Friday, January 10, 2014

Mary Cummins Continues to Deceive

Mary Cummins Continues Deception of the Public.  Mary Cummins ATTACKS famed bat expert Amanda Lollar and renowned animal rights attorney, Randy Turner

 mary cummins
Mary Cummins continues her reign of terror on the Internet, posting falsehoods and misleading those who seek the truth.   Mary Cummins scams the Texas and California courts stating she is INDIGENT when she spends $390 filing fees for a frivolous appeal application that she has LOST TWICE.

Mary Cummins the so-called President of a suspended corporation, Animal Advocates stalks and harasses Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary.  Mary Cummins identifies and talks about being a senior citizen on her blogs despite the fact she is only 48!  Some say this is merely Mary Cummins highlighting her LOW IQ and lack of comprehension skills.   The police consider her dangerous enough to register a “Terroristic Threat” police report since Mary Cummins has repeatedly stated, “The LA Police told me to shoot Amanda Lollar”. 

On a daily basis, Mary Cummins reads animal rights attorney, Randy Turner’s, in depth summary of her malicious actions and responds in the oddest ways.  Mary Cummins claims she hates Randy Turner yet she has apparently taken to using his last name as she details on her own blog. 

Additionally Mary Cummins takes phrasing, significant words and descriptions from other blogs on the Internet and then pretends those people are monitoring her and ‘copying’ her blogs.  This is a bizarre turn of events even for the apparently mentally troubled Cummins who tried to get a restraining order against Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, despite the fact she has never met the man.  NOTE:  See page 10 of 17 wherein Mary Cummins talks about her psychiatric problems for which she is seeing a psychologist. 

It is believed by some that Mary Cummins is deliberately positioning herself for an insanity plea when she is arrested for accusing Amanda Lollar of the capital crime of murder and for falsely stating she (Lollar) was in a mental institution since these claims were made when Mary Cummins knew full well they are FALSE.  Mary Cummins also bought a domain in the name of  Bat World Sanctuary in hopes of misdirecting traffic to her page that contains massive amounts of defamation in an effort to defraud the public.

Lets see a Freedom of Speech group get her out of that one.  LOL  These things have already been argued before the Supreme Court and hence the state courts must uphold the higher courts decisions.   Accusing someone of committing a capital crime, or of having a venereal disease or mental issues who has never done that of which they are being accused is a federal offense and thereby not protected by Freedom of Speech laws.


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