Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mary Cummins Chewing Off Her Own Leg

Well, well, well it appears the ever ridiculous Mary Cummins is caught in a trap and she is trying to chew off her own leg (if only)!  Scummy Cummy just does not know when to stop, shut up or go away but now she has brought the fight down on top of herself and she is squirming under the pressure of the boot of justice crushing her.

Here is a court order from a federal judge for Mary Cummins to produce all records to Randy Turner, attorney for Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. 

Scum-dum Cummins filed a personal injury lawsuit against Lollar and Bat World and thinks she can pick and choose what information she will provide.  Ugh, Cummins is so mentally deficient.  In what universe do you sue for a ‘personal injury’ and not have to prove your claim?

U.S. District Court
Northern District of Texas (Fort Worth)
CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 4:12-cv-00560-Y

ORDER PARTIALLY GRANTING 110 Motion to Compel...in that Plaintiff (Mary Cummins) shall, no later than September 16, 2014, provide "under oath" as required by Rule 33(b)(3) complete answers to First Set of Interrogatories Nos. 2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 15a, and 21 and produce the documents requested in First Request for Production Nos. 6- 10, 12, 18, 19, and 21. It is further ORDERED that Plaintiff has waived her claims for damages for lost wages. It is further ORDERED that Plaintiff shall, no later than September 16, 2014, resubmit her original responses "under oath" to Defendant's First Set of Interrogatories to all other Interrogatory Numbers not set forth the above paragraph. (Ordered by Magistrate Judge Jeffrey L Cureton on 8/26/2014) (mem) (Entered: 08/26/2014)

I must admit although I genuinely am concerned for the good people that have become the victims of Mary Cummins, after a long hard day I am utterly amused by Mary Cummins emotional pain.  It has a way of lifting ones spirit, reveling in the fact that Mary Cummins, a true boil on the rump of society, is getting her come uppins’.  Regarding the aforementioned lawsuit, here are some of the details about how the renowned idiot,  living her pathetic failed life, brought a personal injury lawsuit against Bat World, Amanda Lollar and the Board of Directors, oh and lest we not forget her favorite additions to all her lawsuits – John Does 1-10.  NOTE:  In one lawsuit Scummy Cummy tried to say Amanda Lollar was John Does 1 and 2!!  We all know she did this thinking (in her usual low IQ way) that the famed founder of the sanctuary, Amanda Lollar, would settle out of court.  Are you kidding me?  Have you read any of Amanda Lollar’s books, seen the awards, accolades and recognition she has received?  What about the elite individuals she has trained – zoologists, veterinarians, biologists, conservation scientists- did Scummy Cummy not do her homework at all?  AND how is she going to ever get the better of  a fabulous individual like Amanda Lollar when Scummins herself has stated that Lollar is 3 people – herself plus John Does 1 and 2!!!  Seriously, does anyone think Amanda Lollar would buckle to the likes of a scummy, low life, mentally deficient, has been, bride-wannabe like Mary Cummins, the Queen of Skanks?  That is ridiculous beyond measure but let me get to the good part about Scummin Cummins chewing on her own leg……the absurdity of what I am about to tell you will blow your mind.  Stay with me fellow followers.  Mary Cummins, the plaintiff in the personal injury farce actually thinks she is going to get Amanda Lollar’s medical records!! 

Remember it is Dummin Cummins who claims she was injured because she is a bulbous clod who’s body could not fit through what looks like a 8 ft high by 4 ft wide exit so she allegedly fell backwards (about 12 inches), allegedly saw some odd color spots in front of her eyes, allegedly sustained a concussion, allegedly (no this may be true given her propensity for doing the unthinkable) had guano and urine raining down in her mouth (gulp-gulp), allegedly bulged a disc in her back and developed warts I think, BUT she is the one who refuses to produce her medical records and she wants Amanda Lollar’s medical records!  Say what?  I KNOW.  Mary Cummins is truly the single dumbest person I have ever come across.  I use to think she was nastier than anyone alive but now I think she is more stupid than she is nasty.  Naw, it must be a draw.  

Can you believe what you just read?  According to the scum blog Cummins keeps online she does not want to produce all of her medical records.  Mary Cummins keeps stating that the defendants want her gynecological records.  Again, is it just me or if you were truly injured would you not want to prove how badly you were injured by turning over whatever medical records the defendants wanted?  Cummins seems to be focusing very heavily on her gynecological records despite the fact that is not what has been an issue with the defendants.  From what I have seen thus far Mary Cummins has not provided the most fundamental of medical records based on her alleged injuries as well as a defendant’s right to those records (as the court pointed out to her).  She claims they want everything from the time she was born.  Well, that seems logical to me.  What if she had a birth defect (stop it, I know what you are thinking)?  As for the gyno records I do NOT see any specific reference to them but one female judge stated, “Women tell their gynecologists everything; more than a specialist so there is a reason why gynecological records should be a part of complete medical records.”  Her poor mother must be so embarrassed that this ‘thing’, this moronic abortion, actually was birthed by her.  I mean, Mom is totally normal.  Her other daughter is not only normal but very likable and pretty and then there is Mary.  Ugh.

