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mary-cumminsCyber-stalker Mary Cummins' creepy interrogation of the daughter of a war veteran makes one wonder what she intended for the elderly gentleman in nursing care.

In a deposition where Mary Cummins deposed Amanda Lollar (a case she eventually lost to Lollar, and ended up owing Lollar 6.1 Million) she creepily and repeatedly questioned Amanda Lollar as to where her father lived, and which nursing home he was in. 

From the website of Randy Turner, Amanda Lollar's attorney:

"Amanda, quite understandably, repeatedly refused to tell her. Cummins later posted on the internet, “I have no desire to harass her dad in a nursing home. I’ve known where he is living for over a year.”  Amanda’s elderly father had absolutely nothing to do with Cummins, her defamation, the lawsuit, the trial, or anything else about the case. Major Luther Lollar
was a kind and gentle man, quietly spending the last part of his life in a nursing home.  He was a highly decorated WWII and Vietnam combat veteran who had saved the lives of many fellow soldiers in battle.  He was a real American hero and he was none of Cummins' business.  Why had she gone to the trouble a year earlier to find out where he lived?  More importantly, why did she interrogate Amanda about him and why did she feel compelled to reveal that she knew where he was?

Amanda's dad had nothing to do with Cummins or the case.  This cyber-stalker's sick obsession with her loving father was terrifying to Amanda, especially given another unrelated post where Cummins stated,
“I have a gun with hollow points. I bought this one for shooting at close range. I can instantly drop someone with this gun and these bullets."

Click here to read Mary Cummins creepy questions regarding a helpless war veteran in a nursing home.


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  1. In my opinion, Mary Cummins is a sick, obsessed, ignorant, stupid woman. Sick and obsessed because of things like trying to find a dying veteran of 2 wars whereabouts possibly with notions of doing him harm and STUPID and IGNORANT because she actually tangled with Amanda Lollar and Randy Turner. I read the trial transcript. The judge warned her she was going up against a seasoned, talented lawyer and in her stupidity, she ignored the judge's warning. Idiot.