Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mary Cummins obsession with Dr. Gary Michelson

Well, well, well let’s see how the infamous IDIOT Mary Cummins-Cobb aka Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Services, Animal Advocates and Cummins Real Estate Appraisals chose to spend her 4th of July.  The apparently maniacal wannabe ‘twin sister’ of David Koresh  decided to attack the good doctor Michelson yet again. Why is she continuing this flagrant assault on Dr. Michelson?  Oh, that is easy; it is because he is a billionaire with whom she was briefly acquainted (as his employee at one of his foundations) and he wanted nothing to do with her.  As a matter of fact he fired her after a few short weeks for “poor performance.”  On page 57 in your PDF counter  you can read Dr. Michelson’s statements about Mary Cummins after he dumped her low slung ass out of his organization.

Then, of course, there is the matter of, in Mary Cummins own words, the fact that she worshiped Michelson:   “This Gary Michelson guy is a saint. I truly believe he will help.  He's of course extremely intelligent and seems very genuine.  He's a super quick study so he knows all the issues and programs. He really cares about people and animals. On top of that he's handsome. He spoke to everyone who wanted to speak to him. People were sharing their ideas and he was putting them in touch with the head of his new foundation. Some great things will be happening in LA soon.”  How hard are you laughing now fellow scumroach followers?  There are some more tidbits that identify why Scummy Cummy obsessively maligns Dr. Michelson so much.  Okay, here goes.

For years, Dr. Michelson has offered a multi-million dollar prize to anyone who could come up with a non-invasive plan to neuter/spay dogs and cats.  Scummy Cummy applied for the prize and, of course, her ‘plan’ of action was turned down.  She wanted to use sterility drugs that have been around for years and have been proven harmful.  That was Scummy Cummy’s plan that she thought was worth $25 million dollars.  However, evidently Mary Cummins’ ill feelings towards Dr. Michelson  goes beyond the fact that Dr. Michelson fired her, testified against her and shunned her, dare I say, to the point of dismissing her advances.  You see some think Mary Cummins is a homophobic homosexual (and there is a Freudian story attached to that statement but that is another blog in itself).  Mary Cummins launched a horrific attack against Dr. Michelson claiming he was a homosexual, “Gary Karlin Michelson is a homosexual.”  Not only who cares but where is the proof of this statement?  Mary Cummins has ‘accused’ so many heterosexuals of being homosexual that it is obvious Mary Cummins has a problem with anybody being homosexual, and why she evidently feels it is an insult to them to be associated with being homosexual.  Therein lays a true example of a homophobe-Mary Cummins.  Again, as with all of Scummy Cummy’s claims – there is no evidence to be found anywhere of any of the individuals she has stated are homosexuals.  Check out this page and you will find a categorized summary of Mary Cummins ill will towards others. 

Of late Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins is attacking Dr. Michelson’s wife, Alya, simply because she is young, beautiful and very happy with our trail-blazing medical genius, Dr. Michelson.  In short, Alya Michelson is everything that Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins is not.  EDITORIAL NOTE:  For those of you who are new to this page, the name Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins is based on the fact that Mary Cummins has a photo of herself on the Internet since 2007 wherein she is giving someone the finger.  As if that was not crude enough, in a court of law, Cummins identified the substance in the picture that is dripping from her face as SEMEN; hence the name Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins.   So, if indeed Mary Cummins is a biological male as it has been stated on the Internet, as well as being identified in a court of law by Scummins herself, then she is evidently a homophobic homosexual who points a finger at Dr. Michelson as not being a heterosexual while she herself is homosexual; interesting theory.  Does Mary Cummins’ obsession with the idea that people stare at her breasts has something to do with the fact that she used to be a male?  You just gotta’ admit she has an abnormal fascination with her own breasts.  Maybe that’s why she has stated that in her nightmares people want her gynecological records.  Wow and double wow. In court filings Mary Cummins is fighting tooth and nail to protect her gynecological records.  The average ‘woman’s records would show yearly check-ups, a possible yeast infection, hormonal changes perhaps and that is it.  It is so amusing to see the aggressively protective, irrational “I will go to jail before I will let anyone see my gynecological records” attitude of Mary Cummins.  I guess it is back to the psychologists couch for Mary Scum-Dum Cummins.  Check out the bottom of page 9 in this document.   Of course, there is the fact that she hears voices which is unsettling and sends up all kinds of red flags. 

