Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mary Cummins, SICKO

Mary Cummins, President of something called "Animal Advocates" (a suspended non-profit in CA for over a decade) , Owner of Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Cummins Real Estate Service (apparently not too successfully since she has been declared INDIGENT, Is giddy with glee over the fact so many people have viewed her blog wherein she ATTACKS her socialite mother!  I guess Mary Cummins was so upset that she was DENIED her wildlife educational permit so she lashed out and presumably because she was charged with animal abuse  that she decided to take her anger out on her own elderly, philanthropist mother.  You just cannot change the spots on a leopard so to speak because this is not the first time she has attacked, used and abused family members.  Mary Cummins apparently attempted to embezzle a fortune from her dying grandmother. For a definitive read of Mary Cummins despicable activities, follow animal rights attorney, Randy Turner’s excellent (and accurate) account.

You have to be some kind of sick to do this to your own aged mother, the woman who gave birth to you and had you educated in the Beverly Hills school system.  I guess Mary Cummins is just one of those ingrates who thinks the world owes her a living.  It has been rumored for years that Mary is more than a bit loose since she started ‘sneaking’ out of the house, buying and using motorcycles since she was 14 years old.  Just how does a 14 year old pay for a motorcycle?  Hmmmm.  Or maybe it is because the ravages of time have taken their toll on what was once marketable but has long since been tossed aside

mary cummins aka mary k cummins aka mary cummins cobb

Mary Cummins’ blog devoted to her aging mother.  It is the UPDATE that brought this to my attention.  Just remember as you read what she has to say about her own mother, Mary Cummins has a problem with the truth and has been found guilty of acting in “bad faith” by 2 judges in 2 different states.  What does this mean?  Mary Cummins attempted to defraud the courts. But what did you expect? Even the USDA declared Mary Cummins is a liar.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Marie Juliette Cummins Schott Sponsel is a tax cheat
UPDATE: 177 hits on this post. That is the most of any other post. If you are thinking of turning her in for tax fraud, it seems someone already turned her in to the IRS.


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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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