Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warty Pigger-Nosed Mary Cummins

BEWARE:  Mary Cummins is under the care of a mental health professional and her admissions are of great concern.

Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals is so mentally unbalanced that she is striking herself until she bruises while she sleepwalks.   “I think I may also eat rotten meat when I sleepwalk” announced the self-proclaimed Vegan, “I can’t sleep”,  “(I have) cracked four molars, “I now have high blood pressure”, and “I have gone to a psychologist because of these problems.”  Thank God the world knows about her menacing activities and she has, essentially, been neutered because of that knowledge

As if anyone would be surprised by any statement Mary Cummins makes about another on the Internet (since she has a propensity to attack the innocent and continue to attack the object of her affections, Randy Turner and Amanda Lollar because they took a $6.1 MILLION DOLLAR settlement against her for her defamation),   Mary Cummins, in her continued reign of terror against the blameless, is posting that “Doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers posted that Amanda Lollar is seriously deranged and should be in an institution.  This also shows that Amanda Lollar is extremely jealous of me….That I know.”  Obviously  Mary Cummins is projecting her own situation onto the renowned bat expert, Amanda Lollar, (who is perfectly sane and admired by the masses), but let’s just break down Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins post so we can poke at the dead thing a little bit.  After all it is all about laughing at the abysmal antics of the apparently troubled Mary Cummins so we can entertain ourselves. 

Do you think Mary Cummins is hearing those voices again?  LOL, undoubtedly, dear friends, undoubtedly she is. 

1)     Okay, who is it that is seeing doctors?  Ah, yes, that would be Mary Cummins (by her own admission in every court document imagainable). 

2)     Who is it that is seeing a psychologist (unless he has already dumped her crazy ass)?  Yes, right again, that would be Mary Cummins by her own admission in court documents. 

3)    Onto the next one, who is it that cannot get any lawyer to represent her and the one and only lawyer she paid to represent her DUMPED her because of her lies?  Oh yes, that would be Mary Cummins

So now that we have dissected Mary Cummins’ malignant statements about Amanda Lollar, what do we have left to say about Mary Cummins’ latest claims about herself, “I was called Fatty, Fatty, Fatty, Fatso”? And of course there's the other accusation, you remember, the she keeps repeating about herself (rhymes with 'warty pigger-nosed butt fugly specimen).

mary cummins aka mary k cummins aka mary cummins cobb
Warty, pigger-nosed butt fugly specimen Mary Cummins

At this point, though, you just have to wonder, who is this ‘bad seed’, the apparent puss-filled boil on the rump of society?  Well, I can muddy the waters for you a little bit more.  MARY CUMMINS, (her made up name as even Mary Cummins herself, who signs her name to official documents in this manner,  admits “That is not my real name”), Mary Cobb (name on her birth certificate), Mary Cummins-Cobb (name she chose for herself), Mary Rivera (name on some very interesting real estate documents associated with Cummins), Maryqueenofscoots, etc., etc., etc.  etc., etc., etc. etc., etc., etc. (because there are hundreds).

So yet again, what are we left with here?  WHERE IS THE PROOF OF Mary Cummins’ STATEMENTS???????  As always, we who monitor the malicious activities of Mary Cummins find proof of all of our statements and post them with our blogs but yet Mary Cummins with malice and forethought states the most horrific things about individuals but NEVER gives one shred of proof.  Mary Cummins is getting very sloppy though because she crossed the line from misdemeanor to felony charges when she accused Amanda Lollar of capital crimes and deliberately posted false statements about Ms. Lollar’s sexuality, medical conditions and legal violations. Oh yes, followers of the dark, dank world of Mary Cummins, she will NOT skate on those charges. 

Stay tuned and watch the fall of a skank

mary cummins aka mary k cummins aka mary cummins cobb



Mary Cummins Exposed

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