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Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Lies and Animal Abuse

In my latest investigation I uncovered the TRUTH of Mary Cummins’ LIES and deliberate DECEIT of the public.  While Mary Cummins solicits donations and blathers on and on about her educational presentations, the USDA did a surprise inspection of her animal inventory and guess what they found?  Mary Cummins does not have any animals!  Check this link and see the truth for yourself.

Apparently they all died under her animal abusing "care":

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Animal Abuse, Animal Cruelty
Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Animal Abuse, Animal Cruelty

The photos and comments above were all publicly posted by Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates. Does Dr. Jennifer Conrad, Dr. Laurie Gage and Attorney David Casselman knowingly support the animal abuse and the continual lies of Mary Cummins?



Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates Lies About her Animals

PROOF of the many LIES of Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Los Angeles, CA.  This is taken from an actual post made by Mary Cummins.  Many have speculated that Mary Cummins is a full blown sociopath and should not be allowed to go into people’s homes while others, like me, just go about securing evidence of her malicious and deceitful lies to the public.  All of the proof is readily available to anyone who wishes to do a FOIA to the government entity cited or a Public Information Request in the state of California.

Here is a ‘legal’ disclaimer Mary Cummins has posted on the Internet on her Animal Advocates Facebook page and at other web locations.  Her LIES are blatant:

Animal Advocates legal disclaimer - Licensed Wildlife Rehabiliators in Los Angeles, California
January 17, 2015 at 4:47pm:  We are licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) customer number 22273, permit 93-C-0973. 

LIE #1:  “We have a 12 year perfect history of inspections since we first got our permit in 2003.”

PROOF of LIE (Available at this USDA link):

Mary Cummins USDA Permit Animal Advocates
Mary Cummins USDA Permit proves she lies - click to enlarge

Mary Cummins has NOT been licensed by the USDA for 12 consecutive years because her USDA license was CANCELLED from 2005 to 2011!  Mary Cummins has only been licensed since June 29, 2011.

LIE #2:  “We have never had a violation ever. We follow all guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act.”

PROOF of LIE: Brace yourselves for this one!  I guess it is easy to have a ‘perfect’ record if you do NOT have ANY ANIMALS to inspect!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please note that this was a surprise inspection specifically focused on Mary Cummins animal inventory of which she has NONE!

In the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s own words, they cited Mary Cummins for her abuses, her lies and her permit was DENIED.  CADFW, “Therefore, given the dozens of contradictions and omitted information found in the entire body of records you have submitted each year, the department has determined that you submitted false, inaccurate or otherwise misleading information in VIOLATION of Fish and Game Code (FGC), Section 1054(a).  FGC Section 1054(a), states that “It is unlawful to submit….any false, inaccurate, or otherwise misleading information on any application or other document offered or otherwise presented to the Department for any purpose….”  This can be found on page 5 of 6 on the link provided above.”  NOTE:  Any animal law enforcement person knows that a 1054(a) is code for “You LIED.” 

LIE #3:  “We are licensed by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (used to be called Fish & Game). We have a perfect record and history.”

PROOF OF LIE:  Apparently, Mary Cummins does not think abusing a squirrel with no eyeballs is animal abuse.  Well, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife disagrees with her. 

LIE #4:  “We are permitted to rehabilitate all small mammals including coyotes, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, opossums, all squirrels, skunks, small rodents and bats. We also can rehabilitate all non-protected birds. We have legal unreleasable educational animals. We were first approved for our license in 2003.  Mary Cummins worked as a satellite for other rehabbers since 2001.  We have never had a violation ever.  We follow all guidelines of Fish & Wildlife.”

PROOF OF LIE:  Have you noticed how many times in this ‘disclaimer’ Mary Cummins states she has “never had a violation ever”? Apparently Mary Cummins has a very short memory and the abuse she commits against animals does not register with her.
LIE #5:  “We are a legal non-profit organization recognized by the IRS since 2002. We have never had a problem with our status or any violations ever....We follow all rules and regulations. We've never been audited." Here is our legal organization on Guidestar."

PROOF OF LIE:  Mary Cummins was reprimanded by the CA Dept of Fish and Game as well as Great Non-profits for abusing their code of conduct. She was thrown off of the non-profit site in December of 2013 for attacking Bat World Sanctuary, the world renowned (and only accredited rehabilitation/teaching bat sanctuary) in the entire world.

LIE #6:  “We are a legal California non-profit corporation originally filed in 2002.  We have never had any violations ever.  We have never been audited. We follow all rules and regulations. ....“It is against the law for us to show wildlife being rehabilitated for release back to the wild to the public. We can only show our educational unreleasable animals to the public.  We cannot give tours or let people view our facilities.  This is why we show photos and videos.  NO ONE except USDA and Fish & Wildlife inspectors have ever been to our facilities since 2006 when we move to a new facility.  We don’t give out our physical addresses.”

PROOF OF LIE: Animal Advocates suspended by the State of California. And would that be the ‘facility’ on N. Beverly Glen where Mary Cummins claims she lives in a “700 sq ft rented shack with one bedroom”?  I believe she posted the address in public legal documents for case #BS140207.  Yes, yet another lie that she has not posted her address.  I guess in her fervor to engage herself in so many lawsuits at once she just blurted it out.

