Friday, March 4, 2016

Mary Cummins Self Proclaimed "Investigative Reporter"

3/2/2016 UPDATE: Self appointed investigative reporter (ahem) Mary Cummins, Mary Cobb, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Animal Advocates, is posting about someone who has a $6 million dollar bail. Could it be Mary Cummins’ fascination with this case is because of her own $6 million dollar judgment against her???

Don’t you find it odd that Mary Cummins is posting about another $6M legal issue? I mean why? Scummy Cummy has her own $6 million dollar judgment against her. Shouldn’t she be concentrating on paying that down? She claims it is a “financial death sentence”. I guess the self proclaimed ‘indigent’ real estate appraiser and self proclaimed animal rescuer (who was charged with animal abuse by CADFW, including the abuse of a squirrel with no eye balls), is trying to focus on others instead of concentrating on her own multitude of issues. Oh, wait, Scummy has to pay $25,000 per month interest on that judgment from Aug, 2012 forward so the judgment against Scummy Cummy is now $7,075,000. Maybe the idiot Cummins is just trying to remember how nice it was when she only owed the $6 mil! LOL

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