Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who is Mary Cummins?

Well, well well, Mary Cummins proclaims she is a real estate appraiser who has a net worth of less than zero.  Now there is someone you want to hire to appraise your property; a person who does not have any property! 

Mary Cummins claims to be a freedom fighter for free speech but she balks and threatens to sue anyone who even posts the truth about her.  Maybe that is because the truth about Mary Cummins – alleged extortionist, embezzler, donor fraud, insurance fraud, cyber-stalker – is far worse than any fiction on Lifetime Movie Network. 

Mary Cummins has stated she is a wildlife rehabilitator but she has been reprimanded by her own CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife for abusing a squirrel with no eyeballs, amongst other offenses.   Mary Cummins has even been refused her California wildlife exhibitor’s permit.  For over 5 years her USDA license was CANCELLED

Mary Cummins claims her mother is dead but then she posts her mother is socialite Juliette Sponsel and asks people to report her philanthropist, aging mother to the IRS! 

Mary Cummins goes on and on about her ‘real estate awards’ but when one investigates you find a person has to buy these awards. 

Mary Cummins has been sued 4 times for defamation but claims she won those suits.  However, court documents reveal that 1 of them was mutually settled out of court to the satisfaction of the person who brought the suit against her, Jason Simas, her neighbor whom she terrorized and who she claims tried to kill her with a machete.  Hmmmm, how many folks do you know had someone stab a machete through a hedge at them with the intent of doing bodily harm but you do not press charges?  Two other times she was sued.   Sadly the Internet was in its infancy and the people simply lacked jurisdiction over her because she resides in a different state.   That is not winning.  Winning is when you PROVE you did not do that of which you are being accused.  The 4th time Mary thought she could run the scam of “lack of jurisdiction” again but this time it failed with savvy people involved and they took a $6.1 MILLION dollar judgment against her that is now accruing interest at the rate of $50,000 per month! 

Mary Cummins is currently tormenting a disabled man in a nursing home and trying to have his 2 beloved therapy cats KILLED.    It does not get much lower than this.  Mary Cummins is a California woman who is inserting herself into an issue in a Texas nursing home.  By her own admission she lives in a “700 sq ft rented shack”, her family will have nothing to do with her, she tried to embezzle her dying grandmother’s fortune, she constantly and repeatedly goes after animal groups that have the highest ratings and the people who care for these deserving animals (supposedly because she will never realize their level of acclaim), Cummins terrorized a dying war veteran in nursing care and is currently tormenting a kind, gentle man who weighs less than 80 pounds and resides in a nursing home.   Mary Cummins failed life just does not leave any room for her to have one shred of decency.  But hey, aside from her attacks on disabled individuals and innocent animals who she has tried to have killed, because that is NOT cool, her entire existence is LAUGHABLE

It is hard to keep up with everything Scummy Cummy Mary Katherine Cobb (oops I used her real name) Cummins does so I have categorized things for you.  Enjoy, followers of the dark, dank world of Scum-dum Mary Cummins and her semen ridden face. 


Mary Cummins Exposed

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