Friday, February 21, 2014


Wanna play Whack-A-Mole?  Here are the rules.  Every time Mary Cummins-Cobb aka Mary Cummins lies we whack her.  Since Mary Cummins will consider this a death threat and it is only a game to amuse us while we read her lies, we all need to declare to the public that we are whacking Mary Cummins as a inanimate object as part of a game and at no time do we intend to physically harm Mary Cummins.

Mary Cummins writes:

“Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant. I am not stalking Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston's stalkers are ending up at my house because someone posted on a map that she lives behind me. She does not.” 

WHACK! Mary Cummins went to Jennifer Aniston’s house, by her own account, and while she was taking pictures of Ms. Aniston’s security (gate, fence) and reporting about it, Aniston’s security personnel stopped her and made her leave. 

“Now for the reveal. The times you see are CA times. She posted these in Texas. That means Amanda Lollar is awake in Texas all by herself in her bat cave posting this crap at 12:00 am to 2:00 am in the morning. This is exactly the same thing Annette Stark, Tiffany Krog and Rebecca Dmytryk would do. Why are they drinking and posting at night? Their rantings are pretty similar. They use juvenile talk to talk about me as "scummins" then talk about my body. Very disturbing.” 

WHACK! Mary Cummins sued Amanda Lollar, Tiffany Krog, Annette Stark and Rebecca Dmytryk in federal court and all of the cases were DISMISSEDWHACK! again but this time simply because she is stupid.  How many professional people – animal heroes, attorneys, reporters, etc do you think are up until 2 a.m. caring about anything that Scum-dum does?  LOL. We all realize how infatuated Mary is with herself but this takes it to a new level.


“Again, this is the same blog Amanda Lollar uses to promote her attorney Randy Turner. It's the same blog she posts video from my deposition. She has admitted this is her blog. She has admitted she is this user. So have the results of subpoenas. Did she forget?”  WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! – say what?  I am flattered beyond words.  I have never been mistaken for a bat expert before and I like it!  I wonder if it is that easy to become Empress of the World.  Maybe if I reveal more public information about Mary Cummins I can then be the Empress as well as a bat expert.   Yay!  Go me!

Oh this is a good one, look at what Scum-dum wrote here:
“I have been copying all of Amanda Lollar's crazy posts. She has lost her mind. She lost her mind because she realizes she will lose the appeal and owe me money. She will also owe me other damages. Knowing this she's going out of her mind. Here is but a sample of what she posted last night at 10:18 pm Texas time. This is what Amanda Lollar does on a Friday night. When I was at Bat World Sanctuary I would watch her drink three beers a night then I'd go to sleep. Based on this she most likely drank more than three beers last night.”

WHACK!  All that time that Mary Cummins has spent in court and she understands nothing.  As I recollect in my earlier legal days even if a judgment is overturned on appeal, the defendant does not then automatically obtain a monetary judgment.  What are the chances of the Appeal being overturned?  Nil and none.  Let’s just WHACK! Mary again for projecting onto Lollar.  Lollar is not the one going to convenience markets to buy splits of wine nor is she the one who is so desperate for wine that she has it delivered to her house!  Oh, go on WHACK! her again for being an obvious idiot

“Again she talks about my body. First I have a fat ass, now it is flat and misshapen. If she's not talking about my ass she is talking about my boobs. Why is a female interested in my ass and boobs? That's disgusting.”  Sorry followers, no Whack this time because Mary actually recognizes that she is disgusting.

“Who would calculate the daily amount of a false judgement which will never be collected? They never proved one penny in damages in court and admitted they have no proof of any damages. They also admitted they had no proof of causation. Well known Los Angeles attorney stated there were no damages in his amicus brief.” 

If your arm is not tired yet, WHACK! her again because she does not pay attention.  I read the trial transcript and Randy Turner proved every single element of defamation and they had a world renowned hand writing expert testify that Cummins signed the contract. 
“Here she is calling me silly juvenile crazy names. She admitted that she owns this blog name. She is this blogger. She uses this same blog to promote Randy Turner. She posts positive articles about Randy Turner in this blog. She also posts videos from my deposition in this blog of hers. She doesn't seem to care that everyone knows she's crazy. There is no way I would ever go to jail over this case. I did not violate a court order. I have never defamed anyone. I will win the appeal.” 

WHACK!  Just from what I have read from the transcripts it appears Cummins has repeatedly violated the court order.  There are just so many times the courts are allowed to let her slide and then they have to answer to a higher court as to why they let this happen.  Let us not forget that Mary, Mary Quite Contrary knows she will wind up in jail one day as she already written her press release for the event.  (Lets WHACK! her again for forgetting that little tidbit). 

“The below is totally false and defamation per se. I am collecting pages and pages of this. This is an open and shut defamation, harassment, stalking, tortious interference, emotional damages... case. She knows these things are not true. I never made a false report about anyone to a government agency or otherwise. I have never been reported for animal cruelty unless Amanda Lollar sent in some crazy crap. I have never been investigated for animal cruelty or violations of the animal welfare act. I just got my USDA permit renewed last week with another perfect inspection. Ten years of perfect inspections. My DFG permit was not suspended. I never abused a squirrel with no eyes. I did not lose my educational permit. I still have it and got a new permit. I don't take donations illegally. I have never failed a class in animal care. I have never stalked anyone. I have no mental illness. Obviously Amanda Lollar is mentally ill.” 

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! – OMG, what a dope.  No wonder her mother will have nothing to do with her.  Well, here, let me just give you the proof that Mary Cummins made a false reports to  government agencies,  Mary Cummins was reported for animal cruelty, Mary Cummins was investigated for animal cruelty and violations of the animal welfare act. Mary Cummins lost her CADFG permit for wildlife violations, Mary Cummins abused a squirrel with no eyes. Mary Cummins lost her educational permit. Mary Cummins takes donations illegally. Mary Cummins failed the internship at Bat World Sanctuary. Mary Cummins is a malignant cyber-stalker, Mary Cummins simply must be mentally ill.

One more WHACK! for good measure for projecting onto Lollar and for trying (very poorly I might add) to copy my page. Oh, and will someone please tell Mary Cummins to brush up on her grammar because her grammatical errors are very annoying and try as she might, she isn't funny (unless you are laughing AT her, that is. WHACK!


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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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