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Mary Cummins, Communicable Diseases, Mental Illness

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Real Estate Appraiser, Communicable diseases, Mental Illness 

I understand that this information authorized for release may include information concerning communicable diseases such as hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, drugs, HIV, AIDS, mental illness (except for psychotherapy notes), chemical or alcohol dependency, laboratory test results, medical history, treatment, or any other such related information.” 

The above excerpt has been captured from a medical release form Mary Cummins was to sign for the alleged injuries she claims to have sustained when she was at the famous Bat World Sanctuary in June of 2010.  It is a standard release form everyone signs when they are suing someone for a ‘personal injury’. 

Remember Mary Cummins alleged slip and fall and her ridiculous, “Ow, I bumped my head and there’s guano in my mouth” claim?   But there is a turn of events.  Mary Cummins REFUSES to sign the form as printed. 

Here is what Mary Cummins has done to the form.  Every reference to communicable diseases, venereal disease, gynecological records was crossed out by Mary Cummins!  Why?  Why would anyone who is legitimately injured REFUSE to sign a medical release for their records and ONLY scratch out the references to syphilis, gonorrhea, drugs, HIV, AIDS, mental illness and drugs or alcohol dependency?  Uh-huh, I know what you are thinking because I am thinking it as well.  If you have never had syphilis, gonorrhea, drug dependencies or mental illness you have nothing to hide; nothing at all, you sign it.  It all becomes increasingly clear why Mary Cummins recently announced to the courts, “My vagina is uninjured.”  Her vagina may be uninjured but hardly clean according to her apparent latest attempt to conceal communicable diseases and mental illness. 

mary cummins, mary cuummins-cobb, mary k cummins
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Boy, this is a whole new can of worms.  We already know Mary Cummins is under the care of a psychologist  but what other mental health professional (who hopefully is prescribing medication) is she seeing?  We know Mary Cummins has lived a loose and free lifestyle ever since she confirmed in a courtroom hearing, “My trips were paid for by all different men.

After we all regain our composure from seeing what Mary Cummins does not want revealed about her sexual organs and exchange of bodily fluids,  we do have the opportunity (yet again) to have a good laugh.  Did you read where she stated, “I was forced to sign this”?  Who the hell would EVER hire this woman to do anything associated with their family, animals or their real estate?  She is a functioning moron.  Are the courts putting guns to individual’s heads to sign documents?  Mary Cummins is too stupid to be using up oxygen that could be put to better use.  In what universe does someone bring a lawsuit against someone else for a supposed ‘personal injury’ and then not produce all their medical records to prove their claim????  Anyone I know who has ever been truly injured jumps to sign the release so they can prove their injuries.  How can Mary Cummins always be so comfortable stating, “I was forced” or “I was ordered to….”?  Did no one ever tell her those are the excuses of a spoiled child not an adult?  It just proves even more how stupid she is and if she is that stupid who in their right mind would hire her to do an appraisal of their property?  Mary Cummins clearly has too much time on her hands begging for donations through her not-so-non-profit Animal Advocates so she can pay her OWN wine, grocery and auto bills.  She needs to put on her big girl pants and act accordingly.

Mary cummins, mary k cummins, mary cummins cobb

Well, in closing, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins we can rest assured that Mary Cummins has certainly earned her “Junior Mensa” status………she is a mentally non-existent entity, a legend in her own mind just like “Junior Mensa” which never existed at all – ever.   Imagine your claim to fame being something that never was.  LOL.



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