Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Should she be medicated? You decide:

  • A man in the Cayman Islands “said he was going to cut my husband’s penis up into tiny, little pieces;” 
  • “Some veterinarians were threatening to kill us…;”  
  • A man “tried to stab my husband with a machete;”  
  • An orthopedic surgeon “hired a hit man;“ 
  • “A bat lady hired a hit man” and “ordered a hit on me;” 
  • “She encouraged convicted criminals to attack me;”  
  • A Director of Special Projects and others “have been assaulting me;”  
  • A process server “assaulted me;” 
  • An attorney “assaulted me while my lawyer was asleep;” 
  • “LAPD said they’d only file charges if I had broken bones or profuse bleeding;” 
  •  A man “stabbed the hedge trimmers through the fence at me;” 
  • “My neighbor would sing my name over and over again in a high-pitched operatic voice on his front lawn” and “he started to tear my house down saying that the city ordered him to do that;” 
  • “I got death threats and crap instantly;” 
  • “A woman who is supposedly a dog groomer has been attacking me since 2002…I am posting her public bankruptcy documents now;” 
  • “I beat the sh*t out of a guy in the Ralph’s parking lot;” 
  • “A bunch of people instantly threatened to kill me in disgusting ways;” 
  • “I suspect that bat lady ordered a Molotov cocktail and an M-80 that were found under my car.”

  • A Wikipedia administrator was “stalking me;”  
  • Corporate shareholders “cyberstalked me;” 
  • “Bat lady stalks me;”  
  • An attorney in California “cyberstalked me;”  
  • A newspaper editorial writer “cyberstalked me;”  
  • Professional stock promoters “cyberstalked me;” 
  • An artist was “stalking me;”  
  • Randy Turner “stalks me;”  
  • “My neighbor stalked me;”  
  • A lady “has been stalking us for the last few years;”  
  • A woman in Arlington, Texas and others “have been stalking me;” 
  • An entrepreneur in Los Angeles “is cyberstalking me online;” 
  • A man in an assisted living facility is “stalking me;” 
  • A retired police officer was “stalking me;” 
  • Anonymous people have “cyberstalked me;” 
  • The executive director of the Yavapai Humane Society “is stalking me;”  
  • Bat lady's husband was “stalking me;”  
  • There is “a crazy lady stalking me;”  
  • A woman who is “supposedly a dog groomer has been stalking me since 2002.” (A total of 19+ stalkers)
  • The president of an IT company “defamed me;”  
  • An employee of the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife is “libeling and defaming me;” 
  • The head of a horse rescue organization “defames me;”  
  • A disabled man with spina bifida is “defaming me;” 
  • "Ten John Does defamed me;”  
  • "A bat lady defames me;”  
  • An engineer and others “have been defaming me;”  
  • The head of a California wildlife sanctuary “defamed me;”  
  • A graduate of UCLA “is defaming me;”  
  • A person in Pennsylvania was “defaming me;”  
  • An Texas attorney “defames me;”  
  • The CEO of Google hosted blogs that “defamed me;”  
  • An animal rehabilitator in California “defamed me;”  
  • A business systems analyst “defamed me;”  
  • An attorney in Los Angeles “defamed me;”  
  • The executive director of a humane society in Arizona “is defaming me;”  
  • A newspaper reporter “defamed me;”  
  • A woman in New York was “defaming me;”  
  • A retired international project manager “defamed me;” 
  • “A crazy rehabber in Ventura…defamed me;” 
  •  A voice-over artist “has been defaming me.” (A total of 30 defamers.)

  • An attorney in California “stares at my chest;”  
  • An attorney in Texas “stares at my chest;” 
  • A man “talks to my boobs 80% of the time;”  
  • A man at a public event “stared at me with…an almost frightened expression as he looked at my chest;” 
  • “Bat lady is a lesbian obsessed with my breasts;” 
  • "Last time I was flat chested I was seven;” 
  • “I was a C cup by age 11;” 
  • “I hand wash my bras because I don’t want them to shrink;” 
  • “The reason you cannot see my breasts is an arm is covering them;” 
  • “After running around in a snug underwire bra all day long…I released the girls from their confinement;” 
  • “Bat lady is flat-chested;” “She wants to be me but she is not.”
  • A photographer’s assistant “likes to talk about how ugly and bald I am;” 
  • "William Shatner is missing 90% of his hair;” 
  • “Burt Reynolds wears a (hair) piece;”  “
  • I found Burt’s head mold which I took;”  
  • A witness at a trial Cummins stalked for weeks was described by her as “his hair line is too low, which is abnormal…and shows signs of development problems;” 
  • “Randy dyes his hair the night before a hearing in order to charm the female judges;”
  • “He charmed the trial court judge with his affections and would dye his hair and comb his hair repeatedly before going into her court.”
And if that weren't enough...

  •  Bat lady demands my gynecological records;” 
  • “I’ll have to go back to (menstrual) pads or I’ll be forced to get a tattoo…;” 
  • “My neighbor stared at my crotch;” 
  • “My vagina is uninjured;”  
  • A Texas attorney “stared at my crotch” and he also “wants my gynecological records;”  
  • A person “has been contacting me late at night stating disgusting sexual things;” 
  • A psychiatrist “told me that Amanda Lollar is in love with me;” 
  • “She has more wrinkles than I do;” 
  • “She is shorter than me (sic); She wants to be me;” 
  • “I was a member of Junior Mensa” (there is no such thing)
  • “I’m not missing one tooth;” 
  • “Four out of five dentists recommended not killing Cecil the lion” 
  • “True ‘pin heads’ are mentally challenged;” 
  • “Pot mixed with cocaine is called a coco puff;” 
  • “I am armed and dangerous;” 
  • “Bat lady caused me to suffer garden variety emotional distress;” 
  • The Los Angeles City Attorney “stole my glasses;” 
  • “My mother pretended to be my grandmother;” 
  • “They instantly called me inexperienced, ill informed, stupid, evil, uneducated, vile…;”  
  • An orthopedic surgeon “threatens those he can’t bribe;” 
  • “If my weight makes me a fatty fatso…;”  
  • A CA attorney’s high school football team had a “horrible record of 2 for 6,”whereas, “as a freshman I was on the varsity swim team;” 
  • “I posted a woman’s birthday because she lies about her age;” 
  • “A woman was found dead in William Shatner’s pool;” 
  • “They destroyed my complaint about the property;”  
  • A false report was filed “stating I had a whale in my home;” 
  • “I got death threats and crap instantly;  
  • “First time I went to Kentucky the women were so nice to me I thought they were lesbians;” “I’m not a homosexual.”

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