LIE #7:  “President of Animal Advocates Mary Cummins has a perfect history and has passed many Department of Justice background checks to have her many professional licenses (real estate appraiser, real estate broker, notary...), work with abused children, have a gun permit and go to the police academy, humane academy to become a Humane Officer. Mary Cummins has passed the strictest of all background checks to work with many high level government agencies. Cummins does not even have a speeding or parking ticket on her record.”

PROOF OF LIE:  I guess it was just an oversight on the part of Mary Cummins that she has a TERRORISTIC THREAT police report filed against her by detectives in Texas for threatening GUN VIOLENCE. 

And LIE #8:  “A mentally ill, obsessed lady has been stalking us for the last few years.  She has been stating completely false things about our founders and organization.  If anyone ever says we have ever had a problem with our permits or the law, they are lying.  We have a perfect record.  This woman has gone so far as to threaten to kill us and our animals.  We are working with authorities to have this person incarcerated. ...They can inspect 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. I am always prepared with clean cages, food, water, clean litter boxes, clean food storage, all records in a file right next to the front door. My inspectors know me. I also have a crazy lady stalking me. She made a false report stating I had a whale in my home. The authorities are finally getting ready to do something to her."

PROOF OF LIE:  OMG, what a belly laugh this one is.  A whale in my home”??????  Mary Cummins really is looking to fall back on an insanity plea. The moronic idiot Mary Cummins posts a ‘legal disclaimer’ and aside from it being completely hysterical there is not one truth in the entire post!  All of her lies are so easily provable to be exposed for the untruths, perjuries that they are yet she thinks by stating she is telling the truth that the public will believe her.  For the complete truth about Mary Cummins click here to see what the foremost animal rights attorney in the country has to say about her.

And oh yes! That is yet another lie Mary Cummins is telling…..that David Casselman, who wrote an amicus brief for psycho Mary Cummins,  is the number one animal rights attorney in the U.S.  David Casselman does NOT even practice animal law! 

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, you must be asking yourself, “When do the lies stop?”  Answer:  When her lips stop moving and her fingers stop typing. 



And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
bat world sanctuary amanda lollar

Dr. Laurie Gage, Dr. Jennifer Conrad, David Casselman & Psycho Mary Cummins

She is also once again defying a court order (remember the permanent injunction she has against her for defaming bat expert Amanda Lollar, the same court order that contained a $6.1 Million Dollar judgment against her for her crimes?), and yet she continues to post (via her mentally disturbed brain) that she is telling 100% the truth.  Really?  No, I mean, really?  Let’s take a look at that ‘truth’. 

Mary Cummins continues to state ad nauseam that Laurie Gage, the "head USDA vet", stated Amanda Lollar was guilty of violating the Animal Welfare Act.  Let’s break down this whopping lie that Mary Cummins claims is the truth:

  1.   Laurie Gage is not the head anything.  She is a big cat specialist with the USDA who is allegedly personally acquainted with Mary Cummins.  Gage viewed the ALTERED video Mary Cummins submitted, wherein Mary Cummins took a life saving procedure andturned it into an act of cruelty.  Cummins focused on a mother bat that was under anesthesia claiming it was dead.  As the multiple wildlife and exotic trained vets viewed the video they immediately recognized what Cummins had done so either Gage knowingly and willfully made her statements tosupport Cummins OR she is just that bad of a vet.  Mary Cummins took stills of the bat under anesthesia, before the bat was cleaned up from the C-section that saved her life, and said, “Dead mother bat.”  What an idiot and what an idiot (or partner in crime) that Laurie Gage is.  It has to be one of the 2 options.  Either Gage is an idiot because she is a lesser vet then the multiple vets who viewed the video, some of whom testified in court, that the procedure was “text book”, or she is guilty of collusion. 
  2.   The true head of the USDA, Dr. Robert Gibbens,stated that they considered Laurie Gage’s remarks (and discounted them).
  3. The Laurie Gage email was NOT, nor had ever been, a part of the Bat World Sanctuary file (as noted by Dr. Gibbens).  Mary Cummins had specifically requested it (meaning she knew of its existence).  Now, how would someone who is already acquainted with the culpable party, (Gage), know of that internal emails’ existence and know to demand it-repeatedly?  Right, just what I thought.  Note:  Laurie Gage worked on the PAW project with Jennifer Conrad, the same Jennifer Conrad who is an alumni of Gage’s and who is Mary Cummins BFF because, according to Cummins, Conrad pays for Cummins to travel with her.  The same Jennifer Conrad who does not even have a veterinary clinic but works out of her house.  The house does not have facilities and it is the same Jennifer Conrad who got David Casselman to write an amicus brief for Mary Cummins.  Shame, shame on Jennifer Conrad and David Casselman for knowingly putting tens of thousands of bats lives in danger at the hands of Mary Cummins.  No wonder Dr. Jennifer Conrad does not have a veterinary clinic or work at one; losers usually are not associated with a reputable clinic.
  4. Laurie Gage has never even worked with bats. She is a big cat specialist and knows virtually nothing about bats, their habitat, surgeries to save their lives, etc.  Notable wildlife vets have stated they do not understand how Laurie Gage could view that video for anything but what it was, an attempt to besmirch the reputation of a highly honored, deeply respected bat specialist, Amanda Lollar.

