Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mary Cummins is Dumber than DIRT

“I am dumber than dirt.  My name is Mary Scum-dum Cummins and I have at least 858 reasons to lie about good people, particularly the bat people.” 

What?  Has Mary Dummin-Cummins come to her senses?  Is this an admission to her guilt?    Gotcha!!!  The dummy is too stupid to fess up once and for all but many of us are hot on her trail to ferret out all of her lies.  LOL.

Have you seen her latest attempt to copy me?  She tried to put a dunce cap on Amanda Lollar, the renowned bat expert.  Cummins is such a fool.  She blabs and rants on and on about nothing.  She even claims to have a memory!  If Dummy Cummy Mary Cummins has such a good memory than how come she cannot keep her lies straight?  I wonder how that famous quote of hers makes her feel, “I always represent myself; I always win!”   Has the woman ever had one original thought in her life?  She copies me, Randy Turner, Amanda Lollar, Ed Boks and so many others.  The only worrisome thing is how obsessed she is with Amanda Lollar in  particular!  Geez, I thought I would have captured some of the attention but nooooo, the dummy wants to make it obvious to the courts that she is focusing on Amanda Lollar.  I guess owing Lollar, what is rapidly nearing $7 MILLION DOLLARS, is not enough for the IDIOT Cummins.  She also wants to go to jail.  I seriously believe this with all my heart.  I think she sees herself as the ‘misguided crusader’ who was jailed for her beliefs.  I just hope they do not accept her insanity plea.  Frankly, it is a bit of a shame that we are not back in Roman times.  A few stones in the right direction and society and the animal kingdom would be saved.  (Wink-Wink).  Watch the IDIOT Mary Cummins call that a death threat!  OMG, the depths of her stupidity goes to the endless realm of the black hole.

Look at this line from her rather mundane blog, “I have Amanda Lollar’s social security number, date of birth, copy of her driver’s license all obtained legally.  I could post it like she did with me but I won’t.”  LOL.  OMG she is so pathetic.  “I COULD, yes I could, oh yes I could….”  LMAO, no she could not, not unless she wants to cool her over-used ass in jail.  BTW, when and where did Amanda Lollar post that information because I have not seen it?

At the risk of repeating myself, I am doing a copy/paste from another blog because it simply fits.
Mary Cummins:  “She calls me uneducated when I went to college on a scholarship, did some grad school and she dropped out of elementary school.”

ROTFWL.  She is such an IDIOT.  I gave her credit for having an IQ of 50 but apparently it is far less.  She forgets anyone can check on her “education” and it is abysmal.  So this IDIOT wants us to believe that before the age of 19 she went to college and grad school and at the age of 16 she claims she was an EMT but yet by the age of 47 after being in the same business in the same town with all of her “wealthy friends” she is INDIGENT, lives in a “rented shack”, does not own a car, has never had any children or a husband, attends “tantric sex clinics” until “my ass hurts” (God knows what she did with her ass while she was there), cannot get an attorney, any attorney to rep her unless she pays them (and even then they quit), claims billionaire friends like Ady Gil (but calls him a LIAR), and just for good measure she was DENIED a wildlife educational permit and was reprimanded by California Department of Fish and Game!!!

What exactly was she doing, “my ass hurts”, in the tantric sex clinic?  Given the horrific acts with animals about which she speaks so often, I dare to say I am glad she is finally using her own ass for these things instead of what she has been previously accused of doing with animals. 

The proof is in the pudding as they say and let us not forget that despite what she - Mary Cummins aka Mary Cummins-Cobb aka Maryqueenofscoots aka “Anonymous” -   may say about anyone – the “bat people”, the “cat woman” the “horse rescue”, the “animal rights attorney”, we have to allow for the fact that she is under the care of a psychologist for as she puts it “my problems”.  And that, friends, is putting it mildly!  “My problems”, I wish the psychologist would stop taking her money (oh, that’s right Mary claims she does not have any money so I guess that means she is committing donor fraud with those donations she is getting and using the money to pay for her mental health professional).  It is very apparent by Mary Cummins nasty attacks on accomplished individuals like Amanda Lollar, Randy Turner, Dr. Gary Michelson, Judges and others that Mary Cummins truly is mentally ill.  I wonder if the rotten meat she feeds to her poor animals, but she has proclaimed to believe she eats when she sleep walks, has caused internal parasites that are eating away at her already diminished brain?


Don’t you think this moron is obsessive about education?  Is it because she does not have one?  Is that why she posts her report cards, puts her ELEMENTARY school on her resume and declares she is “proficient in IPhone”.  It is hard to believe that the idiot can actually type. Hey, I almost forgot, take a look at her resume. WARNING:  Do not read with any liquid in your mouth or it might end up in your nose! 

BTW, I actually do have Mary Cummins SSN as well as her address.  It was not that difficult to find (seriously).  It is amazing how many government agencies forget to redact important numbers.  Would I consider that I obtained them ‘legally’?  No I actually went to school and I have common sense unlike the Dummy Cummins.  I know any use of them would be illegal but then again I am not under the care of a mental health professional like Mary Cummins is. It is no wonder her boyfriend ejaculated on her neck, you probably can't get an STD that way.  I wonder if Mary Cummins is old enough to be the one about which the famous statement was made, “Scum of the earth”?  Wow, maybe she obtained some level of notoriety!  LOL.

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