Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More on Mary Cummins' Web of Deceit

Well well well, this is one for the books!  Renowned IDIOT, Mary Cummins, is offering to teach real estate classes!  Say what?  This is the same person who does not know what a mechanics lien is.  The very same individual who posted her ‘training certificates’ on line that she obtained to renew her defunct appraiser’s license (that was seriously delinquent) and look what the certificate states:

“Mary Cummins has successfully attended 90% of the course work” via her home computer.  Translation:  She turned on her computer and left it on while the video played and then submitted her attendance for the course.  I mean what happened to her plaintiff cries of, “I cannot sit for more than 2 minutes at a time because of my (alleged) back injury”?  I guess old Mary Cummins cannot keep her stories straight that she posts on line.  Oh, BTW, have y’all noticed how she has turned her, “Ow, I bumped my head because I am a clod” claim into a back injury?  Hysterical.  Just for grins let’s look at the schedule she kept for these ‘real estate courses’ to renew her seriously overdue license:

September 2, 2014:       7 hours attendance
September 3, 2014:      14 hours attendance!
September 4, 2014:        4 hours attendance

Tsk, tsk, Mary Cummins is caught in her web of deceit once again.  At this point it has become boring catching Mary Cummins in her lies.  If her mouth is open or her fingers are typing she is lying.

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