Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Is a Miserable Life Self-Inflicted?

 Ask Mary Cummins, alleged Investigative Reporter, alleged owner of Cummins Real Estate Appraisals (not a real company), alleged owner of Cummins Real Estate Services (not a real company), and alleged President of ANIMAL ADVOCATES of Los Angeles, California (not a real animal rescue organization).

Let’s see what we have here….

·        FIRED from a volunteer position with the City of LA Animal Services.  Yes, I did say “volunteer”.  Who gets fired from a free job and then, are you ready, sues the city in which she lives for firing her?  MARY CUMMINS.

·        $6 million Judgment against her for MALICIOUS Defamation from June, 2012.  Well, actually, “egregious, malicious, intentional defamation.”  As of August, 2018, with interest the Judgment is now around $10 million.  This Judgment was not only upheld by the Appellate Courts but it was upheld by the Supreme Court of Texas as well.  Who refused to stop her insane rhetoric, stop making accusations that were black and white provably false and beg forgiveness?  MARY CUMMINS.
·        Who would sue the person to whom you owed $6 million and their Board of Directors (and witnesses) from the $6 million Judgment (case DISMISSED because it was so flimsy)?  MARY CUMMINS.

·        Who would bring a phony lawsuit for “personalInjury” (case DISMISSED because it was so ridiculous) against the very person who obtained a $6 million Judgment against you for malicious defamation?  MARY CUMMINS.  Quote:  “I hit my head, fell backwards, saw turquoise spots in front of my eyes when I awoke with guano raining down into my mouth?”  You just can’t make this tuff up unless you are MARY CUMMINS.

·        Who, by the time they are 46 years old (now edging towards 60), has been involved in over 35 lawsuits?  MARY CUMMINS.

·        Who filed for bankruptcy in order to have the $6 million (now $10 million) Judgment dismissed, 4 years after the Supreme Court of Texas upheld the Judgment, knowing the Judgment was NOT Dischargeable through bankruptcy because it was deemed an “intentional tort”?  MARY CUMMINS.
·        Who was refused an educational wildlife rehabilitation permit by the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, after acting as a rehabber in that state for over a decade?  MARY CUMMINS.

·        Who would file to obtain a restraining order against the person who holds a $6 million Judgment against them, a person who lives OVER 1,500 MILES AWAY?  MARY CUMMINS.

·        Who has a Terroristic Threat police report filedagainst her for threatening gun violence against the person who obtained the $6 million Judgment against her?  MARY CUMMINS.

·        Who just filed a motion requesting the CA courtsto order the very person who holds the now $10 million Judgment against her, to appear for deposition in HER bankruptcy?  Remember, it is Cummins’ bankruptcy; nobody else’s so why would anybody think they have the right to depose their creditor?  MARY CUMMINS because she is an idiot.

Gosh, this is time consuming so I will stop now with just the few highlights I have listed.  I think we all see there is a pattern here.  So, I ask once again….

IS A MISERABLE LIFE SELF-INFLICTED?  It is if your name is Mary Cummins-Cobb of Los Angeles!