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Mary Cummins is presumably seeking an insanity plea as she continues her Internet harassment of Bat World Sanctuary associates, supporters and volunteers!  Note:  Read page 10 of the 17 page document Mary Cummins filed with the LA Superior Court wherein she clearly states she is seeing a psychologist for her mental state.   

Mary Cummins found in VIOLATION of the Animal Welfare Act!!!! 
Here are the words from the top USDA vet (Laurie Gage’s boss) as it pertains to Mary Cummins claims against Amanda Lollar.  Mary Cummins deliberately maligned Amanda Lollar and LIED to the public about the USDA vet and her misguided remarks.  Dr. Gage viewed an ALTERED video Mary Cummins sent to the USDA wherein she took a life saving procedure and changed it to make it appear that it was an act of cruelty.  Further proof of Mary Cummins uncontrollable mania. 

It is more than a bit suspicious that Mary Cummins “specifically requested it” especially since Dr. Laurie Gage has been linked to Mary Cummins in the past.  

New proof has just been discovered that as previously alleged Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates quite possibly only has an IQ of less than 50!  Amongst Mary Cummins’ idiot ramblings is her latest attack on the Vice President of Bat World Sanctuary.  Mary Cummins, in an attempt to display her lack of mental acuity, is directly contacting, emailing and posting open letters on the Internet to those associated with Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar as well as attacking the justice system of the United States.  If Mary Cummins were of sound mind she probably would be charged with crimes against the state.  Mary Cummins quote:  “Our justice system is so fucked up. Anyone who wants to be a judge is either a shitty attorney who can't get enough work or they're a power monger. Because few people are shitty attorneys who are power mongers once these Judges are voted into office, no one runs against them. They go unopposed for years. During that time their power corrupts them more and more each year. They just do whatever the hell they feel like. The justice system in the United States iscorrupt.”   

Mary Cummins who never completed her formal education constantly attacks those who have. Animal care experts, zoologists, biologists, veterinarians, authors, attorneys, judges, animal behaviorists, PhD’s, those with Master degrees and more have all been intentionally targeted by Mary “Dummy-Scummy” as being “idiotic”, having “mental illness”, “crazy”, “moronic”, “corrupt”, etc.   According to Mary Cummins’ own posts she has NOT attended any type of higher education institution since she was 19.  That means she has a high school education.  No problem there as some of the brightest, most accomplished people in the world have not completed high school, however, this is Mary Cummins who at the age of 47 is without anyreal property, has been declared INDIGENT and is in arrears on her rent, not tomention the fact that she has been charged with animal cruelty and she is underpsychiatric care, “I have gone to a psychologist because of these problems.   

Mary Cummins has been acknowledged as being FINANCIALLY ILLITERATE.
Question:  Why on earth would any sane person attack those who are accomplished when she has done nothing with her own life?  
Answer:  Because Mary Cummins is not sane and she is driven by jealousy of those who have done something with their life.  Example:  Amanda Lollar, Randy Turner, Dr. Gary Michelson, Juliette Sponsel (her own mother), Dorothy Hyatt, Ady Gil, Kate Rugroden, Judge Brigham, Judge Goodson, Judge Gee and more.  
Question:  Why does Mary Cummins constantly contradict herself?
Answer:  Because it appears Mary Cummins is not only a pathological liar but she has a questionable IQ since she repeatedly demonstrates her lack of even the most basic comprehension skills.  Example of Mary Cummins blog:  “Dottie claims that I said I "went to a psychologist. I have never gone to a psychologist or said that.”  Here is the proof that Mary Cummins stated in a legal court document that she is seeing a psychologist.  See page 10 of 17 wherein Mary Cummins states, “I have gone to a psychologist because of these problems.”   

 In yet another example of Mary Cummins web of deceit, the next link demonstrates that everything she has voiced about Randy Turner, the outstanding animal rights attorney, is untrue as Mary Cummins own attorney withdrew from representing her because of her lies.  When asked by the judge why he would no longer represent Ms. Cummins, despite the fact she was fighting to have him continue her legal representation, Neal Calloway declared, “Her (Mary Cummins) claims are false.”   Only someone (Mary Cummins) with an extremely low IQ would tell lies that can easily be disproved in black and white legal documents.

