Monday, March 28, 2016

Mary Cummins Donor Fraud

Well, well, well. Apparently Mary Cummins has been committing outlandish donor fraud, fraud upon the courts, and perjury. According to a recent court document, this ridiculous excuse for a human has been using her non-profit organization Animal Advocates as a personal piggy bank!

And I quote “Funds which were donated to this“non-profit” organization have been used by Defendant to purchase such things as services at a weight loss clinic, lip plumping, a financial advisor, liquor, haircuts, fast food, real estate expenses, an actress listing for Mary Cummins in IMDB,,, and personal legal expenses. The records show that Defendant uses Animal Advocates as a veritable piggy bank to siphon off funds that were intended by donors to go to a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

That would total thousands of dollars in donor and probably grant money.  It does not get any lower than taking money away from deserving animals. People donated to Animal Advocates in the hopes they were helping orphaned and injured animals and instead they were paying for Cummins trip to a fat farm, plumping her lips, buying wine & cheeseburgers, spying on people and paying her extensive personal legal expenses

And just when you think it can't get worse, Scummy Cummy just claimed in court that she resigned from Animal Advocates in 2012, yet she has continued to steal donor money ever since (see page 9).

Mary Cummins uses donor money for herself.
This is a lesson for Mary Cummins in “Do not pass go, do not collect $200” because you are soon to be in a striped suit. Ha!

Thank heavens for Randy Turner and his tenacity for the fight of good against evil. It is the age-old decent triumphing against the immoral and it is being done by the original underdog in the fight (Amanda Lollar), a stellar animal rights attorney (Randy Turner) and the dream team they have put together.  Meanwhile, the idiot Cummins overwhelmingly underestimated Turner and Lollar, and stupidly spent her time posing for photos with a penis and allegedly getting botox injections using donor money.

I do believe this is what one would call a brilliant example of a legal "smack down"! 
 •  1. A bitter contest or confrontation - "the malicious Mary Cummins versus Randy Turner smackdown"
•  2. A decisive or humiliating defeat or setback - “Mary Cummins, “I always represent myself pro se; I always win” suffers a humiliating defeat when the truth of her dishonest actions are presented to the Texas courts.”

Well followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, it took a while but you are all now witnessing the ultimate fall of the most malicious troll on the internet. More to come.

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