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Mary Cummins REFUSES to help dying baby animals!

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Mary Cummins REFUSES to help dying baby animals! 

She openly tells the people seeking her help, “F*** Y**! 

Mary Cummins:  "I rescue wildlife which are attracted to outdoor colonies [of feral cats]. I have to go to these colonies time and again. One in Marina del Rey refused to stop leaving food out. Raccoons, skunks, opossums came to eat the food. They multiplied. Manager of huge apartment complex paid a guy to trap and kill the animals. They trap, killed all the moms leaving the babies for me to rescue. Soooo many!  I pleaded with the colony guardian begging her to leave food out for 20 minutes while she watched then pick it up. Nope. After two years of picking up at least 100 wildlife babies I finally said "fuck you! You go rescue all the crying, dying babies. I'm done! They let the wildlife babies die just so they could continue to dump dry food everywhere."

mary cummins, mnary cummins animal advocates, mary k cummins

The uncaring, animal abusing Mary Cummins stated that the people who called her for help with orphaned babies are the ones who let them die!  SHE is the one who let them die; Mary Cummins claims she is a trained small mammal rehabilitator yet she REFUSED to respond to the crying, dying babies.  What kind of monster does something like this?  We are only talking about 100 orphans in a 2 year period.   That is a very small number of animals to treat for any decent rehabilitator.  Mary Cummins has repeatedly stated that she rescues approximately 1,000 animals a year so why would she voluntarily choose to ignore 50 babies in a single year?  She has stated she has over 14 volunteers; where were they and why did they not help the suffering animals?  Did Mary Cummins forbid anyone licensed with her to give aide to wildlife infants or has Mary Cummins once again LIED about the number of animals and people associated with her not-so-non-profit Animal Advocates?  There is no viable explanation that would excuse the blatant disregard of these orphans. 

Helpless orphans were left to die a slow, agonizing death while they were being eaten by insects as they gasped for air.  Their tiny heads pounded from the pain of dehydration but their plaintiff cries were ignored by Mary Cummins.  Mary Cummins had the option to notify CADFW to retrieve the animals and have the animals humanely euthanized to end their suffering but she did NOT do that.

mary cummins, mary cummins animal advocates, mary k cummins
Mary Cummins, Animal Adcovates, Animal Abuse
On November 11, 2014, Mary Cummins was begging for funds to buy incubators for wildlife.  Why would she do this when she leaves babies to die?  You will notice that she did not direct people to a site to fund the purchase of the incubator directly but rather she wants the donations sent to her.  Is this so she can once again commit donor fraud like when she begged for funds to buy a wheelchair for herself when it was NOT doctor ordered and she does not need one;  Or when she solicited funds to buy HERSELF a car for personal and professional use?    What did Mary Cummins do with the $26,643 she took in last year?  According to her 990 she had in excess of $3,000 to spend. 

Mary Cummins:  “We're raising money to buy some of these professional incubators. We've been using tupperware containers with heating pads underneath for over 30 years. They new heating pads turn off. The older ones would sometimes melt the underside of the container or shelving underneath. It's time to get something better. The mechanical base model is $375 but we need the bigger size which is $525.

Mary Cummins clearly stated that for 30 years she put helpless orphans  in plastic containers that would melt!!  The CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, like any wildlife agency, needs public support to permanently ban Mary Cummins from torturing wildlife, particularly the most helpless of all wildlife, the babies. 

Now is the time for all those concerned for the welfare of wildlife to speak up.  Write the CA Dept of Wildlife supporting an effort to forever remove Mary Cummins from having access to wildlife.  Mary Cummins is under the care of a psychologist for what she deems are “my problems.”  What is Mary Cummins doing that qualifies as her “problems”?  Abandoning animals in need?  Experimenting?  Torturing?  Encouraging people to capture them and sell them?    

NOTE:  The quotes in this post made by Mary Cummins are direct quotes, hence the grammatical errors and spelling were not corrected but left as she originally posted.



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