Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates KICKED OFF GREATNONPROFITS

Animal Advocates, Animal Advocates Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mary Cummins, kicked off Great Nonprofits because of her attacks on Bat World Sanctuary

NOTE: This blog is being made in Mary Cummins’ own words (so to speak) only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Mary Cummins was all by herself in her self-described “shack” in Los Angeles, California on Christmas as she has no family or friends. The holiday gift she gave her own mother?  She wants people to report her to authorities.

Mary Cummins took the Christmas opportunity to spew hate and lies all over another animal groups’ Great Nonprofits page. I saved every single post she made. I also reported her. Great Nonprofits removed her posts because they were Terms of Service (TOS) violations and posted by the same person. She basically kept spewing her malicious defamation which is the things for which she was ordered to pay Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar $6.1 MILLION dollars in damages.

Mary Cummins also made many different user names to sing her false praises. All of those posts were deleted. We're talking over 40 posts by Mary Cummins alone!
I reported her false posts against the organizations she attacked and they were removed along with her fake positive reviews of her own organization. Here is the response from Great Nonprofits:

"Thanks for reaching out to us. We have reviewed all the reviews posted for the nonprofit you referenced (Animal Advocates in Los Angeles) and have removed those that we found are in violation of our community guidelines. We also removed those reviews posted by the same IPs. Hope this addresses your concerns."

Mary Cummins kept reposting the same posts which were TOS (Terms of Service) violations. I spoke with Great Nonprofits who said they were temporarily hiding the Bat World Sanctuary page at Bat World’s request (presumably until Mary Cummins takes her medication and ceases posting on Bat World’s page).

Mary Cummins lied and did not tell Great Nonprofits she was violating a court order because she has a permanent injunction against her for previous defamation of Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.  Mary Cummins then said people were defaming her. Again, only the absolute truth was posted by individuals who have followed her actions and who have identified her lies.

Mary Cummins attacking other organizations caused her to lose her account and reviews. She spent several days attacking others on Great Nonprofits during the holiday season. I am glad I do not have to monitor those pages any longer. This is how mentally ill Mary Cummins is. I have a feeling she'll probably kill herself when she loses her latest Appeal to Amanda Lollar since she has already lost 2 Appeals in other matters involving Amanda Lollar.  All the government agencies, mammal experts, CA Department of Fish & Wildlife, HSUS, PETA, IFAW, GFAS, ASA, BCI, BWS ... all know Mary Cummins is a fraud who kills innocent animals. Soon the rest of the world will know.

Mary Cummins forges documents but forgets to clean up after herself leaving a ‘footprint’ that identifies her.  Mary Cummins is now claiming she wanted to delete her page. What really happened is Great Nonprofits deleted both Bat World Sanctuary’s (at the sanctuary’ request ) and Animal Advocates pages on 12/27 at 7:14 p.m. Mary Cummins now appears even more agitated since hundreds of real people (not Scummins' fake people) rushed to Amanda Lollar’s defense and flooded the Great Nonprofits email system with complaints about Mary Cummins.  Mary Cummins is now posting that she “spoke to Great Nonprofits attorneys” but a quick phone call to GNP assured me that was not the case. Cummins lies again (and again and again and again).

Mary Cummins’ delusions are even worse! She can't keep her forgeries straight nor can she keep track of the lies that will bring charges of perjury against her.  Mary Cummins has stated she has never seen a psychologist and she never stated that she did.  A review of documents filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court proves that is a lie. See page 10 of 17 to verify that Mary Cummins is indeed under psychiatric care!



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