Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mary Cummins LIES EXPOSED!!!!!!

Where to begin, where to begin.  Let’s take a look at the obvious. While Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals boasts about her non-profit Animal Advocates and claims to have rehabbed OVER 1,700 in 2015 alone, according to government records there are no animals at her ‘facility’.  According to the USDA there were no animals present during her surprise inspection (2 in one year alone).  Nobody has 2 USDA inspections in one year unless there have been complaints noted.

Mary Cummins claim of a perfect USDA record, are FALSE.  Mary Cummins license, #22273, Certificate number 93-C-0720 was CANCELLED in 2006 and they would not even consider giving her another license apparently until 2011!  That is some “perfect 13 year record” she boasts on her website.  For 5 years she could not even get a USDA license.  In 2014 when the USDA did a surprise inspection, they found “no animals present”.  I guess it is very easy to rehab animals when they are figments of your imagination.  DONORS BEWARE!  Insert Customer No. 22273 on the link

Mary Cummins also likes to banter about being a Guidestar “Valued Partner”.  Guidestar shows an annual income for Animal Advocates of $0.  Zero income does not qualify you as a Guidestar anything but a FAILURE.  Again DONORS BEWARE!  How does one rehab over 1,700 animals in 2015 (the number reported by Mary Cummins in their Annual Report) with zero income? 

Cummins:  “We are a legal California non-profit corporation originally filed in 2002. We have never had any violations ever. We have never been audited. We follow all rules and regulations.”
Really?  Really?  Well Animal Advocates was SUSPENDED in the state of CA for approximately 7 years.  DONORS BEWARE - CLICK HERE

Cummins:  “We are a legal charity per the California Attorney General since 2002 entity #121118. We have never had any violations ever. We have never been audited. We follow all rules and regulations. Here is our report from 2003 to 2016.”   Note:  The information on their site is updated.  Cummins references the year 2016 and low and behold here is the link to that information.  Apparently somebody is being investigated because it shows Cummins had to submit 5 years of reports in October of 2016!  

Cummins (speaking about herself in the third person):  “President of Animal Advocates Mary Cummins has a perfect history and has passed many Department of Justice background checks to have her many professional licenses (real estate appraiser, real estate broker, notary...), work with abused children, have a gun permit and go to the police academy, humane academy to become a Humane Officer. Mary Cummins has passed the strictest of all background checks to work with many high level government agencies. Cummins does not even have a speeding or parking ticket on her record.” 

Just because a person has not been jailed for their crimes (yet) that does not make them any less a criminal.

Mary Cummins DONOR FRAUD

Well, followers of the dark, dank, delusional world of Mary Cummins, I have nothing else to say because the lying Mary Cummins has said it all for us. Enjoy the links!