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Mary Cummins aka The Roach

mary cummins aka the roach

Well, well, well the rather lame-brain Mary Cummins is once again posting what she considers to be defamation but she is the one posting it!  LOL.  I’m sorry but I really cannot stop laughing.  Don‘t you find it interesting that Mary Cummins screams FREEDOM of SPEECH when she defames others but when the TRUTH is told about her she claims it is defamation with malicious intent?  If Mary Cummins does not like to read the TRUTH about herself I guess she should not go around attacking fine people, particularly those who work with animals and those who defend them against the likes of the Mary Cummins’ of the world.  Then there is the separate issue (or is it?) where Mary Cummins has made hundreds of malicious defamatory blogs about the reverent Dr. Gary Michelson who revolutionized back surgery and is a beacon of hope to so many animals through his Found Animals Foundation. 

Have y’all noticed that I never post anything without providing the proof of my statements?  Uh-huh.  There is a very good reason for that; it is because Mary Scum-dum Cummins is a LIAR so while she weaves her vicious tales about others, I go about providing the falsity of her claims.  The problem is Mary Scummy Cummy Cummins does not like it.  What is it Granny use to say, “Too bad, too sad.  Live a better life.”  For all her screaming about “evil people” and “defamation by others”, it is Mary who has never been able to prove that anyone committed any defamation against her but she is on the hook for nearly $7 MILLION DOLLARS for her “egregious as well as intentional as well as malicious defamation” of Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.   I reckon within short order she will owe others whatever money she has left.  Then I guess she will have to rely on her ‘other’ talents to survive.  Wait, didn’t Mary Cummins post somewhere a picture of her with her head through a cardboard box with the lettering, “Too broke to travel; too ugly to prostitute?”  LOL  That is one of my faves and how nice of Mary to post it all over the Internet.

Hey, if you really want to have some fun Google, “Mary Cummins” and open up the images.  They are hysterical except for the picture she posted of herself giving whoever the finger and there is a substance on her face that she identifies as ‘semen’. It's not the one below but this one is hysterical too:

mary cummins nasty cyber troll

And then she had the audacity to try and blame the picture on Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary fame!!!!  That picture has been kicking around the Internet since 2007 and in court docs Scummy Mary Cummins admitted she did not meet Lollar until 2010.  What an IDIOT

But wait, there's more!!

Mary Cummins and her missed deadlines: 
Apparently Mary Cummins was suppose to file a response to Randy Turner’s Motion to Compel Discovery but in usual low mentality mode Mary Cummins missed the May 9th deadline (even though she knew about the deadline since March 9th and was notified by the judge that sanctions would be imposed for anyone who did not follow the rules.  Then, from what I can gather from the court docs on, she filed an “Oops the dog ate my homework so I need an extension and I will submit my paperwork NOT on the date the judge stated, but I choose May 12th.”  Yes, you heard me right.  Mary Cummins abuses the court processes and selects the dates SHE wants to file.  But then, remember that low I.Q. she possesses, well she missed that date as well so she self imposed, without court permission, the new date of May 19th.  But wait, there is more.  May 19th apparently came and went so she filed another extension for May 30th.  But wait, there is more.  She missed that date as well!!! I told you this would be good.  What a total fool.  Maybe she was too busy with her tantric sex workshops.    Or, perhaps she is too busy with her new favorite activity - stalking Dr. Gary Michelson.  Hang in there, Dr. Michelson, Mary Cummins is excrement beneath your feet. 

So now, let’s get into Mary Cummins latest (laughable) ridiculous court filing



Plaintiff would show as follows:

I.    Procedural History

1.    August 28, 2014 Defendants Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary sent their first request for production and interrogatories. 

Huh?  This date has not even occurred yet. 

2.    Plaintiff responded October 1, 2014, not October 7, 2014. Nor has this date occurred. 
Okay, is she smoking skunk droppings? 

3.    Plaintiff replied to all interrogatories except 12, 13.  

Uh, if she responded the way she previously did, she is too stupid to realize you cannot keep telling the other side “My lawyer will be responding” when you do NOT have an atty.  Nor can you state they are not entitled to the information they seek.  Hello, when you bring a personal injury suit against someone they ARE entitled to find out about your medical records (before and after the alleged injury) and in this case, since it involves the renowned LIAR Mary Cummins, more information is needed than in other cases.   They are certainly entitled to your financial records since I do believe Mary Cummins screamed through several cases how “I have a net worth of less than zero because of what is written about me on the Internet” and “I have a net worth of less than zero because of my injury and I could not work.”  Moron. 