Here is Scummy Cummy’s latest attack on Dr. Michelson.  It is equally as ridiculous as the rest of her obvious psychotic rants:

“In the summer 2014 edition of USC Trojan Family magazine PR writer Katharine Gammon
wrote a "thank you for giving us money, here is the positive press we promised" fluff piece
about Gary Michelson. The title is "Man with a Plan." She states his plan is to merge science
and engineering together for biomedical advancement. Ms Gammon could not be further
from the truth of the matter. Below is the article.”

“Gary Michelson's plan is to control and destroy people at his whim for personal evil

This is rich considering Mary Cummins existence is based on her desire to destroy anyone she can, even strangers whom she has never met.  In deposition she claims there are probably thousands of people (stockholders) who want to harm her.  Even an amateur psychoanalyst would see this as Mary Cummins projecting herself unto Dr. Michelson.

“USC will take money from anyone for anything then they will use the money as they please in the general fund. Maybe Gary should ask for construction receipts to make sure the $50M goes to building the building and putting his name on top in huge gold letters.  I went to USC and realize the main job of the dean is to beg wealthy people for money. They must continue to expand and they need money to do that. And every time they expand they need even more money to maintain the new structures and programs. This causes a never ending money problem which their $45,000/year tuition for students can't cover.” 

Wonder of wonders, Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins single handedly identified how every university in America functions – they need money, wealthy individuals give them money and the cycle continues BECAUSE the need to expand and expansion costs money.  LOL, my God she really is a member of Junior Densa.   The difference here is that Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins now hates the doctor she previously referred to as a  “handsome saint” (because he dumped her sorry low slung ass from his employment) and isolates his extremely generous contribution to USC ($50 million dollars for biomedical engineering) as somehow being a terrible thing.  Wow, a generous endowment to further mankind is somehow a terrible thing…..and Mary Cummins has the audacity to call Dr. Michelson “evil” when she is the one with the apparently EVIL thoughts and actions.  I wonder if Webster’s has a picture of Mary Cummins when you look up ‘evil’ in the dictionary.  Just sayin’.

And here we go with Mary Cummins continued attack on Mrs. Michelson:
“Maybe they will give Alya an honorary degree in exchange for grant money. Sure, she can barely speak English but perhaps USC will give her an honorary English and Business degree.  I believe her skills in gold-diggery already qualify her for this.” 

Wow, Mary Cummins’ green eyed envy and jealousy of the very attractive Alya Michelson is beyond all rationale.  Alya Michelson majored in journalism in Russia.  She is educated.  She is bilingual.  She attends all social functions with her husband and communicates with the best of them.  Somebody please stick a fork in Mary Scummins because she is done.  Her resentment of Mrs. Michelson, a woman she has never met, speaks volumes.  Let’s take a look at Mary Cummins and then look at Dr. and Mrs. Gary Michelson.  You have my permission to laugh endlessly because a single picture speaks a thousand words and here we have comparison pictures!

I stand by my statement back in April.  I think her psychologist has his hands full. Oh wait, Mary Cummins said she has never seen a psychologist and has never said she had. There is the theory that she has multiple personalities but unfortunately, unlike Sybil, not one of them has any redeeming characteristics.   It is a shame Mary Cummins’ other selves do not communicate with the drone on the typewriter which I do believe is the same one who shows up in court cases to scribble her notes as her roach-like antenna twitches.

Stay safe fellow followers of the tales of an American bi-polar sociopath with paranoid tendencies and when you get a chance wish Dr. Michelson good luck to show your support for all he has done for animals and humanity.    Remember, in the words of Malcolm Forbes, “Putting pen to paper lights more fires than matches ever will.”  The world needs to know about the evil intent of Mary Cummins-Cobb aka Mary Cummins.  Lend your support to the decent people Mary Cummins attacks to render her powerless.  We are the army that will crush her nasty self.


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