Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mary Cummins - to know her is to loath her

Supreme Court of Texas is just saying, “No” to Mary Cummins!

Well, well, well let’s all take a turn at ‘laugh at the idiot Mary Cummins of Cummins Real Estate Appraisals.  The self-proclaimed ‘indigent’ real estate flop insists on displaying her ignorance yet again.  She took the $6 million dollar judgment against her all the way to the Supreme Court of Texas just to lose to legendary legal lion, Randy Turner, and renowned bat expert, Amanda Lollar yet AGAIN.  God, it must suck to be Mary Cummins. 

Mary Cummins ridiculous attempt to have her case heard by the Supreme Court was met with disdain by the SCOT.  The court referred to her Petition for Review as a “Miscellaneous Motion” and the status of that meaningless document – DENIED.  Because Mary Cummins NEVER learns from her mistakes – ever – she also filed an Amended Petition, thinking she could do better, (uh, no) and what did the Supreme Court reply to her Amended Petition for Review – DENIED.  Ha, ha.  No surprise there, huh, folks?  In usual form Mary Cummins has promised to file more papers Monday, August 31st, 2015.  Imbecile.

Now let’s look at the Twitter storm in which Mary Cummins is involved since learning that she has NOwhere to turn in her trumped up, “Freedom of Speech, the judge is too old, they should not have jurisdiction over me because no one should”, verbal rampage. Frankly, I can't stop laughing at Cummins’ ignorance. 

Cummins stated, "I haven't seen the letter yet. I don't know if all the justices agreed."  
NOTE to Readers:  Ok, Scummy Cummy, here is your Supreme Court 101 lesson for today:  There are nine justices on the court. It only takes one justice to request a response from the respondent (you know, the other side, the winners).  The fact that the court did not request a response from legal giant Randy Turner or bat expert Amanda Lollar means that nine justices read your petition and not one of the nine cared enough about your rant to even be interested in how Turner and Lollar might respond to it.  They won hands down; no argument.  In other words, it was not even close.

And where is Cummins Freedom of Speech lawyer, Paul Levy of Public Citizen, who Cummins claims “completely supports” her?  And what about David Casselman who Cummins claims is the “foremost animal rights attorney” in the U.S.?  You remember Casselman, the nasty piece of work who spoke out against Amanda Lollar without even reviewing her stellar accomplishments or reading the trial transcript.  Amanda Lollar pioneered the rehabilitation of bats and Randy Turner has NEVER lost an animal rights case in over 33 years and his record stands all the way to the Supreme Court. 

Any intelligent person in Scum-dum Cummins position would throw themselves on the mercy of the court, Lollar and Turner and completely shut their mouth but what has Mary Cummins done?  The idiot is reposting all of the defamation so that Turner and Lollar can get the rest of her socked away fortune in a new lawsuit.  This is fun, isn’t it?

Cummins stated, noting the court did not grant her petition to the Supreme Court, “I bet it was because my case did not bring up a new legal question”….BZZZZT, wrong again. The Supreme Court denies petitions for review whenever the Appellate Court gets it right.  In other words, they agreed with the 76-page opinion written by Justice Dauphinot.  Sorry Scum-dum you are not the legal whiz you think you are. Cummins is truly the epitome of someone being a legend in their own mind.
Oh, by the way, you won’t be getting a “letter” Scum-dum.  That little one-line email you got from the court clerk is it.  That’s all you’re going to get according to my ‘good ole boy lawyer friends’ in Texas. The court does not even waste money on paper postcards to deny idiot malcontents who try to retry a case in their inadequate blathering petitions.  It was a done deal from the Appellate Court when they rendered a 76 page opinion that totally nailed all the calculated defamation that was committed, with malice, against Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar.  Let me see, what was it the Supreme Court clerk stated in the emails that were sent out…..DENIED

As much time as the moronic Mary Cummins spends on the internet you would think she would Google Texas Supreme Court and read about the process—how many justices it takes to request a response, how many it takes to request briefing on the merits, how many to grant the petition, and how many to win.  It is quite apparent not a single justice was curious how Randy Turner and Amanda Lollar might respond to the roach rant of Mary Cummins.

So how did we get to this point?  After Cummins LOST in the District Court and the Texas Court of Appeals, she then appealed to the Texas Supreme Court. The nit-wit actually began flirting with one of the Supreme Court justices on Twitter in an attempt to influence him.

What a MORON.  She flagrantly gushed to him how “extremely well-written and loving” his opinions are, “we need you to be a judge at least 50 more years.”  Since she is such an idiot I bet she thinks he voted in her favor!  LOL.  Cummins even included in her tweets to the justice a twenty plus year-old photograph of her to make him think that is how she looks today (when we all know differently).

The sad aging process of Mary Cummins
Because the repulsive Ms. Cummins used every delay tactic in the books, she now owes Amanda Lollar $6.9 MILLION DOLLARS.  Like I always say, “Ya just gotta love $25,000 per month interest, y’all.  It keeps a girl in cotton.”

If you want to read more about Scum-dum Cummins fawning over the Supreme Court justices, and I highly recommend that you do, go directly to Randy Turner’s page.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200 because the faster you get there the sooner you will be laughing until your sides hurt.  Another fab site, ahem, I highly recommend is mine wherein I expose the ridiculous Ms. Cummins as the apparent Queen of Communicable Disease (by her own editing she just hands us that inside look into her medical records). 

Well, followers of the very, very dark, dank world of Mary Cummins this is marvelous news for everyone who has ever heard of Mary Katherine Cobb, oh I mean Mary Cummins (wink-wink), because to know her is to loathe her.  



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