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Mary Cummins, soon-to-be Vexatious Litigant

It is so easy to push the mentally challenged, psychologist seeking – but denying it – Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Services and Cummins Real Estate Appraisals AND the sadly lacking non profit she created that has been SUSPENDED in the state of CA for over a decade

Look what the diminished capacity Mary Cummins wrote now:

Mary Cummins:  “Amanda Lollar posts when she files motions, never posts followup when she loses."

I do wish Dumbin’ Scummins would get a grammar book to learn proper phrasing and punctuation.  Oh well we will try to work around it as annoying as it is.  (Wait, didn’t a California judge also find Mary Cummins “annoying”?    Sorry, I got off topic there.  Since Mary Cummins is stating that Amanda Lollar, the Queen of Follow Up and Proof (wherein we share that trait), I will take the opportunity to show you the proof of every single action Mary Cummins states is not so or did not happen.  (Just like the psychologist she swore to the CA courts she is seeing but denying she ever said it).  Can we all say, ‘Whacko’?!

Mary Cummins:  “Amanda Lollar filed a motion for contempt against me. Amanda Lollar said I'd soon be in jail. She posted photoshop images of my head on a prison inmate body saying I'm going to jail. Then all her other user names liked and cheered her. She lost the motion. She never posted that she lost. I'm not in jail. Amanda Lollar is the one who will end up in jail.” 

Aw, poor little wretched, diminished capacity Mary Dum-Dum does not understand any of this.  Wait, I do not understand this.   Mary Cummins owes Amanda Lollar nearly (or over) $7 MILLION DOLLARS for her “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation” so what exactly has Amanda Lollar ever lost to Mary Cummins?  A motion for contempt has not been filed with the Texas or California courts –yet- because I took the considerable time to check all the cases involved with Mary Cummins and Amanda Lollar.  So this is all Scummins lack of understanding the written word or a case of her moral corruption which she will try to pass off as the ‘truth’.  So where is the proof of all this?  Exactly. It is probably with all those animals she claims to be caring for – they are in Never-Never Happened Land.  Wait, maybe she is referencing when she had to pay Amanda Lollar’s attorney sanctions for the contempt charges that were filed.  Well, if that is the case, here is the evidence (FOLLOW-UP) that Mary Cummins was charged with and had to pay sanctions for her CONTEMPT OF COURT.  Geez, you would think Mary Cummins would remember the course her failed life  has taken before she makes all of her erroneous statements on the Internet which make her appear very, very stupid and incapable of managing her life and much less overseeing the care of animals. 

Mary Cummins:  “Amanda Lollar posted that she filed a motion for vexatious litigant status against me. Actually I should say Bat World Sanctuary donors PAID Amanda Lollar's attorney Dean Rocco about $6,500 to file that motion against me.” 

Well which is it?  First Mary repeatedly states that she sued Amanda Lollar because Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary “are insured”.  Technically that statement supports the fact that  Mary Cummins appears to be somewhat of an ‘ambulance chaser’ looking for a quick settlement that most insurance companies embrace rather than defend their customer.  I guess she did not count on the excellent insurance carrier for Bat World Sanctuary -Chubb- because they do not settle with ‘c-r-a-z-y’.  What an idiot!  Bat World Sanctuary is insured and it is Cummins herself, in her blogs, who stated she sued Bat World Sanctuary because “they have insurance”.  Then of course there are the documents to back it up.  Mary Cummins was found to be acting in “bad faith” by the judge on the case.  Cummins was using valuable court time with yet another frivolous motion against Lollar.  The judge said for the privilege of her actions she would get to pay Lollar’s attorney fees.  This never had anything to do with “donors”.  The insurance company pays the attorney’s and that is why we all get insurance.  Donors of Bat World Sanctuary, although given their following, I assume would gladly give Bat World Sanctuary whatever funds they need because Bat World has proven themselves to their donors time and time again.  But more importantly it is Bat World Sanctuary that is an approved and certified ‘sanctuary’ by the leaders in the world of animals – Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association.  It is also Bat World Sanctuary who wrote the standards for bats in captivity by which all government and other animal care professional organizations abide.  Scummins should have done her homework.  Oops. 

Mary Cummins:  “As I am of course not a vexatious litigant. A vexatious litigant is a pro se who files over six lawsuits as a plaintiff within the past seven years and loses them all because they were meritless. I have never done that in my life. I filed and did not prevail on one lawsuit because of jurisdiction. It had merit. The Judge never filed a final judgment because she had no jurisdiction.”

