Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mary Cummins, NOT a legitimate appraiser/realtor?


In one of her countless blogs attacking world renowned bat rehabilitator, Amanda Lollar,  Mary Cummins wrote: “Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary just got a mechanics lien thrown on Bat World Sanctuary property for not paying $245,000 in construction costs to Santibanez Construction.”

This is hysterical because it conclusively shows that Cummins does not know what a mechanic’s lien is or how it works.  A mechanic’s lien is a security interest in the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve the property. It secures payment to a contractor who builds on the property.  All contractors file mechanic’s liens to secure payment on construction projects. Once construction is completed the financing bank pays the contractor and takes over the lien (loan).  This, of course, is what happened at Bat World when it built the new sanctuary.  The contractor filed the standard mechanic’s lien and was paid in full by the bank when the project was complete.  The lien is now held by the bank.  This is standard business practice yet it appears by Mary Cummins own post that she is totally unaware of how real estate loans work!  Shazam, that’s SCARY for anyone considering doing business with her.

Mary Cummins, supposed real estate appraiser, does not know what a Mechanic's Lien is.

How could a licensed realtor or appraiser possibly not understand what a mechanics’ lien is? Anyone who has ever hired a contractor to do any remodeling knows what a mechanic’s lien is. Mary Cummins’ claim that she is a “licensed realtor and appraiser” is difficult to swallow given her ignorance of something this basic.  You have to wonder if Cummins even knows what a “mortgage” is?  Or “escrow?”  What about “title policy?”  If Mary Cummins really has a piece of paper called a “real estate” or “appraiser” “license” it needs to be analyzed by a forensic documents examiner as a possible forgery and cross-checked against records of the California licensing agency.  Dollar to donuts it’s a fake.

No wonder Cummins is “unemployed and does not own a business or company.”  Who would want to run the risk of hiring a realtor or appraiser who doesn’t even know what a mechanic’s lien is?  Think of the potential liability exposure for a property owner and the embarrassment. 

Mary Cummins also stated, “There is no way those two prefab outdoor buildings cost $245K to build” and she has the audacity to call herself a real estate appraiser?  First of all it is one, custom building that is 7,200 sq ft and it is not a “prefab outdoor building” but rather by all pictures and legal descriptions it is a fortified indoor sanctuary.  

The mind boggles considering how many people Mary Cummins has duped into thinking she was “qualified” to do anything concerning real estate especially since she does not even recognize the difference between residential, commercial or agricultural property!  Wait until Mary Cummins finds out (as did I) that the hill on which Bat World sits has been renamed ‘Mount Bat World’. 

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins I guess it has been confirmed by Mary herself that she spends more time with her fascination of pedophilia  and scratches out more references to communicable diseases and mental illness before submitting her court ordered responses, as well as dodging charges of animal abuse by the CADFW, than she does on her knowledge of real estate.  Tsk-tsk.


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