Friday, March 20, 2015

Mary Cummins Spirals into a Fit of Rage

The courts seeing through Mary Cummins’ absurd lies – good; ... Mary Cummins LOSING yet again to Amanda Lollar – PRICELESS.


Mary Cummins spirals into a fit of rage over losing her second appeal in her ridiculous attempt to obtain a restraining order against famed bat expert and renowned author, Amanda Lollar.

Since 2013 Mary Cummins has tried, (and repeatedly FAILED), to get a restraining order against Lollar in Cummins’ feeble attempt to prevent Lollar from obtaining her financial records and seizing more of her bank accounts for the over $7.7 MILLION DOLLAR judgment Lollar has against Cummins for her “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation”.  For the privilege of Cummins being allowed to make an ass of herself in her moronic foray into the appellate courts, she is being given the honor of paying Lollar’s attorney fees!  Cummins claims they are in excess of $144,000. 

You'd link the idiot Mary Cummins would learn to leave well enough alone at this point, but no. In her typical, pathetic MO of refusing to accept her continual LOSSES to Lollar, Cummins immediately filed for a rehearing of the Appellate denial of her restraining order.  In a day when the average court decision takes anywhere from 2 months to 2 years, the Appellate court sent a message to Mary Cummins -and her obsessive behavior against Lollar- by handing their decision down in less than 24 hours, refusing to listen to any more of Cummins vicious diatribe against Lollar.

So what does Mary Cummins do next? She vents to her one and only friend - the Internet, and in doing so hatefully slandered Amanda Lollar’s deceased brother, mother and war veteran father in an attempt to reduce Lollar’s loving family ties to Cummins own dysfunctional family history.  Cummins mother, beloved philanthropist Juliette Sponsel, and successful movie actress sister, Juliette Cummins, refuses to have anything to do with their revolting fecalpheliac relative, Mary Cummins.

 Even the LAPD, who have been following the case, along with Texas detectives who have a TERRORISTIC THREAT issued against her, had to resort to keeping her at bay by telling her to just FAX in her relentless onslaught of false complaints against Lollar.  Cummins’ accusations were so bizarre that the LAPD closed their file before the case ever went to court. 

Cummins allegations included that Lollar hired a thug to assault her with a piece of paper while she was carrying balloons (click here to watch the video of this horrendous brutality), Lollar (and her celebrated animal rights attorney, Randy Turner) threw a Molotov cocktail under her car, Lollar was outside her door whispering her name all night long, Lollar called her “Fatty, fatty, fatty fatso”, Amanda Lollar caused her “garden variety emotional distress” (I guess that means take your pick) and Lollar reported her for having a whale in the living room of her self-proclaimed 700 sq ft rented shack.

Well followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, I leave you with a picture of what this much hate does to a person….Mary Cummins pictured at the age of 47 and she could easily pass for someone who is a hard 78.

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