Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mary Cummins FRAUD ALERT!

Mary Cummins, self-proclaimed “Investigative Reporter”, FRAUD ALERT!

Failed real estate appraiser Mary Cummins aka Mary Cobb of Cummins Real Estate Appraisals did not even have a license to appraise from December, 2001 to March 2005 nor did she have one from August 2013 until September 2015 yet she appraised properties during this period!!!!!!!   FRAUD, mis-representation, unethical.

On the website for BREA (Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers) you can see the information for yourself. Click here, then type in her license #010270 in the space provided and click submit.  Click on the real estate number on the “Search Appraisers” screen then click on license history. 


  1. Sadly I think only reason Scummy said she was a Real Estate Appraisals is because Ed Box's very beautiful wife is one and she very successful and Scummy was oh so jealous and wanted to be just like her.

    Now, why is Scummy and give Scummy the reason to be an Investstigitve Reporter. I know back in early 2000's she bought an animal control truck(Stripped down sold at an L.A County Action), bought an ACO and Humane Investigator badges on Ebay and posted as an ACO or Humane Investigator to harass pet owners and Wildlife Rehab volunteers at their homes. She wanted to be an ACO and etc because she could not be one and she illegally impersonated an ACO because no one will hire her to be one. I think she impersonates these people is because is oh so jealous she know she a complete looser and she will never ever be hired as one and she does this crap! What's next she going be an FBI Investigator and claim she works in Special FBI Wildlife Rehab Investigation Unit?