Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mary Cummins nailed as vexatious, lying, conniving, threatening & despicable

IMPORTANT!  Animal Advocates Los Angeles, Mary Cummins, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals…Hot off this month’s LA Superior Court system document images.  Mary Cummins gets nailed as the vexatious, lying, conniving, threatening, despicable creature that she is.  Here it is in all its glory, Mary Cummins’ 6th?, 7th?,  8th? attempt to QUASH subpoenas for her financial records and those of her supposed non-profit Animal Advocates.  I say supposed because according to what I have uncovered Animal Advocates does not have any animals, they do not have any location since they are no longer at 858 N. Beverly Glen Blvd, Los Angeles, but they continue to solicit donations.  How is this possible you say?  Furthermore, why would anyone want to quash the records of a non-profit UNLESS there was illegal activity?

As recently as this month, in support of the continuing fight to collect on the $6M judgment upheld by the Supreme Court of Texas, Bat World’s collection attorney’s made a brilliant case against Mary Cummins.

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Page 3, Line 17:  “In addition to her bad-faith filing tactics, Defendant CUMMINS also has proven herself to be a habitual liar, with respect to statements made by her in her pleadings.  By now, Defendant CUMMINS’ fabrications and blatant mis-statements of fact with respect to her ongoing involvement with Animal Advocates, (and her using that entity as her own personal piggy bank and “money laundering” vehicle,) is well documented.

Page 3, Line 24: “Further sources establish her continuing control and management of that company, for her own personal benefit, long after she admits, and indeed, through to the present.” 

Page 6, Line 3 “The custodian of records (First Bank Animal Advocates account) then noted that, although Defendant CUMMINS had repeatedly called the custodian, and threatened him, as well as several other employees, and otherwise aggressively accosted several persons associated with First Bank over the telephone, no motion to quash had been received by their office either….” 

Well followers of the dark, dank, deceitful world of Mary Cummins do not miss a word of the imbedded documents I have provided.  They are well worth the read.  I cannot even isolate a list of notables in Ashley Conlogue’s Opposition as there is something significant in every single paragraph.  As they say in Hollywood, “I believe that is a wrap” as to Mary Cummins’ guilt.

Mary Cummins, self-proclaimed vegan, using donations for beer and burgers.

Like any other common criminal, Mary Cummins lies and cheats the system.  Her actions are tantamount to the perfectly fit individual who swoops in and takes a handicap parking space from a deserving individual.  The person who gets Welfare just to purchase a single grape at the checkout, collect the rest of the Welfare money in cash to spend on their personal pleasures while we, the taxpayers, foot the bill.  We have all seen the abuses and it is my belief after delving into the cesspool known as Mary Cummins for several years that all evidence points towards Mary Cummins being one of “those people”.  I mean, come on, who announces they can barely move, they are awaiting ‘back surgery’ for this horrible injury they sustained, brings a personal injury lawsuit against the very people who have a $6 MILLION dollar judgment against them and then is still announcing they are “awaiting surgery” 6 (SIX) years later?  Back surgery is an immediate need not a ‘when-I-get-around-to-it’ activity.  Oh, let us not forget, in that same PI lawsuit, when counsel for Bat World sought Cummins’ medical records and financial records Cummins immediately dropped the suit!  (I guess her back got better very quickly when she realized the exposure she would receive).  What was her reason?  As feeble as ever, (paraphrased) “Randy Turner (counsel for Bat World) made my elderly doctor cry.”  Say what?  The suit was active for 2 years but when it came to opposing party getting her financial records – all bets were off.  When it came to their getting medical records Cummins specifically crossed out every reference to communicable diseases, venereal disease and gynecological records!  That is all telling in itself.  I wonder what the records showed concerning Cummins’ plastic surgeries?


Mary "Dummins" Cummins fake breasts