Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mary Cummins, infamous IDIOT and renowned loser

Well, well, well slap my knee and cough up a lung from laughter….the infamous IDIOT and renowned loser, Mary Cummins, has outdone herself!  Let me just regain my composure for a minute while I share with you the joy of laughter AT the unabashed stupidity of Mary Cummins aka Mary Cummins-Cobb aka Mary Cobb aka Maria Rivera aka Animal Advocates, aka Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, etc., etc., etc.

Mary Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary K Cummins

The absolute dumbest woman on the Internet, Mary Cummins, has now stated that famed bat expert, Amanda Lollar,   and super attorney, Randy Turner, are so devious that they had Dumb-dumb-scummy Cummy’s malicious blogs removed by threatening to sue Google!!!  OMG, OMG, OMG can you contain your laughter?  All I can say is that El Rodeo Elementary and Beverly Hills High School (both of which Mary Cummins claims are her institutions of learning), must have a very low threshold of achievement to pass Mary Cummins with her apparently sub-standard IQ.   Who out there believes Google would remove anything at any time because someone threatened to sue them?   LOL.  Mary Cummins TRIED.  Yes, she did.  She tried to get a restraining order against the CEO of Google because Mary Cummins is nutz!  I do believe the good folks at Google are on top of things and they recognize a scum-dum, has been, low life, troublemaking piece of trash like Mary Cummins for what she is – nothing more than a roach with an axe to grind against the people to whom she owes over $7 MILLION DOLLARS!  (Don’t you just love the interest that has been tagged on to that $6.1 million dollar judgment Amanda Lollar and Randy Turner secured against Dummy Cummy in June of 2012?)    Google never removes anything unless they have proof or court documents indicating whatever is there, should not be there.  I am just surprised they have not banned Mary Cummins all together since I am sure they receive somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 complaints a day about Cummins.

On another note, Scummy is back to stalking the good Dr. Gary Michelson in a legal case in which he is involved.  I hope Dr. Michelson is careful because Mary Cummins is the woman who threatened gun violence against the ‘bat people’ and the Mineral Wells police issued a Terroristic Threat police report against Mary Cummins.   What has she got to lose any more?  That makes her a very dangerous person indeed

Mary Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary K Cummins

Any looks she once had are gone.  She claims she is indigent despite the fact she still maintains herself in her $2,700 a month “rented shack” on the outskirts of Bel Aire.  Her family will have nothing to do with her.  Her former boyfriends are very open about sharing information about her (that is truly eye popping).  She is for all intents and purposes castrated.  Consequently, her focus on Dr. Michelson and his family is of great concern.   In the first 10 months of this year Scummy Cummy has posted over 165 nasty, lying blogs about Dr. Michelson, his lovely wife, his son, his businesses, business acquaintances, his pets, his charities, etc.  Let’s face it those of sound mind do not do this.  For crying out loud Dr. Michelson is a saint.  He holds over 900 patents that revolutionized spinal surgery.  He established an animal organization, Found Animals Foundation,  he has donated millions of dollars to deserving causes and the list goes on and on.  Yet this is the man on whom Mary Cummins has set her aim.  Mary Cummins is literally obsessed with Dr. Michelson.   Approximately 8 years ago Mary Cummins worked for Dr. Michelson in his Found Animals Foundation but he fired her sorry, low slung ass after a mere 2 months for “poor performance”.  And therein lies the reason for Scummy Cummy’s antagonistic , stalking of Dr. Michelson.  He recognized how flawed she is and he fired her.  This is the same man whom she once stated was a handsome, kind, generous, animal loving human being but now she trashes him six ways to Sunday.  Talk about a roach scorned.  Mary Cummins thought she had a chance with Dr. Michelson (according to an inside source) and was madder than a wet hen when he not only rebuffed her but FIRED her.  Dr. Michelson never gave her a second thought except to notice that she was incompetent at her job so he rectified the situation.  As usual Mary Cummins will state it is she who is the victim which is typical sociopathic behavior; a classic demonstration of her psychosis.  That psychologist of hers needs to get her institutionalized quickly before she starts making headlines.  Frankly, it is quite apparent by now that Mary Cummins lied about seeing a psychologist because surely she would be in the hands of a psychiatrist now and locked up.  Any psychologist worth his or her salt would not allow this woman to roam the streets. 

Mary Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary K Cummins

Ah, that reminds me, Mary Cummins, the Queen of Skanks is back to roaming the lower parts of LA to find “Diane”.  Who is Diane you say?  She is apparently either an aberration of Mary Cummins mind or a homeless woman with 2 dogs (probably for protection and company) whose life Scummins has ruined further.  Animal organizations, at the behest of Mary Cummins, went to where Cummins stated Diane lived to seize the woman’s dogs that were being well fed and kept on leashes.  Apparently Mary Cummins not only victimizes animals and the fine people who care for them, along with viciously attacking amazing individuals like Dr. Gary Michelson and his family, but she has sunk even lower to go after the homeless.  We already know Mary Cummins has posted all over the internet the picture of her with a cardboard box that reads, “Too ugly to prostitute”.  Do you think she wants the box Diane is living in on the streets of LA?

Mary Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary K Cummins

   I think it is obvious by now that Mary Cummins’ entire life game plan is to attack people, sue them and then try to settle out of court.  The problem is, as with all of Scummins plans, she never counted on people fighting back because she had always attacked those who could not fight back or beat her uhntil she tangled with Bat World.   Take a moment to look at her picture.  Don’t you think her evil nature is just oozing out of her pores?  

Mary Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Mary K Cummins

Scary, isn’t it?  Look at Mary Cummins’ twisted features, the crazed eyes, the disgruntled turn of her mouth and her all around disheveled look.  Man that is one wicked looking individual.  Sort of like the wicked witch of the west!  No wonder many have compared her to David Koresh.   No wonder her very affluent family wants nothing to do with her.   Mary Cummins’ mother is a wonderful woman.  She is a pillar of Santa Barbara society and loving wife to Clifford Sponsel.  Can you just imagine how horrible Scummy Cummy was as a child?  She has a sister who their mother adores and then there is Mary

Well, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, stay tuned for more (as there always is more).  I am anxiously following the personal injury lawsuit she brought against Bat World Sanctuary, Amanda Lollar and her Board of Directors.  I will keep you informed as the legal docs are posted.  They are a riot.  And the best part about them is the fact that Scummy Cummy actually thinks the documents she writes are good!  She accomplishes absolutely nothing with them.  She makes accusations but provides no proof.  She claims she has “tons of proof” and gives nothing.  She tells the courts the dates that she will submit documents because the dates they have imposed on her are “not convenient” for her.  Geez, what a moron.  She even went so far as to tell the judge that he is unsuitable.  How many times has she said that about judges in the past 4 years?  Every single time another one (7 now I think) tells her she is wrong and she now has the privilege of paying Amanda Lollar’s attorney fees!

Oh, I nearly forgot, if you get a chance, visit this site, ‘Scary Scummings, Parody of a Cyberstalker’.  It is good fun.



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