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Mary Cummins, Loudmouth Advocate, Attacks People Cummins Loudmouth Advocate for…..ah, herself!

This is a perfect example of how Mary Cummins continually attacks people who are helping animals. You would have thought after losing her ASS to the tune of 6.1 Million for attacking the well-respected Bat World Sanctuary, she would have learned.

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates in Los Angeles believes that if Mary Cummins is not involved, nothing can be done or should be done.  This is the same Mary Cummins who has been reprimanded by CADFG, allegedly lost her educational permit for violations, PLUS she runs a suspended non-profit in the state of California and still collects donations!!!!!! 

Sit down because you will not believe what Mary Cummins has done now. Not only does Mary Cummins help to make animals suffer so she can make money off of them, and she attacks people who truly help the animals in need. She tried to use the tornado tragedy in Oklahoma and all the displaced animals there to her advantage.  After all, Mary is an expert (ahem), a legend in her own mind so frothed-over-at-the-mouth Mary posts the following on her Facebook page.

Mary Cummins: “The areas hit by tornados (sic) in Oklahoma officially stated to HSUS which is the main animal organization that works with FEMA, Red Cross that they don't need help for animals from out of the area. That does not stop American Humane from saying they are in Oklahoma helping the animals. Are they lying? Did they really go when the state said they don't need them? If people go when they aren't asked, they put a strain on limited local resources and are not helping. Are they doing this just for donations, press?”

Oh, it does not stop there!  Stupid Mary Cummins dribbled on more but Oklahomans were not about to take her ridiculous proclamations:
Mary Cummins:  “A lot of scammers spring up after natural disasters. They pretend to raise money to help the victims but keep the money instead. I worked for AHA so that could be a possibility. Or else they just drove down there on their own and will pretend to help for donations and media attention.”  (Stupid, stupid, stupid Mary Cummins does not know that AHA officially stands for the American Heart Association and not the American Humane Association.

Response from J:  “They need help! This is what the storm survivors look for most in times of need their beloved pets!”

Mary Cummins:  “The government stated there were enough local animal rescue groups helping. They said they don't need help. They would ask HSUS first because they are FEMA approved. We have to take all the FEMA classes plus extra training. You can't just go in and start picking up animals. That's how Katrina turned into such a big mess.”  (Of course Mary would know about messes as she makes so many, including this FB thread.)

Response from L:  “Supposedly, the Red Star team is set up at the Cleveland county fairgrounds location. Has anyone actually seen them?”

Response from I:  “To clarify, HSUS did not show up---AHA did, right?

Mary Cummins:  “HSUS always asks local governments if they need help. That's the law. HSUS goes when they are requested. If people go to help when they aren't asked, they don't help the situation. They end up using the few shelters, water and food available. They also won't have permission to help with local government. You need permission to go onto other people's property, break into their home, take their pets. They don't let just anyone. People must be trained for legal and health reasons.”  (Mary Cummins, President of Animal Advocates the suspended non-profit in the state of California, the same indigent Mary Cummins is of course the expert on all things.  Oh wait, apparently not because we hear Mary Cummins has allegedly lost her educational permit for violations of the Animal Welfare Act or do they call it the CADFG MOU?  I wonder if the HSUS knows about that?????)

Mary Cummins:  “HSUS offered their help. The government stated our help is not needed right now. They had enough local help. AHA didn't ask if they could go help. They just went. You have to ask. You cannot self deploy or you just get in the way. Would you want a stranger to break into your house and take your pet and never return it? or not give it proper vet care and it dies? No, you'd want someone trained and approved to follow the law, give the animal proper care, return the animal to its owner.”

Response from C:  “AHA is set up at the OKC animal shelter.”

Mary Cummins:  “Are they really helping?”
(OMG, can she possibly get any more stupid?)

Response from L: “Interesting. They said they would be at the Cleveland cnty fairgrounds “

Response from C:  “Yes. They are also in Norman. Go see my friend Jenny Patten post on mt timeline. She is there.  It is not fair for people in other states that are not here to say whether we are doing things right or not. This has been one of the most organized animal rescue efforts I have ever seen. I was here for the May 3.1999 tornado and here for this one. The difference is remarkable.  Red Rover is also here.”  (I believe we call that a slap-slap to Mary Cummins, the legend in her own mind.)

Response from L:  “I think the rescue effort is exemplary!”

Response from C:  “We are receiving an abundance of donations. The Animal Resource Center is one of the main sites where the found animals have been housed for free. With vets and techs and rescues working round the clock. I am not a fan of HSUS. I am actually glad they are not here. OKC partners with the ASPCA and AHA. I am glad they are here. We also have a specialized search and rescue team from Wisconsin down helping in Shawnee. We are kicking ass down here. Check out one of my pages: Pet Owners Resource Center.”

Mary Cummins:  “AHA just has a very bad reputation. I worked for them for two weeks. They are not always honest.”

OMG, did she just say that the people on the ground from minute one to help all the animals are not honest?  Is she really saying these dedicated individuals have a bad  reputation?

Response from C:  “I was also here for the Murrah Bombing. This is not our first rodeo with disaster. All anyone has to do his ask for something and it happens. Oklahomans help Oklahomans. That's how we roll.” (More slap-slaps for Cummins, the idiot who does not know when to shut her mouth.)

