Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mary Cummins - IDIOT ALERT!

Public figure, Mary Cummins, posted a letter from Ed Boks, with the city of Los Angeles, supposedly to prove her value as an ‘employee’.  LOL.  So Cummins wants us to believe this is a letter affirming her "talents".

OMG.  Remember Cummins sued the city of LA just a few months later for being FIRED from her volunteer position for poor performance and for causing dissension among city employees (read the court document).  This is the same Ed Boks, whose signature appears on this “letter of recommendation”, whom Cummins charged with sexual harassment!!!!  She also said Boks was drunk most of the time.  (NOTE:  Her words, not mine).

Mary Cummins
Mary Cummins Dipshitidiot

So this man, who Cummins claims is a drunk and a lech when she needs easy money from a settlement, is the best of the best when she wants a Letter of Recommendation (which I imagine she wrote herself for his signature)?  Although he did recommend her as a cage cleaner so maybe it is legitimate.  We all know Cummins is a good candidate to smear poop all over the place, after all, she is obsessed with the stuff and she did say urine and guano rained down into her mouth when she was at a wild bat sanctuary and oddly enough it did not bother her.  The other docs she posted with this one never even mention her name.  I have to stop now; my sides are hurting from laughing.


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