Monday, May 23, 2016

Mary Cummins, Donor Fraud, Abuse of a Non-Profits Assets

Mary Cummins admitted in court that she RESIGNED from Animal Advocates in 2012, yet according to court transcripts as well as her posts online, she continues to collect donations from the unsuspecting public and spends the money on such things as services at a weight loss clinic, lip plumping, a financial advisor, liquor, haircuts, fast food, real estate expenses, an actress listing for Mary Cummins in IMDB,,, and personal legal expenses!

Mary Cummins uses donor money for herself.
Cummins states that she resigned 4 years ago but continues to make donors believe she is still actively involved with the non-profit.  She even solicits donations on a multitude of social network sites as the President of Animal Advocates.  And according to Animal Advocates’ 990 tax reports, Mary Cummins filed and signed the tax reports and stated she works 40-60 hours at Animal Advocates each and every year.   Now she is saying that is NOT true. 

Everything I am sharing with you below comes from official court records.   I can only presume one thing…because the case is in Texas, ignorant Mary Cummins never thought anyone would see this information.  Hello?  Earth to Mary Cummins, this is the age of the Internet; everything you stupidly state in court while you act as your own attorney, perjuring yourself, is indeed accessible either online or by court runner.

Judge John Chupp, Cause No. 352-248169-10, 141st Judicial District, Tarrant County, TEXAS.

•    Court Reporter Record (CRR) 4-1-16
Page 9, Line 1 
“MS. CUMMINS: My name is not on the Animal Advocates' account. My social security number is not on the Animal Advocates' account.”
NOTE:  Well, since Mary Cummins prepares and signs the tax statements for the organization, and according to court testimony she maintains all of the caging for Animal Advocates and she set up the account(s) for Animal Advocates, then my guess would be that she is indeed the signatory on that account.  Time will tell. 

•    From Cummins' Motion “Defendant’s Amended Reply to Plaintiff’s  Motion to Clarify Permissible Use of Bank Records”:
P5, L13 3-28-16

“Defendant did not and could not authorize the banks to give the records of others to Plaintiffs. Animal Advocates was started by a board of directors in 2002 and is run by a board of directors. Plaintiff was one signatory on the account 14 years ago! Because of Defendant’s back injury Defendant resigned from all active duties of Animal Advocates last year.” 
NOTE:  Fast forward 3 days from 3-28-16 to the hearing on 4-1-16 and suddenly the IDIOT Mary Cummins feels it would be in her best interest since to have resigned back in 2012 instead of what she stated here, 2015.  Why?  Because she obviously abused the assets of a non-profit (Animal Advocates) Well, if the less than intelligent Mary Cummins (who apparently cannot remember if she is the Defendant or the Plaintiff) was the signatory back in 2002 where is the list of these ‘supposed’ Board of Directors who had signatory rights and where is the PROOF that any one of them ever signed a check from the Animal Advocates account. And why is Mary Cummins the only person who fills out and files the 990’s? If she closed down her bank account in 2013 then who has been paying this self-proclaimed indigents’ legal expenses, real estate licenses, etc.?????

•    P11, L14 CRR 9-18-15
THE COURT: How is your utility bill paid?
MS. CUMMINS: It's paid automatically from Animal Advocates.
THE COURT: Okay. So it comes out of -- who has control over Animal Advocates' bank account.
MS. CUMMINS: (Inaudible.)
MS. CUMMINS: Well, there are five people that control Animal Advocates.
THE COURT: Who are they?
MS. CUMMINS: The board members.
THE COURT: Who are they?
MS. CUMMINS: Mary Ellen Shellman (Schoeman), David Hurst, myself.
THE COURT: Who else?
MS. CUMMINS: Pardon me?
THE COURT: Who else? That was three.  You said five.
MS. CUMMINS: Actually, the other two are no longer legally board members, they're no longer active.
NOTE:  OMG!  How ridiculous does Scummy Cummy sound?  She forgot she has 3 board members and not 5.  But wait, 7 months later she will remember that she actually RESIGNED from Animal Advocates in 2012 so she is not on the board either.   Good grief what a moron.

THE COURT: Who were they?
MS. CUMMINS: What do you mean who were they?
THE COURT: Yeah, who were they?
MS. CUMMINS: Pete Waddington.
THE COURT: This is -- what's the name of the nonprofit?
MS. CUMMINS: Animal Advocates Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
•    P9, L2 CRR 4-1-16
“My social security number is not on the Animal Advocates' account. I resigned -- I thought I resigned last October, but I actually resigned in October of 2012 when I was trying to take another job, and I was forced to resign.”
NOTE:  Hmmmmmm, she thought she resigned last October (2015) but she actually resigned in 2012.  Given that bit of information from the lips of the cyber stalker herself, I went back to the 9-18-15 CRR transcript and look what I found in the 9-18-15 transcript:
•    P10, L6  9-18-15
“MS. CUMMINS: The question was what is my gross income per month. It's zero. I'm not making a dime right now. “
THE COURT: “How do you pay rent or –“
MS. CUMMINS: “I don't pay rent. I don't pay utilities. I don't pay anything.”
THE COURT: “Who pays it all?”
MS. CUMMINS: “Well, Animal Advocates owns the farm, and they pay the farm bills, and Animal
Advocates pays the utilities on it.” 
THE COURT: “So do you live on Animal Advocates' property?”

