Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mary Cummins, Cyber stalker, Accusations v Actions

Well, well, well, it seems very odd that Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals is constantly stalking and taunting the famed bat expert, Amanda Lollar, all while claiming that she needs a restraining order against Ms. Lollar because she is afraid of her.  Huh?  That would mean that Mary Cummins is totally psychotic.  Who in their right mind would taunt someone that they are trying to get a restraining order against????  Oh yes, I forgot, the IDIOT Mary Cummins baffles even the most elite of minds with her ridiculous accusations vs. actions.   Additionally, isn’t it Amanda Lollar who has a terroristic threat police report against Mary Cummins for Cummins threatening gun violence against the amazing Ms. Lollar? 

A psychiatrist, who also follows the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins’ mind, recently divulged to me that Mary Cummins is incapable of rational thought but not because she is insane but because she is consumed with her own sense of self importance and her maniacal obsession with Amanda Lollar.  Basically, Amanda Lollar has achieved everything that Mary Cummins has not. 

Amanda Lollar
Mary Cummins
Lollar is a success
Cummins is a failure
Cummins is likely the most hated woman on the Internet
Lollar is a 2-time Indianapolis Prize Nominee (the Academy Award of the animal community)
Cummins bought a LA Latino Business Award
Lollar has pro bono representation by multiple lawyers
Cummins paid lawyer DUMPED her for lying & testified for the other side, i.e., Lollar     
Lollar wrote the definitive book on the rehabilitation and captive care treatment of insectivorous bats
Cummins put her name on a tiny squirrel manual online that was a compilation of other people’s notations
Lollar built a 7,400 sq ft facility from donations alone for her non-profit, Bat World Sanctuary
Cummins operates her non-profit, Animal Advocates, an organization that was suspended in the state of CA for over 10 YEARS, from her 700 sq ft rented “shack” 
Lollar has trained over 400 veterinarians, zoologists, biologists from every bat inhabited continent in the world including China, Australia, Africa, etc.
Cummins claims to have trained small mammal volunteers but NO one has identified themselves as being trained by her!
Lollar has a Board of highly trained, academically sound members comprised of  bat biologists, veterinarians, business managers, project managers, accountants and those with medical and pharmaceutical backgrounds
Cummins has Mary Ellen Shoeman, a dog walker, and someone named Steve Hirsch who is allegedly in the porn industry
Lollar is the recipient of the Doris Day Kindred Spirit Award
Zilch, notta.
Lollar received $25,000 in the Chase Community Giving Award along with $10,000 in donations
Cummins did NOT even make the top 200!
Lollar has been happily married for over 10 years to an Engineer with 3 degrees
Cummins, who is pushing 50 years old, is still a ‘bride wannbe’ who has NEVER been married
Lollar has a loving family
Cummins claims her family is dead yet she has a very much alive mother, father and sister
Lollar was named as the sole heir to her family’s farm
Cummins has apparently been disowned by her family and, according to court documents, if she contacts them there is a $50K fine involved – Whoa!
Lollar is thriving and is still being sought out as the world’s leading authority on the captive care and rehabilitation of bats
Cummins is INDIGENT by her own admission despite the fact her mother is philanthropist, millionaires, socialite Juliette Sponsel and Cummins’ sister is an actress with over $13M in property alone.  

The stable of mind would say, “Damn, this is an uphill battle trying to victimize Amanda Lollar and her associates.  I need to shut my mouth if I know what is good for me”, and then there is Mary Cummins, the renowned IDIOT  who probably puzzles, “I am pro se, I always win, maybe if I say I need a wheel chair everyone will feel sorry for me.”  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, NO, none of us feel sorry for a woman who has been so consumed with hate all of her life that she chose the path of self destruction by attacking the good, the innocent, the under dogs of the world thinking it would get her everything she wanted because she would stalk, taunt and sue them in hopes they would settle with her out of court and she would never have to work for a single penny.  No wonder her mother, sister and father apparently dumped her because there is nothing to be proud of there, no one on whom you would want to shower your love because she only brings destruction.  Remember it is Mary Cummins who stated, “My vacations were paid for…..by all different men”, and that dear friends and followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins is an actual quote from court documents.  What a nasty, scummy piece of work she is.   No matter because good ALWAYS triumphs over evil and in the meantime we all get to laugh at her!  And that seems fair.



And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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