Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mary Cummins in "What Have I Accomplished Over the Past Decade?"

In an effort to assist Mary Cummins at a look back into her futile attempt to destroy all people she hates because they have accomplished what she never could, let’s stroll down memory lane to see what Mary Cummins life has been over the past decade.  

1. Maliciously Defamed Bat World Sanctuary, Amanda Lollar and famed animal rights attorney, Randy Turner.

Cummins own attorney dumped her because he had to testify for the other side!  Cummins claimed she was molested during deposition (with 9 people present, including her attorney and the court reporter!)  

Bat World and Amanda Lollar WIN a $6,000,000 plus lawsuit against cyber troll Mary Cummins and the judge awards interest on the monumental Judgment to the tune of $1,676.99 per DAY. Judge states, “Amanda Lollar is to bats what Jane Goodall is to primates.”  It was the LARGEST animal organization defamation lawsuit upheld by the Supreme Courts of both Texas and California and the Supreme Court of the U.S

USDA, TPWD, USFWS, Texas Health Department, CDC, Police, Fire and Rescue, and more support Bat World Sanctuary against Cummins in her ridiculous, malicious claims of “wrongdoing” at the world-renowned sanctuary.  Lead Counsel for Texas Parks and Wildlife sent Cummins a “cease and desist” letter.

2. Cummins files for a Restraining Order against CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt.  

Cummins LOSES attempt to secure the above linked Restraining Order.  Cummins states, “I am seeing a psychologist for my problems.”  NOTE:  Hopefully she means psychiatrist so she can get the medication she obviously needs.

Cummins claims to be sleepwalking and possibly eating rotting meat during her night time escapades.  NOTE:  That is during the night; during the day she claims to be a Vegan.  However, a Private Detective discovered she eats at Jack In The Box and Kentucky Fried Chicken almost daily.

3. Cummins filed a frivolous retaliation defamation lawsuit against Bat World Sanctuary, Amanda Lollar, the Board of Directors for BWS and witnesses from the trial who testified against Cummins.

Cummins LOSES hands down on all accounts against all Defendants.

4. Cummins files a frivolous personal injury lawsuit against Bat World and its Board of Directors.

Cummins LOSES.  Two judges in 2 different states declaring Cummins “acted in bad faith” (legalize for “she lied”!)

Judge DISMISSES frivolous lawsuit and all of Cummins attempts to get a postponement to pursue further.

5. Cummins tries to get a Restraining Order against Amanda Lollar.  Lollar lives over 1,200 miles away from Cummins.  Judge REPRIMANDS Cummins, orders her to pay all of Lollar’s attorney fees and court costs.  Tells her to “Get a Job!  Don’t come back here again unless someone hits you upside your head with a board!”  NOTE:  It is rumored, observers stated the judge nodded to the bailiff to escort Cummins out.

6. Cummins files for BANKRUPTCY in an attempt to get out from under the now mounting $10,000,000 Judgment held against her.

Cummins LOSES as the Judgment was an INTENTIONAL TORT protected by 11 USC 523(a)6 – NOT dischargeable through bankruptcy.  Period.

7. For each court action, lawsuit that Cummins loses (and she lost them all), she then files an Appeal, a Reconsideration of Appeal (when she loses), and then ultimately, she files with the Supreme Court just to LOSE, LOSE, LOSE.

And let us not forget all the animals that she has allegedly abused over the past decade. RIP.

Well followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, we can never forget how truly dank the world of Mary Cummins is because Cummins always amplifies her ridiculous, egregious, malicious behavior.  Sometimes you just wonder, “How stupid can one person be?”  Instead of working out a settlement with Bat World (if they would take one) she just continues on the same FAILED path of life.  She drives a beat-up old car, does not own her own home or property despite being over 55 years of age, has no husband or children, does not take those extravagant vacations that she claimed in deposition, “All different men paid for them” and does relatively little with her FAILED life except apparently state she lives on the “corner of 27th & Raymond” in Los Angeles; no house number, just the corner.  Of course, one look at Mary Cummins is worth a thousand words.  It appears as though the evil and hatred have seeped out through her pores.


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