Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mary Cummins Gets “Hit Between the Eyes”

Feeling a little out of touch lately?  Wondering what is going on with the lack luster, legend in her own mind, Mary Cummins?  Well grab a cup of coffee, sit down and prepare yourself to be amused by the undoing of the cyberstalker, cyber troll, all around mean girl!  The skank who allegedly embezzled millions from her dying grandmother.  Hence, her own mother and sister had to sue her to regain control of the inheritance that was rightfully theirs. 

Remember, the skank Cummins who finally got her come-uppins’ for trying to destroy yet another sanctuary, Bat World, but had her head handed to her by the courts?  It is interesting when you review all of the illicit charges Mary Cummins has brought against the people who take care of animals because she was and is incapable of doing what they do.  Is that an unfair statement?  Not if you read the charges brought against Cummins by the CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife.  Not when you realize she is a liar to the tenth degree.  If I have time I will list a few of the scores hundreds of her nefarious lies,  but for now, let’s see what is cooking with Scummy Cummy (remember the skank identified, in court documents, that the substance on her face in a picture on the internet was actually semen).  Yuk.  Yes, the title of Scummy Cummy is very appropriate, believe me.  Just when you think she cannot sink any lower, you open a new court document and BAM, she drops even farther down that sewer hole she likes to inhabit.

But I digress…. take a look at an article I came across today on a new site:

Bat Woman Beats Mary Cummins

“Batwoman” won $6.1 million
In the Lollar/Cummins trial court showdown, Lollar figuratively hit Cummins dead between the eyes, winning a $6.1 million defamation judgement back in 2012––still the highest award known in a defamation case among animal advocates.

How good does it feel to be Randy Turner, famed animal rights attorney, who secured that judgment for Bat World Sanctuary?  Read it again just because it feels good, “still the highest award known in a defamation case among animal advocates.”  And here is the best part, Scummy Cummy appealed the decision-twice-in both Texas and California courts and when the astonishing 76-page decision came down stating Bat World proved beyond any doubt that Cummins acted with malice and forethought, acted with the intent to destroy Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary, Scummins then took it to the Supreme Court of Texas AND the Supreme Court of California.  What did they say you ask?  The highest courts in the land DENIED her petition for review of the Court of Appeals decisions.  In other words, all courts, across the country, recognized Cummins for what she is – a liar who acted with malice likely because she could not overcome her insane jealousy of the renowned Amanda Lollar, Founder and President of Bat World Sanctuary, the largest rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the world that is solely dedicated to bats. 

In case you are wondering how one appeals an appeal, sadly our courts allow for disgruntled, pro se litigants, like Cummins, to file for a “rehearing or reconsideration of a judgment” and yes, those were DENIED as well.

In 2017 Cummins filed for bankruptcy while declaring she is indigent!  LOL, say what?  You are indigent but you want to declare bankruptcy for a judgment you know is non-dischargeable? Oh, the lies in those documents.  For one thing she told the courts she lives on a street corner – 27th and Raymond.  Probably to substantiate her claim of being “homeless”, but the cat is out of the bag.  Cummins is anything but homeless.  According to court documents FILED by Cummins, she lives with Jennifer Charnofsky on Van Buren Street.  She identifies Charnofsky as her room mate in court documents!  She even goes so far as to refuse to let Charnofsky be deposed by opposing counsel!  Say what?  Seriously, read it for yourself, it is very entertaining.  Scummy Cummy trips over her lies from one paragraph to the next trying to keep Charnofsky from being deposed.  Perhaps she is afraid Charnofsky is not willing to perjure herself for Scummy Cummy in FEDERAL court.  Yes, the feds do not take lightly to perjury.  The lower courts see it all the time so let it slide, but the feds are a whole other ball game.

By the by, just look what a mere 20 years of aging does to the evil.  As it turns out the first picture was circa 1994.

Astonishing, isn’t it?  Being profoundly immoral and wicked just seeps to the surface, I guess.  Oh, here is a list of the lawsuits in which she has been involved under her name but, as we all know, and by her own admission, she has many aliases.

Well followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, Cummins Real Estate, Animal Advocates…..oops, I forgot, according to Mary Cummins Animal Advocates has been totally “broke” since 2012 despite the fact she secured 2-$10,000 grants from the Annenberg Foundation, 1-$10,000 grant from Hope for Paws and some others.  Oh, and she resigned as President of Animal Advocates in 2012, but according to her CADFW annual reports she has remained the President.  But then again, she told a Texas judge that she lives on “Animal Advocates farm and the farm pays all the bills.”  Then, in bankruptcy court she denies knowing anything about a farm.  I feel sorry for the foundations, good people, who have given her grant money when all she has done with it is run it through Animal Advocates account to support her own habits; nothing to do with helping animals at all.  It is all out there.  All the tax returns for these organizations listing Animal Advocates as a recipient of grant dollars.  All of the court transcripts proving her lies.  Every single bit of it is available. 

And a shout out to my favorite charity – Bat World Sanctuary – who stood strong despite the hurricane and Tsunami of hate that came at them because of Mary Cummins.  They did it to protect the animals in their care but they also did it to protect animals everywhere from the likes of Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins, who is now the laughing stock of the internet.

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