Monday, August 25, 2014

Mary Cummins, Cat Killer?

Well, well, well look what we have here…..Internet cyber troll and infamous IDIOT Mary Cummins is at it again.  It is not bad enough that Randy Turner literally cleaned her clock in court, and continues to do so, with a now over $7.2 MILLION DOLLAR judgment against Mary Cummins for her egregious,intentional and malicious defamation, the moron Mary Cummins continues to stalk Mr. Turner as if that is going to work in her favor.   She just never learns.  Mary Cummins follows Mr. Turner’s every move and since she has NO understanding of the law or the court systems, despite the fact she has been involved in over 30 lawsuits, Mary Cummins thinks this is going to work out for her!  IDIOT personified.

mary cummins animal advocates mary k cummins
Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates hard at work
Now, to add to her list of crimes on societies innocent, Mary Cummins is attacking a disabled man in assisted living with therapy cats that aide his anxiety!  One of them is a 12 year old with diabetes.  Apparently the nursing home where the man has been for the past 3 years passed a new ‘no pet’ policy and they want him to dispose of his therapy cats or get out within 30 days.  Now we all know, because we are reasonable individuals with a brain, that in all fairness to the existing residents in the nursing home they should have grandfathered in any existing therapy animals as well as any pets that were residing there with their owners.  “NO, NO, NO” says Internet IDIOT Mary Cummins.  She launched a new campaign of terror against this poor man calling him a “dwarf with social and rage issues” and worse. 

Mary Cummins likes to cite the fact that this is Randy Turner’s client.  Of course it is Randy Turner’s client because Randy is a saint.  He will do anything he can to protect and aide anyone who truly cares for animals and the animals themselves WHEREAS allegedly Mary Cummins wants the cats to face the ultimate sacrifice – death.  No one will adopt a 12 year cat with diabetes and what will become of this crippled man who depends on these gentle animals?  Mary Cummins does not care just as long as she gets to shoot off her infamous foul mouth.  I do believe in animal circles Mary Cummins is now known as a cat killer as well as an animal abuser.  Just when you think Mary Cummins cannot possibly sink any lower, she does.

Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking of employing her because it appears ANY association with Mary Cummins makes an individual susceptible to her crazed tactics.


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