Mary Cummins:  “I don't have a problem with people from Oklahoma. You are obviously familiar with tornados. The only natural disasters we have yearly are wildfires, mudslides and floods.”  (Oh no, Mary, you didn’t!!!!!  You are comparing wildfires and mudslides and floods (things for which you have advance notice) with tornadoes the likes of which Oklahoma has not seen in a century????  Ugh, I am getting nauseous just thinking of how stupid this woman really is.)

Response from L:  “I don't think we're in a position to refuse any help offered. It will be needed for some time AND for the next time.

Response from C:  “We have wildfires in the summer. Tornados all year round except for dead of winter. And winter is horrific when a blizzard hits. Which is not common so we are not as good with blizzards as Buffalo NY. But every time we go thru a disaster we learn and adapt and improve on the next time. Our rescue operation here had truly been outstanding.”  (Sorry, Mary, you do not have it worse than Oklahoma as they have it all.)

Response from another:  “AHA has a good reputation. There is no need for bashing anyone trying to help.”

Response from C: “Where is the official statement? I want to share with my news peeps.”

Mary Cummins:  “What official statement?”  (Oops, Mary already forgot she said there was an official statement in another post which is how we started our story: “The areas hit by tornados in Oklahoma officially stated to HSUS which is the main animal organization that works with FEMA, Red Cross that they don't need help for animals from out of the area.”  Apparently besides being stupid, Mary is very forgetful.)

And just when you think she cannot put her foot any deeper down that hole she calls a throat:

Mary Cummins: “AHA has a horrible reputation. What are you talking about? They allow animals to be harmed in movies while giving their stamp of approval. I worked for them. You tell director he can't light an animal on fire, he calls AHA head honcho, she approves it. They also lie to the public and media.”

Response from V:  “No reason Oklahoma can't take care of their own. Don't let these killers into you state or near your animals.”

 Response from C:  “Your post said, "the areas hit by tornados in Oklahoma officially stated to HSUS......" Just wanted to know where to find that statement. I could give it to news.”  (Well, if it were true it could be passed on to the press. Note there was no response from Mary because Mary, the liar, was backed into a corner)

Response from J:  “WOW ... I shared what you had posted about OK not needing any outside help on a site where a rescue group is asking for donations since they have some of the horses here in Utah ... she jumped all over me stating that she works with FEMA and takes orders from them and that she is correct in asking for donations and I (you) are wrong they have asked for her help.”

Response from LB:  “I am the shelter manger at the Joplin Humane Society and will tell you that AHA and it's red star program was truly our savior during our 2011 tornado. They virtually provided all animal care so exhausted employees could take a day off. I cannot say enough good things about the AHA folks. Absolutely amazing. They saved us.”

(And there you have it.  Mary Cummins, the failure at business, at relationships, and at animal rescue, slithers back into her "700 sq ft rented shack" and never apologizes to any of these folks. What a dim-witted loser.)

A dissected look at the self-promotion Mary Cummins posts on all of her pages:
Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Services has been in real estate since 1984, over 25 years (yet she claims to have retired twice and is now indigent). She is licensed by the California Office of Real Estate Appraisers. Mary Cummins was an agent and broker licensed with the California Department of Real Estate selling residential income, commercial buildings, raw land and homes for Merrill Lynch Realty in Beverly Hills and Westside Properties in Los Angeles before concentrating on appraisals, (yet again, she claims to have retired twice and is now indigent).  Mary Cummins currently provides real estate appraisals, expert witness testimony (LOL), historical research (LOL), legal real estate research for mortgage brokers (LOL), banks (LOL), lawyers (LOL), factors (LOL), insurance companies (LOL), financial consultants and private individuals (LOL). Mary Cummins was born and raised in Southern California. Mary Cummins attended Beverly Hills Good Shepherd Catholic School and Beverly Hills High School. Besides being a member of Junior Mensa (HA - there is NO SUCH THING!) and on the Dean's list (seriously doubt it), Mary Cummins was a top ten national swimmer and competed on the men's water polo team (perhaps this is why there are sites out there speculating that Mary Cummins is actually a man?). Mary Cummins began college at the age of 15 attending the University of Southern California on scholarship (AND NEVER GRADUATED), majoring in Psychology/Sociology (perhaps she thought this was stalker school?). Mary Cummins started a non-profit organization in 2002 by the name of Animal Advocate, (SUSPENDED THE EXACT SAME YEAR).  Animal Advocates rescues ill, injured and orphaned wildlife for release back to the wild (AND ALLEGEDLY ALSO COMMITS CRUELTY?) . Mary Cummins is licensed with the California Department of Fish & Game  (BUT RECENTLY LOST HER PERMIT, link coming soon) and the USDA ("FOR THE HELL OF IT" see video) to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife. Mary Cummins speaks to local community groups and students about respecting wildlife and humane wildlife control (LOL). Mary Cummins is also a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator (does she trap and torture these animals?). Mary Cummins has written manuals on small mammal rehabilitation besides numerous other articles on wildlife (PLAGIARIZED?). In 2005 Mary Cummins went to the police academy at Rio Hondo College (A COLLEGE THAT WAS SHUT DOWN) She also took the police gun and taser classes for certification (AND NOW MAKES VEILED GUN THREATS). She went to the State Humane Association of California and took their Animal Law Enforcement Training Academy to become a humane officer (perhaps they should be warned?). She is currently on the Humane Society of the United States National Disaster Animal Response team (perhaps they should be warned?). For more information, go here. Full curriculum vitae in the websites. Animal Advocates Cummins Real Estate Services (Or go here, for a more accutate CV)
*Yes, there is a reason why I keep repeating my name in my about page (AND THERE IS A REASON WE DO THE SAME ;).


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