Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mary Cummms Animal Advocates DELIQUENT since 2011!

Well, well, well, get this……It appears Animal Advocates Mary Cummins, who was cited by the CA DEPT of Fish & Wildlife as an animal abuser, is default with the state of CA!  Apparently Cummins has not submitted the necessary documents for the supposed non-profit since 2012!

Direct from the Department of Justice website, August 3, 2016.

And what did the less than intelligent, investigative reporter wannabe say, “What?  This must be Amanda Lollar’s fault!”  LOL  As you will recall no matter what it is, no matter where it is, Dummy Scummy claims EVERYTHING is the fault of the world renowned bat expert, Amanda Lollar.  If you are new to my pages let me enlighten you why.  Dummy Scummy Mary Cummins defamed the Dr. Carole Noon Award for Excellence and 2-time Indiapolis Prize Nominee, all around good gal Amanda Lollar and now OWES Amanda Lollar over $6 MILLION dollars for her “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation.

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, this is just a quickie to get you caught up.  As always we are NOT surprised at how Mary Cummins falls short in everything she attempts to do because she spends all of her time defaming others on the Internet.  She is such a nasty roach.  


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