Friday, April 10, 2015


On April 9, 2015, nearly 3 years after the Honorable Judge William Brigham rendered a decision in favor of Lollar against Mary Cummins for her vicious libelous attack on Lollar the Texas Appellate Court upheld the ruling of the Supreme Court that when a defendant (Cummins) commits acts of actual malice and publishes statements “with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not”, the plaintiff (Lollar) is entitled to both actual and punitive damages.  The Texas Supreme Court recognized that “in a defamation suit between private parties, recovery of presumed and punitive damages does not violate the First Amendment,” but in even such cases, Texas requires the plaintiff to prove at least negligence.  This is an important fact because Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins thought she would skate by on an easy defense claiming First Amendment Freedom of Speech privilege.  The IDIOT Cummins even thought that by having the even more ridiculous attorney, David Casselman of the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary and Elephants in Crisis, write an amicus letter for her would make a difference.  Shame, shame, shame on Casselman for supporting the truly EVIL behavior of Mary Cummins against the fine work of Amanda Lollar, two-time Indianapolis Prize nominee.

Mary Cummins now doomed for life
Cyber-stalker and alleged pedophilia obsessed Mary Cummins filed a frivolous appeal but the Court of Appeals upheld the $6 million defamation judgment. In a 76-page opinion blasting Cummins the appellate court found that "Lollar showed by clear and convincing evidence that Cummins acted with malice" when she lied about Amanda Lollar. And Cummins "engaged in a persistent calculated attack on Lollar with the intention to ruin both Lollar's life and her standing in the animal rehabilitation community."

Mary Cummins will be held in contempt of court in the very near future for her continuing defamation.  Work will begin on seizing additional bank accounts, inheritance assets and trust funds from the nasty Mary Cummins.  Apparently, Lollar has already seized some of Cummins assets so you think the most hated woman on the Internet, Mary Cummins, who has proclaimed that thousands of people hate her and have sent her death threats, would throw herself on Lollar’s mercy?  No, not the RIDICULOUS Mary Cummins because she is too stupid to rationalize actions have consequence. Instead she went on a crazed rampage and re-posted all of the defamation she was ordered to take down thinking that she is now protected by the law concerning ‘prior restraint’, meaning you cannot order someone not to do something before they do it, BUT, she never stopped to consider that once she has done it she can be taken down so far that she will never get up. 

What is worse than the truly egregious actions of the crass Cummins?  The people who supported Cummins in her attack on the selfless Amanda Lollar and they did not take the time to review any of the court documentation or they would have withdrawn their support – David Casselman (attorney), Jennifer Conrad (veterinarian), Kenneth Jones (veterinarian), Maryellen Shoeman (flunky), Walter Moore (attorney).

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of the skanky, animal abusing, mean-spirited, boil on the ass of society Mary Cummins (aka the roach) I think this is a good day for all the fine people and animals of the world because Mary Cummins is now trapped in that sewer of hers never to get out.  STOMP!

P.S.  Feel free to do the Stomp the Roach dance; it will make you feel good.


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