Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mary Cummins, Media Moron

On July 27, 2015 Mary Cummins proclaimed on her Facebook page that she is a “news personality”. Amateur psychologists speculate that she may have suffered a psychotic episode and now actually believes she is a celebrity television newscaster named “Trixie.” 

This unemployed cyber troll has also begun hilariously calling herself an “investigative reporter.” The majority of her victims, however, say these are obviously farcical attempts to look like a member of the “media,” as if such a self-designations will somehow magically transform her legal status as a prolific defamer and give her greater legal protection against future defamation lawsuits. In other words, “If I call myself a ‘news personality’ and an ‘investigative reporter’ then I will be a ‘media defendant’ the next time I get sued for defamation.” 

This is consistent with Mary Cummins’ laughable disclaimer on her defamatory blogs stating, “Everything is the truth to the best of my knowledge…the rest is my personal opinion and belief…these are items of public interest and concern…everything is public information,” etc., as if such self-serving declarations somehow immunize her from liability for defamation. In other words, “If I announce in advance that everything I say is protected speech or true then I can defame anyone I want with impunity.” Alas, the cyber-troll’s google-knowledge of the law of defamation resulted in a $6 million bankruptcy-proof judgment against her and an official court ruling that she is a “malicious” liar.

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