Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dr. Laurie Gage, Dr. Jennifer Conrad, David Casselman & Psycho Mary Cummins

She is also once again defying a court order (remember the permanent injunction she has against her for defaming bat expert Amanda Lollar, the same court order that contained a $6.1 Million Dollar judgment against her for her crimes?), and yet she continues to post (via her mentally disturbed brain) that she is telling 100% the truth.  Really?  No, I mean, really?  Let’s take a look at that ‘truth’. 

Mary Cummins continues to state ad nauseam that Laurie Gage, the "head USDA vet", stated Amanda Lollar was guilty of violating the Animal Welfare Act.  Let’s break down this whopping lie that Mary Cummins claims is the truth:

  1.   Laurie Gage is not the head anything.  She is a big cat specialist with the USDA who is allegedly personally acquainted with Mary Cummins.  Gage viewed the ALTERED video Mary Cummins submitted, wherein Mary Cummins took a life saving procedure andturned it into an act of cruelty.  Cummins focused on a mother bat that was under anesthesia claiming it was dead.  As the multiple wildlife and exotic trained vets viewed the video they immediately recognized what Cummins had done so either Gage knowingly and willfully made her statements tosupport Cummins OR she is just that bad of a vet.  Mary Cummins took stills of the bat under anesthesia, before the bat was cleaned up from the C-section that saved her life, and said, “Dead mother bat.”  What an idiot and what an idiot (or partner in crime) that Laurie Gage is.  It has to be one of the 2 options.  Either Gage is an idiot because she is a lesser vet then the multiple vets who viewed the video, some of whom testified in court, that the procedure was “text book”, or she is guilty of collusion. 
  2.   The true head of the USDA, Dr. Robert Gibbens,stated that they considered Laurie Gage’s remarks (and discounted them).
  3. The Laurie Gage email was NOT, nor had ever been, a part of the Bat World Sanctuary file (as noted by Dr. Gibbens).  Mary Cummins had specifically requested it (meaning she knew of its existence).  Now, how would someone who is already acquainted with the culpable party, (Gage), know of that internal emails’ existence and know to demand it-repeatedly?  Right, just what I thought.  Note:  Laurie Gage worked on the PAW project with Jennifer Conrad, the same Jennifer Conrad who is an alumni of Gage’s and who is Mary Cummins BFF because, according to Cummins, Conrad pays for Cummins to travel with her.  The same Jennifer Conrad who does not even have a veterinary clinic but works out of her house.  The house does not have facilities and it is the same Jennifer Conrad who got David Casselman to write an amicus brief for Mary Cummins.  Shame, shame on Jennifer Conrad and David Casselman for knowingly putting tens of thousands of bats lives in danger at the hands of Mary Cummins.  No wonder Dr. Jennifer Conrad does not have a veterinary clinic or work at one; losers usually are not associated with a reputable clinic.
  4. Laurie Gage has never even worked with bats. She is a big cat specialist and knows virtually nothing about bats, their habitat, surgeries to save their lives, etc.  Notable wildlife vets have stated they do not understand how Laurie Gage could view that video for anything but what it was, an attempt to besmirch the reputation of a highly honored, deeply respected bat specialist, Amanda Lollar.

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins I leave you with this thought: Why did Laurie Gage, Jennifer Conrad and David Cassleman help sociopath Mary Cummins harm an innocent person, and who else have they intentionally harmed? You have to wonder if like minds are at work here.


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