Mary Cummins is currently attacking a wildlife author and animal behaviorist questioning why this person would associate with the renowned Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary fame.  Because Scummins is so STUPID, let’s spell it out for her….People align themselves with Amanda Lollar because she is the best.  Lollar is a well-respected bat expert and recipient of numerous animal conservation nominations and awards.  It has been stated in a court of law that “Amanda Lollar is to bats what Jane Goodall is to primates.”  That speaks volumes as to the respect and achievements of Ms. Lollar’s life.  Dummy Scummy on the other hand would have us believe that Amanda Lollar has violated the Animal Welfare Act when nothing could be further from the truth.  This is a simple case of Mary Cummins projecting her own life onto others and yet another example of her mental illness and presumably why she is under the care of a psychologist.  It is Mary Cummins who was charged with violations of the Animal Welfare Act by California Department of Fish and Game.  As you can see Mary Cummins was cited with a 1054A – animal welfare code which means she LIED and they are moving forward with a conviction!

Mary Cummins is also a serial litigator.  Click on the highlighted lawsuits to readactual court documents wherein Mary Cummins is identified with pornography, criminal actions, animal abuse, embezzlement, theft AND MORE. 

Some say this is Mary Cummins baby photo.  We know the caption is correct since Mary Cummins has been making the statement of having a net worth of less than zero for many years.
mary cummins baby photo

For a more in-depth look into Mary Cummins, I offer you the following:

After this post appeared Mary Cummins stated, “Amanda Lollar told Ady that I was ‘throwing him under the bus for defamation.’ That is not the truth at all. I was asked in deposition about a video. I stated I asked Ady if he would host a video. In his email to Amanda he states he did not load up the video. I did it. That is not true. He loaded the video and then loaded up other copies in other formats in his public website. After being threatened by Amanda he made it private. Few days later he made it public again. He said he was just frightened of Amanda and didn't want her to attack and harass him like she's doing to me.” NOTE:  This is a prime example of Mary Cummins’ apparent intellectual deterioration or perhaps it can be classified under her low IQ.  She clearly stated she did NOT throw Mr. Gil under the bus and then turns around and calls him a liar.  Furthermore, I received a copy of that email and it was NOT addressed to Amanda Lollar.  Again another example of Mary Cummins obsession with Amanda Lollar and her need to put everything on Ms. Lollar.  Additionally, can you picture multi-millionaire (some say billionaire) Ady Gil being “afraid” of Amanda Lollar?  I remember seeing a donation going to Bat World in a contest on Crowdrise and it was a sizeable donation from ‘Ady’.  Next thing we know Mary Cummins will be stating Ady Gil was forced to give Bat World Sanctuary money.  I do believe it was Mary Cumminswho was accused of being an extortionist

See Mary Cummins’ attack onDr. Gary Michelson, the accomplished billionaire surgeon, animal crusader and inventor of over 900 surgical procedures to better mankind.  Mary Cummins demonstrates that she is so preoccupied with Dr. Michelson (who fired her after 2 months for “poorperformance”)
that she has made over 80 blogs about him in approximately 3 months and even posted about him on her own real estate page!  The falsehood of Mary Cummins’ statements is easily proven.  I understand that Dr. Michelson’s attorneys and others are investigating the situation.  

Mary Cummins is devoid of any social norm as her attacks include a disabled war veteran in the final stages of life, her own mother, philanthropists, an animal rights attorney who selflessly works pro bono to protect animals and those who care for them, struggling non-profits, etc.  Mary Cummins constantly demonstrates that her malignant nature goes beyond any socially accepted behavior as she spends an enormous amount of time researching the names, birthdates, addresses and other personal information about her victim’s children, aged parents, pets and more.  Mary Cummins does this in an attempt to castrate her victims but her victims have united and that is something the malevolent Mary Cummins did not anticipate.  In the words of a popular FB page I have come to embrace, Stomp the Roach, I have but one more word...


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