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins I leave you with this thought: Why did Laurie Gage, Jennifer Conrad and David Cassleman help sociopath Mary Cummins harm an innocent person, and who else have they intentionally harmed? You have to wonder if like minds are at work here.


More on Mary Cummins' Web of Deceit

Well well well, this is one for the books!  Renowned IDIOT, Mary Cummins, is offering to teach real estate classes!  Say what?  This is the same person who does not know what a mechanics lien is.  The very same individual who posted her ‘training certificates’ on line that she obtained to renew her defunct appraiser’s license (that was seriously delinquent) and look what the certificate states:

“Mary Cummins has successfully attended 90% of the course work” via her home computer.  Translation:  She turned on her computer and left it on while the video played and then submitted her attendance for the course.  I mean what happened to her plaintiff cries of, “I cannot sit for more than 2 minutes at a time because of my (alleged) back injury”?  I guess old Mary Cummins cannot keep her stories straight that she posts on line.  Oh, BTW, have y’all noticed how she has turned her, “Ow, I bumped my head because I am a clod” claim into a back injury?  Hysterical.  Just for grins let’s look at the schedule she kept for these ‘real estate courses’ to renew her seriously overdue license:

September 2, 2014:       7 hours attendance
September 3, 2014:      14 hours attendance!
September 4, 2014:        4 hours attendance

Tsk, tsk, Mary Cummins is caught in her web of deceit once again.  At this point it has become boring catching Mary Cummins in her lies.  If her mouth is open or her fingers are typing she is lying.

Mary Cummins Animal Cruelty
Mary Cummins stalks Attorney Randy Turner
Mary Cummins Exposed
Mary Cummins makes Death Threats
Mary Cummins stalks Bat World Sanctuary
Mary Cummins stalks Amanda Lollar
Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
Mary Cummins, Cyber-Monster

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mary Cummins, NOT a legitimate appraiser/realtor?


In one of her countless blogs attacking world renowned bat rehabilitator, Amanda Lollar,  Mary Cummins wrote: “Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary just got a mechanics lien thrown on Bat World Sanctuary property for not paying $245,000 in construction costs to Santibanez Construction.”

This is hysterical because it conclusively shows that Cummins does not know what a mechanic’s lien is or how it works.  A mechanic’s lien is a security interest in the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve the property. It secures payment to a contractor who builds on the property.  All contractors file mechanic’s liens to secure payment on construction projects. Once construction is completed the financing bank pays the contractor and takes over the lien (loan).  This, of course, is what happened at Bat World when it built the new sanctuary.  The contractor filed the standard mechanic’s lien and was paid in full by the bank when the project was complete.  The lien is now held by the bank.  This is standard business practice yet it appears by Mary Cummins own post that she is totally unaware of how real estate loans work!  Shazam, that’s SCARY for anyone considering doing business with her.

Mary Cummins, supposed real estate appraiser, does not know what a Mechanic's Lien is.

How could a licensed realtor or appraiser possibly not understand what a mechanics’ lien is? Anyone who has ever hired a contractor to do any remodeling knows what a mechanic’s lien is. Mary Cummins’ claim that she is a “licensed realtor and appraiser” is difficult to swallow given her ignorance of something this basic.  You have to wonder if Cummins even knows what a “mortgage” is?  Or “escrow?”  What about “title policy?”  If Mary Cummins really has a piece of paper called a “real estate” or “appraiser” “license” it needs to be analyzed by a forensic documents examiner as a possible forgery and cross-checked against records of the California licensing agency.  Dollar to donuts it’s a fake.

No wonder Cummins is “unemployed and does not own a business or company.”  Who would want to run the risk of hiring a realtor or appraiser who doesn’t even know what a mechanic’s lien is?  Think of the potential liability exposure for a property owner and the embarrassment. 

Mary Cummins also stated, “There is no way those two prefab outdoor buildings cost $245K to build” and she has the audacity to call herself a real estate appraiser?  First of all it is one, custom building that is 7,200 sq ft and it is not a “prefab outdoor building” but rather by all pictures and legal descriptions it is a fortified indoor sanctuary.  

The mind boggles considering how many people Mary Cummins has duped into thinking she was “qualified” to do anything concerning real estate especially since she does not even recognize the difference between residential, commercial or agricultural property!  Wait until Mary Cummins finds out (as did I) that the hill on which Bat World sits has been renamed ‘Mount Bat World’. 

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins I guess it has been confirmed by Mary herself that she spends more time with her fascination of pedophilia  and scratches out more references to communicable diseases and mental illness before submitting her court ordered responses, as well as dodging charges of animal abuse by the CADFW, than she does on her knowledge of real estate.  Tsk-tsk.