Friday, March 18, 2016

Mary Cummins Lies About Helping Animals

Let's just break down what is really going on with this statement of/by/for Mary Cummins on her fake Facebook animal "advocate" page.  "We are still totally full as are most other rehabbers."  Translation:  Mary Cummins is too caught up in multiple lawsuits against her to function as an animal rescuer.  Note that she is telling people to read her 'manual for squirrels'.  What about the other animals they find?  What about giving people contact information for other rehabbers or her 'volunteers' so injured and orphaned animals do not have to suffer while individuals try to find help?  What about the fact that she is instructing the general public to rehab without any licenses or protective rabies vaccine?  "Mary Cummins is still out of commission waiting for back surgery."  Translation:  Mary Cummins is too lazy to do anything.  Does she think no one keeps track?  She has been "awaiting back surgery for 5 years!!!!!  Here's a clue, Mary, the jig is up about the phoney problems with your back.  Even free health insurance does not make you wait 5 years.

"As stated she handed over all duties to volunteers months ago."  Translation:  Say what?  There is but one (1) volunteer listed on her license.  Her Vice President, MaryEllen Schoeman does not even have any rehab licenses AND HER USDA LICENSE WAS CANCELLED!

Mary Cummins, Mary Ellem Schoeman USDA License CANCELLED
Where are pictures of these volunteers working so hard?  Mary Cummins is only posting pictures from 3 to 10 years ago.  "For this reason we are not currently taking in any adult coyotes or bobcats."  Translation:  Mary Cummins is in trouble with the authorities for lying on her annual reports to CADFW and she is probably in more trouble since they realized she likes to play with dead animals. Click here to read the numerous permit violations Mary Cummins has committed.
How can she make these statements and claim to care about animals?  I know animal rescue workers that function out of a wheelchair prop themselves up at a counter just to give aide to injured animals.  Good grief she is some 'animal advocate'.  According to her she has but one herniated disc that she has had for years now so why is she not helping animals in need?  I mean she sure seems able to type and tweet up a storm everyday to give her opinion on.....EVERYTHING.  And I think we are all familiar with her 'other activities'.  What a loser.

Mary Cummins, Animal Neglect, Animal Abuse

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