollar.  I guess Scummins finds Lollar revolting because Lollar has made the world a better place and she has the admiration of tens of thousands of people whereas Cummins is, well, Scummy Cummy.  

Oooooh, this is all so amusing.  Watching Mary Cummins bring all this down on herself and now she is trying to backpedal and dig her way out of the muck of her life but she can’t.  Her only recourse, yep you guessed it, she has got to chew off that leg of hers if she wants to get free……what a pleasant thought for the rest of us.

See you soon, followers of the dark dank world of Mary Cummins.



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