Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mary Cummins-Cockroach

Well, well, well I just saw a post where someone said Mary Cummins claims she speaks Spanish but she did not know the word for “grasshopper” and that is because her native tongue is Roach!  

mary cummins aka the roach
Mary Cummins-Cockroach

I have been taking a trip down courthouse lane and the “I beat a guy up in the Ralph’s parking lot and my knuckles are sore…” Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates has been a busy girl. 

Mary Cummins-Cockroach is trying to block a subpoena for her financial records in, let’s call it lawsuit #1.  The same subpoena that she has been trying to block for months.  I guess her arm chair lawyer friends have told her an Appeal would work.  Geez, these people need to go back to law school.  That’s a waste of time. 

Now in lawsuit #2, Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins, in her “Ow, I hit my head and I can’t get up but I can climb up on rooves” (I know it is not a word but it is the best Mary Cummins could do since apparently she never learned that the plural of roof is roofs).  Anyway, Scummy is trying to block the people she sued -and horribly lost- (Bat World) from getting her medical records. 

In the same lawsuit #2 there is a Motion to Compel in play which the judge granted to Bat World and Amanda Lollar.  It states that Plaintiff (Scummy Cummy Mary Cummins) shall, “no later than September 16, 2014, provide "under oath" as required by Rule 33(b)(3) complete answers to First Set of Interrogatories Nos. 2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 15a, and 21 and produce the documents requested in First Request for Production Nos. 6- 10, 12, 18, 19, and 21. It is further ORDERED that Plaintiff has waived her claims for damages for lost wages. It is further ORDERED that Plaintiff shall, no later than September 16, 2014, resubmit her original responses "under oath" to Defendant's First Set of Interrogatories to all other Interrogatory Numbers not set forth the above paragraph.”

Well, followers of the dank world of Mary Cummins and all other cockroaches, I checked the court records on September 16th and Scummy Cummy did NOT obey the court order to produce that which the Defendants are entitled to have. LOLOLOL!

You just have to wonder what exactly is in those medical records that would make Mary Cummins blow a lawsuit.   Hmmmmm, I wonder if there is mention of a previous injury, or I wonder if there is something about a venereal disease given that Mary Cummins stated in court testimony that “all different men” paid for her vacations or perhaps there is something about Mary Cummins being a biological male as others have stated and Mary Cummins herself referenced in court documents and on the Internet over and over and over again.  None of this is new because quite a few people, according to Mary Cummins, have called her a prostitute, a whore and worse.

Mind you, I do not have any personal knowledge of her having any communicable diseases but it is odd that she refuses to allow her medical records in a court proceeding for a personal injury claim she has made.  Maybe it is just a case of her elevating her IQ from 50 to 75 in realizing that she is Focked.  LOL.  This is fun.


Mary Cummins Exposed

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