NOTE:  Excuse me!  Scummy Cummy said she resigned in 2012 and now we find out she is living off of Animal Advocates, a non-profit 501c3.  Can we all say it together, “That is misuse of a non-profit’s assets! ”  It is also donor fraud, tax fraud and a host of other violations including criminal perjury.

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, it is obvious the animal abusing, failed real estate appraiser cannot keep her lies straight.  Can’t you just wait to read the next court reporter’s transcript for Scummy Cummy’s explanation of her conflicting lies?  Good grief Mary Cummins must be the stupidest criminal ever born.  

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mary Cummins, Barely Functioning Moron

Many seem confused by who, or more importantly, what Mary Cummins is so let me give my take on that subject.  I guess I will have to bullet point because Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins fills a few areas with her skanky self.  However, let’s jump ahead to this week’s happenings and Mary Cummins’ miserably FAILED attempt to dupe the Texas courts. 

Mary Cummins filed somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 pages of evidence (or what she calls evidence) with her Motion to Dismiss the latest in the ongoing string of DEFAMATION lawsuits against her. The IDIOT Mary Cummins has a $6 MILLION dollar judgment against her for her “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation” of famed, world renowned bat expert, Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary.  And now Lollar has slapped another defamation lawsuit against the moronic Mary Cummins’ because stupid, stupid, stupid Mary Cummins reposted all of her old defamation from the $6 Mil lawsuit PLUS even more defamation!!!!  Who is that dumb?  Worse, listen to this, she stated that the “Appellate court told me to do it.”  That remark is right up there with one of her others, “The entire LAPD told me to shoot her (Lollar) on sight.”  BTW, that $6 Mil judgment has been upheld by the SUPREME COURT!  That is how bad Cummins’ defamation was and is.

So, on May 17th, 2016, Cummins appeared telephonically before Judge Hrabal, County Court #3, Tarrant County, Texas because Cummins is faking being too disabled to travel (oh pleez).  According to the grapevine, the courtroom was full to capacity.  The judge even thought there was more on his docket that afternoon but no, everyone was there to hear the ridiculous rantings of a malicious cyberstalker, Mary Cummins.  The result of her Motion to Dismiss with its massive 1,000 pages of evidence – DENIED!

•    For all intents and purposes Mary Cummins appears to be a barely functioning moron.  Meaning, she gets up, she gets dressed, she eats and then spends endless hours on the Internet (drooling on the keyboard) trying to become a “member of the media” because, as a mouth-breathing IDIOT, she does not comprehend that she cannot reinvent herself at this stage of the game nor are you a “member of the media” just because you take stories that are already well publicized in the news and repost them with your comments. 

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Media
Mary Cummins, Scummy Cummy Press

•    Mary Cobb aka Mary Cummins grew up in a loving home, had tremendous financial advantages from her rich Granny and socialite mother, yet she DROPPED out of SCHOOL before obtaining any kind of proficiency at anything and spent years trying to become a police officer (but failed to complete the program), tried to work with animals to secure popularity among the masses but was instead charged with animal cruelty by California Department of Fish and Wildlife, she was refused an exhibitor’s permit and charged with attempting to rehab animals that she had already reported were DEAD!!!  Yes, you heard me correctly, Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates takes in animals, they die and then she attempts to rehab them!!!

•    But let’s get to the basics of why we are here today and that would be Mary Cummins’ legal woes.  According to those in the know, Cummins yet again attempted to retry the $6M case, introduce evidence that has NOTHING to do with the case at hand, used her ridiculous FAILED logic with the courts (yet again), disparaged Amanda Lollar and Randy Turner, Super Animal Rights Attorney hero, which only PROVED to the judge that she intentionally defames, defames, defames.  See what I mean?  Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is too STUPID to learn from past mistakes.  Instead she takes to the Internet, and in typical MC fashion she blames the system, the victims, the sun and the moon BUT never herself which is truly where the blame lies.  And what was the result of the hearing this week on Scummy Cummy’s Motion to Dismiss the new lawsuit?  DENIED!  I know I said it earlier, but can you imagine submitting a Motion to Dismiss with 1,000 pages of (ahem) exhibits and LOSING?  How bad is your research, writing, presentation, legal prowess, documentation of truthful facts that you LOSE?

•    Sadly, to this day, Mary Cummins continues to use Animal Advocates as her own personal piggy bank. According to the CADFW records Cummins claims she secured considerable funds from major foundations (see CADFW Public Information Request records on Mary Cummins), and what did she do with those donor dollars that support those grant dollars?  She used those dollars on her own personal expenses just like she has used Animal Advocates non-profit status to hide her personal spending habits.  Animal Advocates is nothing more than a piggy bank for the deceitful Mary Cummins.  What self-proclaimed indigent person rehabs animals anyway?  What honest person would even consider duping people out of their hard earned money; people who love animals and want to help them.  What kind of a person does this?  Right, the nasty, self-serving, animal abusing, non-profit fraud Mary Cummins.

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Media
The nasty, self-serving, animal abusing, non-profit fraud Mary Cummins.    

Well followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, in the words of the late, great Penelope Pidgeonstop, “You can take the girl out of the sewer but you can never take the sewer out of the girl.”

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Media
Mary Cummins right at home