Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mary Cummins numerous and repeated wildlife rehab permit VIOLATIONS

Proof of Mary Cummins alleged animal cruelty, animal neglect and violations of the California Department of Wildlife.


How many animals that end up with Mary Cummins end up with "no eyeballs"? Is Mary Cummins removing the eyes of skunks and squirrels in order to make them "non-releasable" and keep them captive? 

mary cummins captive animals with no eyeballs
Mary Cummins captive animals with no eyeballs. Click to enlarge.

Mary Cummins places captive wildlife inside her bra and takes inappropriate photos to share online.

mary cummins possum in bra
Mary Cummins puts possum between fake breasts. Click to enlarge.

Mary Cummins helps Mary Ellen Shoeman hide a raccoon from the California Department of Wildlife after she allowed it to lick her lips and mouth.

Mary Cummins hides raccoon from CADFG
Mary Cummins, indignity to wildlife, permit violations


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