Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Is Mary Cummins OBSESSED with Pedophilia?

Mary Cummins is posting pictures of young girls on the Internet and associating pedophilia with those pictures!  Good grief, just when you think the Queen of Skanks aka Queen of Trash cannot possibly sink any lower, the roach rushes to her sewer.

What is wrong with this man/woman known as Mary Cummins aka Mary Cobb (name of her birth certificate), Mary Cummins-Cobb?  I guess the IDIOT who scammers around in filth is now bored with her other obsessions of vomit, poop, her breasts and crotch so now she is focusing on young girls!  Ewwwwwww.  Mary Cummins does not need to be locked up in the U.S.; she needs to be contained on an island for criminals somewhere and they need to throw away the key. 

Mary Cummins failed life would continue to be amusing if it were not for her latest subject – pedophilia.  I mean, come on, involving children in her nastiness really is about as low as one person can go.  Let’s look at the progression of Mary Cummins’ slimy trail:

•    Involves herself on a biker blog as Maryqueenofscoots with the most disgusting exchange wherein she hopes for a “pearl necklace” if she is good.  Again, this is not Grandma’s pearls she is wanting but drops of semen deposited around her neck.  Some bikers are so appalled that they state they would not give her the pearl necklace she desires if she were on fire; indicating that she is too disease ridden to be that close to her.
•    Posts and references a picture of herself on the Internet with a substance all over her face that she identifies in court documents as being SEMEN, circa 2006/2007.  I mention the years because in a court hearing she tried to associate that picture with Bat World Sanctuary claiming that the “bat people” created it.  She was not involved with Bat World until June of 2010.
•    Tried to embezzle her Grandmother’s fortune.  She was sued by her mother and sister and had to return millions of dollars/property.  A $50,000 penalty was put into place in the agreement whereas if she contacts her mother or sister there will be that price to pay.
•    Sues her boss for sexual harassment because she was FIRED from a volunteer position.   This is also when she turned against one of her latest targets, famed billionaire philanthropist and all around good guy “putting his money where his mouth is” for animal causes, Dr. Gary Michelson, because Dr. Michelson also fired Mary Scummins for poor performance from her paying job. 
•    Posts all over the Internet that her mother is dead.  A little research proved her mother is very much alive as is a pillar of society.  (Poor woman must be appalled at Mary’s actions.) 
•    Attempts to ruin the reputation of famed bat expert, Amanda Lollar.  Mary Cummins is so obsessed with all of Lollar’s achievements that she posted a picture of Lollar on the Internet with the caption, “Not Experts". Imagine being so consumed with someone else’s talents that you feel the need to post a picture of them with a caption denouncing their expertise.  Wow, that is very sociopathic and probably why Mary Cummins is alone at night “cracking my molars” and “I have seen a psychologist for my problems”.  See the bottom of page 9 on this link for Nutso Fatso Mary Cummins’ remarks about seeing a psychologist.  
•    In the 4th lawsuit that was brought against her for defamation, she lost to Bat World Sanctuary and Amanda Lollar to the tune of over $6 MILLION DOLLARS
•    Mary Cummins posts instructions on Facebook on how to give a BJ alerting woman that they “need to roll their lips over their teeth”, etc.  Yes, this is the same woman who wants to come into your home with your children to do real estate appraisals.  The same woman who also makes death threats on the Internet. 
•    Thinking she will escape the $6 Mil judgment, she files that she is indigent despite the fact she lives at on the 800 block of N. Beverly Glen Blvd on the outskirts of Bel Aire.  She claims she rents the property for $2,000 per month.  The state of California is now interested in how she is over the poverty level yet living off of them.  More on this later.
•    Attacks judges, attorney’s (her own attorney dumped her for lying and testified for the other side!) ,philanthropists and posts on the Internet that her socialite mother (who apparently she resurrected from the dead) is a tax cheat and Cummins wants people to report her.  (Poor Mom who is not in the best of health).
•    Created specific blogs to continue her reign of terror against the innocent – Amanda Lollar, Randy Turner, Judge Brigham, Judge Goodson, Dr. Gary Michelson, etc. – and goes so far as to attack their wives, husbands, children and even the animals they fight so valiantly to protect
•    Constantly posts pictures of her breasts online and talks about her vagina (as if it is a new organ for her/him.)  She discusses her breast development and lists the ages for that supposed development.  NOTE:  Lest we not forget that her original pics from her early twenties shows she had no breasts but now she is posting humongous breasts. 
•    Mary Cummins tries to have thousands of bats exterminated out of revenge against the primary focus of her attacks, Amanda Lollar. 
•    Mary Cummins ventures into the world of pedophilia and with malice and forethought tries to associate decent people, including Randy Turner, with Cummins own obsession with pedophilia.  Why Randy Turner?  Because he took a $6.1 MILLIION DOLLAR judgment against her and he documents Mary Cummins’ malicious activities with proof of every action.  

There have been many comparisons drawn between Mary Cummins and David Koresh, but even Koresh did not dabble in pedophilia like Mary Cummins.  I think we are all in agreement that Mary Cummins needs to go to jail for her nasty, unspeakable obsessions.  She was already labeled an ANIMAL ABUSER  by her own department of fish and game, she has gone after other women’s husbands (even tried to marry one but he was still married to his real wife and did not want to go with Skank Queen Cummins), she has referred to homosexuals and lesbians with great disdain, she has a TERRORISTIC THREAT police report against her at the same time she blogs endlessly about how she does not have a criminal past, and her activities get even nastier from there.  Ugh, Mary Cummins, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Animal Advocates really is scum, hence the nickname of Scummy Cummy.  For a list of the known victims of Mary Cummins, see this link.  Who knows how many more innocent people Mary Cummins has victimized? 

I tell you one thing the best way to fight evil is for good people to do something. Do you want to know what to do about the likes of Mary Cummins?  Cross post this information about her.  Get the word out so innocent people will not be exposed to the plague known as Mary Cummins



And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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