This is so wearing on the rest of us that Mary Cummins NEVER gets anything correct.  Ugh, here we go again.  I will explain one more time (because Mary has stated she follows my blogs but she insists they are Amanda Lollar’s), the reason for an individual to file for a vexatious litigant status.  I will take that compliment any day of the week; being thought of as a world-renowned animal expert, author, lecturer, 2-time Indianapolis Prize Nominee, Animal Planet Hero of the Year Finalist, etc.  Anyway, back to Scummins.  To set Mary straight yet again, here is what a vexatious litigant is and the purpose of vexatious litigation.  Vexatious litigation is legal action which is brought either by an attorney OR a pro se (person representing themselves), regardless of its merits, solely to harass or subdue an adversary. It may take the form of a primary frivolous lawsuit or may be the repetitive, burdensome, and unwarranted filing of meritless motions in a matter which is otherwise a meritorious cause of action.  The ‘victim’ needs to show 5 meritless lawsuits or Motions filed with the court by the same opposing party within a 7 year period.  Note Cummins did not even get that correct.  Cummins is claiming she filed one in that time-frame.  Seriously?  She has over or approximately 30 lawsuits under her belt.    According to what I have read, because Cummins is presumed to be mentally unbalanced and representing herself in court, the courts showed extensive leniency.  What do you want to bet that is about to come to a screeching halt because the courts are now stepping on Bat World Sanctuary’s legal toes.  I also count in excess of 15 meritless motions and 4 lawsuits Cummins filed and was reprimanded by and Administrative Judge (the judge of the judges) for so doing.

Mary Cummins:  “Amanda Lollar LOST the vexatious litigant motion. I proved that I'd only filed and didn't win one lawsuit in the past seven years. I didn't lose. It was dismissed because of jurisdiction. I could have refiled but didn't. I do have grounds for a new lawsuit with lots more evidence of defamation, harassment and criminal acts by Amanda Lollar.”    

LOL.  Dum-Dum-Scum they did prove you were guilty of defamation but the courts said they did not have jurisdiction.  She could NOT counter sue for the same reason (plus she had no evidence).  The plaintiff’s in the case submitted a virtual mountain of proof of her actions and it is unfortunate the archaic laws were in place that allowed that judgment to be dismissed in  the age of the Internet where communication crosses all borders. Scummins thought she had it made in life to apparently victimize as many people as she wanted because she thought as long as she did not attack anyone in CA she would just simply file a lack of jurisdiction plea with the courts and it would be allowed.  What happened to her “Freedom of Speech” declarations?  Oh, that’s right, when Mary Cummins defames and malicious maligns innocent people it is “Freedom of Speech” but when the TRUTH is told about her, opinions are given, or written proof supporting her victims claims then it is ‘defamation’.  OMG she is totally whacko and apparently in need of meds.  Another thing that bothers me is why Mary Cummins is doing everything she can to get Amanda Lollar in California?  Is it to hurt the much admired Lollar?  After all, the police filed a terroristic threat report against Cummins and her harassment of Lollar has been noted.  Perhaps Mary wants to injure herself and claim it was Lollar who did it.  She has past postings supporting the fact Cummins sees a psychologist “for my problems” (direct quote) and she inflicts injury upon herself when she sleep walks.  Hmmmm.

Mary Cummins:  “After Amanda Lollar spent $6,500 to have her attorney lie about basic math and lost she did not post that she lost. She still cheers herself on just for filing the motion. She wasted $6,500 of Bat World Sanctuary's money when she had no chance to win. Any five year old could have counted the case. The Judge's assistant counted the cases in the filing. She counted one case. Dean Rocco stated I had many, many cases. He counted over seven I think. He counted the same case seven times giving the case different names. The Judge's assistant circled the case number which was always the same. There was more than one defendant.That doesn't make it a separate case.” 

Okay so Scummins is stating that a licensed, and by all counts, very successful lawyer who commands insurance company business (lucrative) and has beaten Cummins over and over again, this is the person with the math problem, but Dum-Dum-Cummins has all the answers.  Uh-huh.  The IDIOT does not even know the laws concerning her own cases!  The $6,500 in attorney fees was spent defending Lollar against Cummins ridiculous attempt to gain a restraining order against Lollar who lives like 1,500 miles away from Cummins and has never communicated with her, according to court docs, since Lollar sued Cummins in September of 2010.  And it is NOT Lollar who spent $6,500 to defend herself and it is NOT Lollar who owes her attorneys $6,500.  Are the rest of you scratching your heads about the fact Mary Cummins has actually stated on the Internet that Amanda Lollar lost the case?  No, stupid Dum-Dum-Cummins, you lost the case!  You owe the $6,500.  No wonder the LAPD filed Cummins complaints in the circular file and the courts communicated that they need one more filing from Cummins and then the vexatious litigant status against her should be entertained again.  Remember, frivolous Motions do count.  Her Appeal in California has already been denied so she is taking a 2nd crack at it.  God, she appears to be unraveling completely. 

Mary Cummins: “Dean Rocco committed fraud upon the court. He lied in his declaration. So did Amanda Lollar and the other attorney. Amanda Lollar stated that she has NEVER communicated with me. I have a ton of emails from her. Dean Rocco got another attorney to perjure herself and commit fraud for him. She is Katherine M. McSweeney." 

OMG, throw a net over it to contain this apparently moronic drain on society.  First and foremost, how is it that every officer of the court (attorney), sworn to tell the truth or lose their livelihood (practice) all perjure themselves (no proof) yet Mary Cummins, the easily identifiable losing serial litigant, is the only one telling the truth.  She actually has brought charges against licensed process servers and established attorneys and you know what happened?  Nothing because Cummins fabricates lies about the people who are holding her to the law and she NEVER has any proof of her malicious accusations.  Take a look at Katherine McSweeney and then take a look at Cummins.  I think we know what is in play here because it appears obvious that Cummins jealousy is getting the better of her.  McSweeney is blond, pretty, young, successful.  Basically she is everything that Cummins is not. 

I told you so.


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