4.     Request 12 was for a “blank signed medical authorization form.” Plaintiff refused because this would be for all medical records for all time for anyone by the name of Mary Cummins anywhere.

Ugh, you just have to hang your head here at this ridiculous statement.  Why on earth would any lawyer want the records of ALL Mary Cummins’ particularly when the “Stupiest Woman on the Internet, Mary Cummins, claims her name is not Mary Cummins?  Seriously, the woman (maybe) has a scrambled brain and needs meds or perhaps she really, really is that stupid.

This request is overly broad and would include the records of others. 

Duh, no, because nobody wants any records of people with whom they are not involved in a legal action so the only records being sought (according to the court documents) are for Mary Cummins to prove she is lying.  And she wonders how she got the nickname of Mary Scum-dumb Cummins.  Geez.  Plaintiff is willing to directly give all medical records related to this injury and this part of the body for two years prior to the injury to the present to Defendants if there is a protective order. LOL, really?  Nobody wants records  directly from the dummy Cummins because they know they would be altered.  They will obtain them from the doctors and hospitals (unless there isn’t any because she never had an injury to begin with).  I notice as I page through the court docs that Mary Cummins seems to change her mind a lot on what she will give and for what time period.  If she does not want full disclosure I guess she should not go around suing innocent people, particularly with her ambulance chasing, “I bumped my head because I am stupid” claim. LOL!

5. Request 13 was for a “blank signed employment authorization form.” Plaintiff refused because Plaintiff has not been employed by others in many years and Plaintiff does not seek lost wages. Plaintiff agrees to waive claims to “lost wages.” 

Whoa Nelly, wait a minute! 
It was Cummins who put in the verbiage of her various lawsuits, including this one,  “Defendants wrongfully interfered with the relationship between Cummins and her clients.  Cummins was not able to work as a result of her injury.  Cummins lost clients and employment.  Cummins has suffered damages in an amount to be proven at the time of trial.”  Note:  The lawsuit is for $500,000.  Now, all of a sudden, she does not want to be reimbursed for ‘all’ of that work she lost.  LOL, sure sounds like someone is afraid her wealth will be discovered. 

Hey, did you see where suddenly not only is Mary Cummins stating on the Internet that her mother is alive but she states she lives in Santa Barbara and she is married to Clifford Sponsel.  Of course we all know that and outed Mary Cummins on it months ago so now she has incorporated it into her bio.  LOL.  I guess it will be back to the psychologists couch

6.    Plaintiff did not reply to all discovery requests as Plaintiff requested a signed protective order over discovery items, interrogatories and the discovery process before she would provide the documents. 

Ho-hum, big surprise here that the IDIOT Mary Cummins did not reply to all discovery!  She cannot keep her lies straight so it takes time to fabricate them.

7.   Plaintiff did state that Plaintiff would provide some of the documents through an attorney. Plaintiff had a few attorneys willing to take the case until they saw Defendants’ attorney Randy Turner’s hate page against Plaintiff (Exhibit 1). Randy Turner with malice defames and libels Plaintiff in this page. Plaintiff has advised Turner a few times that what is posted is false but he refuses to remove it. Turner even states Plaintiff is 59 years old when she is 48 just to make her sound “old.” For this reason Plaintiff is finding it difficult to find an  attorney who would be willing to put up with the juvenile antics of Defendant and their attorney Randy Turner. 

I guess the moron Mary Cummins did not get the memo that 59 is the new 49!  ROTFWL  OMG, this is soooooooo funny.  Out of everything on Randy Turner’s page – the sexually motivated posts of Mary Cummins, the lies, the fabrication, ALL of those losses to Randy Turner and Amanda Lollar and the only thing on which Mary Cummins can comment is the fact that she looks older than her years!  OMG, what a moron.  Check this out and you be the judge.  Frankly, I think she looks 74 and not 59 at all.  I honestly do not think a plastic surgeon could help that degree of aging.

mary cummins aka mary cummins cobb aka mary k cummins

7.    Plaintiff tried to resolve the discovery issues with Defendant. Plaintiff requested a protective order over discovery and Defendants refused (Exhibit 2). Plaintiff hereby requests a protective order. 
Why would anyone want to assist Mary Cummins with anything given her L-O-N-G history of abuse, attacks, defamation, etc.?  Frankly I would be refusing left, right and center.  She is a nasty piece of work who needs to be crushed.  NOTE:  Since Dummy-Scummy Mary Cummins follows my blogs, this is not a death threat, just a keen observation.

Recognizing a roach - Good; Stomping on it - Priceless...


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