Sunday, September 21, 2014

Well, well, well look what I just found in the Pacer federal court system records!  Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins LOST her lawsuit against the Bat World Sanctuary board members.  LOL.  When will the idiot learn???

I guess Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins was seeing dollar signs ever since she posted that one of the Bat World board members’ husband is a retired airline pilot and another one owns his own business.  This is a clear case of, “How’d that work out for you Mary Cummins?”  You just gotta’ love that the world – the court systems, attorney’s, bat lovers, animal lovers, judges – all see Mary Cummins for the pathetic, bitter, sociopath that she is.  Gone are the days of “lack of jurisdiction” so the IDIOT Mary Cummins claim of, “I am always pro se; I always win” no longer works for her.  Mary Cummins never ‘won’ anything.  Previous cases were dismissed because the Plaintiff’s lacked jurisdiction over Cummins sorry, over-used ass.   This is what Mary Cummins thought would carry her through life.  Cummins would continue her Internet reign of terror on innocent people believing that all she had to do was file “lack of jurisdiction” papers and she would have sovereignty to do whatever she wanted. 

On top of everything else Mary Cummins has been getting very sloppy in her savage Internet attack against Dr. Gary Michelson, the famed physician-inventor-animal savior, because California (where both Scummy Cummy and Dr. Michelson live) has very strict stalking laws.  I am sure Dr. Michelson has already spoken to the FBI since Cummins physically showed up where she knew Dr. Michelson would be and watched his every movement, day after day after day.   She even went so far as to post on the Internet when Dr. Michelson went to the bathroom!  Yes, I said “bathroom.”  Let’s face it Scummins is dead she just refuses to stop breathing.  She never counted on her victims uniting.  She never counted on the passion and commitment of TRUE animal lovers.  She never counted on the tenacity and dedication of Amanda Lollar and Randy Turner

How is this for a laugh?  Have you seen her latest posts where she is claiming David Casselman is the foremost animal rights attorney in America?  Say what?  Casselman does not even list “animal rights” as one of his specialties.  There are no reference cases he has litigated in any matters involving animals.  He is listed as a ‘founder’ of the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary which is neither Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries or American Sanctuary Association certified.  What does that mean?  It means it is not much of a sanctuary according to those in the know.  I tell what Casselman is though….he is a friend of Jennifer Conrad, Mary Cummins proclaimed bestie.  Yes, the same Jennifer Conrad who is an alum of USDA vet Laurie Gage, the vet who was allegedly charged with collusion (Gage, Conrad, Cummins) against Bat World Sanctuary. 

Now let’s once again look at the contrast.  Mary Cummins number one victim, Bat World Sanctuary, is GFAS and ASA certified.  Bat World’s attorney is none other than Randy Turner, an Animal Rights Attorney, who in 33 plus years of practice, has NEVER lost an animal rights case. 

Okay, you can stop laughing at the disgrace known as Mary Cummins, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Animal Advocates in Los Angeles….naw, go ahead and keep on laughing……Mary Cummins really is that ridiculous. 

Mary Cummins self proclamation of being a Junior Mensa must have the Mensa people scratching their heads at how a fool the likes of Mary Cummins has the audacity to claim she is Mensa anything.  BTW, there is no such thing as Junior Mensa.

Oh, oh, I nearly forgot, Mary Cummins has now decided to create her own Wikipedia by stealing the Wikipedia name (copyright infringement).  Check it out Cummins now has a page, “Wikipedia-Mary Cummins.”  It is true.  The IDIOT Mary Cummins actually stole the use of the Wikipedia name!  What is that Johnny Cash song, Folsom Prison Blues?  Hmmmmmm, are you connecting the dots?????

Mary Cummins Exposed

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