Wait, I am not done.  Here is what skanky Mary Cummins wrote:
Again Amanda Lollar and her attorney Randy Turner are demanding all of my medical records for everything since the moment I was born. This is very disgusting. They also were supposed to send me a notice of subpoena but did not. This is a violation of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 45 (a)(4). I am filing motion for sanctions.  I will be requesting Amanda Lollar's medical records. She should treat my records and any requests the same way she wants her records and requests treated.  If she does something nasty to me, I will be forced to do the same ten fold. I have never met a more revolting person in my life as Amanda Lollar.

Okay, now let’s analyze what we just read.

•    First she stated, “(they) are demanding all of my medical records for everything since the moment I was born.  This is very disgusting.” The idiot just said her medical records are disgusting (okay we will agree since we know she is disgusting).
•    “They also were supposed to send me a notice of subpoena but did not.” Poor Scummy Cummy did not receive a copy of the subpoena (so she says).  Maybe it is because she maintains a post office box some 30 miles from her house.  Oh, that’s right she is stalking Dr. Michelson this week in the LA courts so she is v-e-r-y close to her mailbox.  Hmmmmmmm, correct me if I am wrong here, but by default the idiot just admitted she has the subpoena.  BTW, does the post office not deliver mail on N. Beverly Glen?  I wonder, since Mary Cummins claims she is indigent and all, how is it that she can afford a post office box?  Why doesn’t she have her mail delivered to her house?  Oh sorry, Animal Advocates house (wink-wink).
•    “I am filing a motion for sanctions.”  LOL, how many times does that make that she has filed a motion for sanctions and we ALL know how that goes – DENIED!   Come on, she is dealing with a seasoned attorney, Randy Turner, and what is his specialty of law?  Uh-huh, that’s right, personal injury.  My God, Mary Cummins either is developing dementia or she really is that dim-witted to think she can out maneuver Randy Turner. 
•    “I will be requesting Amanda Lollar’s medical records.”  LOL, for what?  Not that any court would EVER give them to her, but why?  Why is Mary Cummins so obsessed with Amanda Lollar?  Well, the obvious of course, she is jealous of Lollar who has accomplished so much in her life and Mary Cummins has been rejected by her wealthy family; rejected by her proclaimed friend, Ady Gil (proclaimed by Cummins only);  she has been banished from numerous websites (her Wikipedia page was removed by Wikipedia, Great Non-Profits banned her for attacking Bat World Sanctuary, etc.) and well you know as well as I do the list truly is endless of those who have rejected Mary Cummins because she is just that terrible.  She is vicious and the world now knows it.
•    “If she does something nasty to me I will be forced to do the same ten fold.”  Will someone please tell the unintelligent Mary Cummins that ‘tenfold’ is one word not two.  So, let’s think on this a minute Mary Cummins is threatening Amanda Lollar, is she not?  Hmmmmmm, I wonder if Lollar is adding to the TERRORISTIC THREAT police report  that has been issued against Mary Cummins?  What nasty thing has Amanda Lollar ever done to Scummy Cummy?  Nothing.  That is one of the things that irks me the most about the skank, fatty-fatty-fatty-fatso Mary Cummins (using the words she herself posted on the Internet), the fact that it is Mary Cummins who has a $6.1 MILLION DOLLAR DEFAMATION judgment against her for defaming, stalking and making Amanda Lollar’s life less than pleasant yet Cummins claims it is Lollar who is being nasty.  Say what?  Ever the fool, Cummins still does not get it that when you have an attorney they are bound to defend their client against the likes of nasty pieces of trash like Mary Cummins.
•    “I have never met a more revolting person in my life than Amanda Lollar.”  OMG, OMG, OMG Cummins is such a dope.  She cannot even touch Amanda Lollar’s shoes she is so beneath Amanda Lollar.  I guess Scummins finds Lollar revolting because Lollar has made the world a better place and she has the admiration of tens of thousands of people whereas Cummins is, well, Scummy Cummy.  

Oooooh, this is all so amusing.  Watching Mary Cummins bring all this down on herself and now she is trying to backpedal and dig her way out of the muck of her life but she can’t.  Her only recourse, yep you guessed it, she has got to chew off that leg of hers if she wants to get free……what a pleasant thought for the rest of us.

See you soon, followers of the dark dank world of Mary Cummins.



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