Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mary Cummins Wheelchair Scam

Well, well, well the closing line in the Willy Wonka movie certainly applies here. Remember where Gene Wilder says, “Be careful what you wish for Charlie because you just may get it.”  Hmmmmm, I think that truly applies to Mary Cummins latest “I need a wheel chair” scam. 

mary cummins aka the roach

The Roach Queen has spent too much time with herself lately, as opposed to spreading it around with her other personalities, and now she has come up with the idea that she should be in a wheelchair to make it appear as though she is so damaged from her alleged (trumped up) injury she has proclaimed happened to her in 2010 at Bat World Sanctuary!  Then again, she is under psychiatric care

In the arena of ‘whopping lies’ as well as “The Stupidest Criminals” this is right up there with the worst of them.  Let’s just take a moment to picture Mary Cummins, who claims she rehabs between 400-1,200 animals per year, taking care of them from a wheel chair in her 700 sq ft, self-proclaimed, rented ‘shack’ with no room to turn around and no concrete outside for a wheel chair to wheel to the cages she claims she made and erected herself over the course of the past few months.  Let us not forget those escapades where she was dragging dead deer off the road.  Her phony injury was not a problem then or when she did all of those repairs to the cages from the earthquake and what about those one pound avocados she retrieves off of her roof and the cat she ‘rescued’ by climbing up on the roof?  That IQ of Mary Cummins is getting lower and lower with these obvious stunts that she thinks are actually plausible. 

Plus, according to an inside source at the doctor’s office, Mary Cummins had an existing back injury before she ever went to Bat World to announce her “bump on the head that lead to her filing a lawsuit for alleged back injury”, ambulance chasing, non-genuine accident.  (I know how much you are laughing reading this because I am as well).  Yes, there are true whistle blowers in all professions to set things straight, not like the disgruntled  Mary Cummins who visions herself as a whistle blower when she is nothing more than a malignant boil on the rump of society

I wonder why she did not rent a wheel chair to attend the pre-trial hearings of Dr. Gary Michelson’s lawsuit against an individual who apparently brought him great financial harm.  Scummy Cummy, dum-dum Mary Cummins attended every day for 8 days!  Eight days of driving, parking a good distance away, walking up stairs, etc., sitting for endless hours which she claims causes her great pain, all to attend courtroom sessions that had nothing to do with her.   Doesn’t Mary Cummins have any friends or family to tell her how ridiculous her statements are?  Oh, I forgot, she admitted in court-ordered deposition testimony that she does not have any friends or family.  Too bad, too sad, the idiot is alone (no wonder) and has to depend on herself to keep her lies straight because she really is not very good at it.

Here is Mary Cummins’ post:
“Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates wants to get back to doing demonstrations and public education for animals. She herniated a disc in her back in 2010 and can't stand over two minutes at a time without severe pain. She's looking for a cheap, used wheel chair for events. Please, keep your eyes and ears open for one or donate so we can buy a used one at a thrift store. She's 5'8" so she needs an adult chair. Thanks!”

Here are the responses to the above statement made by Mary Cummins. Please note that although Animal Advocates has over 53,000 followers, only 2 people responded to the alarming disclosure by Mary Cummins that the President (Mary Cummins,) and only person who covers 450 sq miles (according to Cummins) is Cummins, and now she claims she must be in a wheel chair to do this!!!!!  Like so many have stated on the Internet, Mary Cummins 53,000 followers are fake, hence the lack of support for any of her posts.  When you get a chance, take a look at Bat World’s numbers and the responses they get with 6,600 LIKES and 20,000 SHARES https://www.facebook.com/batworld  or Gary Michelson’s Found Animals Foundation who rivals the same numbers as Bat World.  https://www.facebook.com/foundanimals

Again, here are the responses to her plaintiff cry for a wheel chair.  Like I said, paybacks are a bitch.

Andrea Moore: Good will
Animal Advocates I'm going to go there today. Thanks.
Caroline Willis:  Found Animals Foundation

If this were even remotely true that Scummins needs a wheel chair, and we all know it is not, why on earth would she go to events when she claims she has 20 volunteers (none of whom seem to follow the Animal Advocates Facebook page) when volunteers could cover such events?  Phantom volunteers; I guess that goes along with her psycho-somatic back pain.   Oh, check out the fact one of her ‘dedicated followers’ suggested she contact the Found Animals Foundation for help!!!  LOL, Gary Michelson founded the organization and Scummins has been relentlessly stalking Dr. Michelson and stating the most horrific lies about he and his wife.  At least one of her followers has a sense of humor.

Those Bat World attorneys are going to have a field day with her.  There are 6 of them I believe; 3 of whom have the right to depose her independent of the others since Mary Cummins sued Bat World Board members.  I would give anything to be there.    From what I hear, Texas jury’s do not like phony people.  I also heard the judges are not above levying harsh penalties (and I do not mean fines) for people who waste court time with spurious injury claims.  I mean, after all, Texas is the land of people who go to medical school on rodeo scholarships; zoology majors become lawyers and judges, and you are still allowed to hang someone for horse theft.  Personally, I think the Texas courts have been deliberately lenient on Mary Cummins specifically to give her enough rope to hang herself and she did a good job of that with this wheel chair con.  Best of all, she has no idea what they are doing because she is that bizarre and ignorant.

P.S. Something just occurred to me.  Why is Mary Cummins begging for a wheel chair for her PERSONAL use on a non-profit’s page?  Additionally, since Mary Cummins claims she is on aide from the state of California, if she were in need of a wheel chair, they would provide it.  Hmmmm, sure sounds like a scam to me; at the very least it is non-profit donor fraud because she is asking for a wheel chair for her personal use.  I am sure the IRS will be interested in this bit of information.


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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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