Saturday, June 7, 2014

There is something very, very wrong with Mary Cummins

Well, well, well……look what we have here!  The INFAMOUS IDIOT Mary Cummins, has chosen to write yet another blog about a person of notable admiration.

It seems like Mary Scum-dum Cummins just could not help her pathetic self (is that too harsh since she is under psychiatric care?) and while the rest of us were celebrating the lives of the fallen soldiers counted amongst our own family and friends on Memorial Day, admiring those who still serve and having the all-American barbeques to be with those we love, Mary Cummins was in her hovel (aka “shack” as she refers to it) toiling away creating another one of her inane blogs.   So, you say, who on earth is she writing her derogatory nonsense about now?  Is it the legendary animal rights attorney, Randy Turner?  Is it billionaire philanthropist and all around good guy, Dr. Gary Michelson?  Is it some poor, struggling animal sanctuary?  Hmmmm, what about her own philanthropist socialite mother Juliette Sponsel?  No it is none other than the celebrated bat expert, Amanda Lollar, the person to whom Dum-dum Scummins Mary Cummins owes $6.1 PLUS MILLION Dollars for her “egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional defamation.”

As usual, get out your mallet for a quick game of WHACK-A-MmMary!

M o n d a y, M a y 2 6, 2 0 1 4

MARY CUMMINS: "Amanda Lollar posted deposition transcripts. I will now start posting deposition transcripts and videos."
NOTE:  Well this is Freudian!  Mary Cummins claims to detest Amanda Lollar yet she constantly tries to imitate her.  See below where Amanda Lollar posted the depositions videos herself nearly 2 years ago and now Mary Cummins ‘thinks’ she is bringing new information to the scene?  Amanda Lollar makes Mary Cummins look like the TOTAL fool she is in those deposition transcripts!  Is Mary Cummins OBSESSED with Amanda Lollar

MARY CUMMINS:"There is something very, very wrong with Amanda Lollar. I really think she dropped out of school because she was institutionalized. She does not socialize well with others. She's had an ihateeveryone page for 20 years. Everyone in her city truly hates her because of the stinky mess she made in town. Here in LA we have a chili sauce plant that people want to close because it smells. It doesn't smell 1/100th as bad as Bat World Sanctuary."
NOTE:  ROTFWL.  Oh my, oh my, oh my here is what is ‘wrong’ with Amanda Lollar – she is accomplished, knowledgeable, admired, emulated.  Scummy-Cummy Mary Cummins is such a fool.   WHACK!  Did she really say Amanda has had an “ihateeveryone” page for 20 years????  First, no one had an “I” anything page 20 years ago because the Internet was barely able to handle individuals making ‘teletype’ (in presentation) messages to one another.  Second to that, isn’t it Mary Cummins who is the Most Hated Woman on the Internet?  I do believe that is true.  She was kicked off of Great Non-Profits for spewing her nasty vile.  Wikipedia, the people’s encyclopedia, banned her and that is just the beginning of the list. The woman has been involved in over 30 lawsuits in her 50 years on the planet.  Geez, you have to laugh at how ridiculous she is especially because Cummins thinks she sounds ‘normal’.  LOL  WHACK!

MC:  "Amanda Lollar admitted that everyone in her city hates her.  Seriously?  LOL.  I do believe the City of Mineral Wells seeks out Amanda’s knowledge as the city renovations continue.  At least that is what is in their local newspaper.  Amanda Lollar has been on David Letterman.  The city nearly had a parade for her."   WHACK!

MC:  "Amanda Lollar admits she has no job."
Are you all laughing with me?  Amanda Lollar operates the LARGEST rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary in the entire world that is dedicated exclusively to bats.  I do believe that is called a job.  Whereas, let’s take a look at Mary Cummins testimony:  “I have no car, no home, no job, and no assets.  I am INDIGENT.”  LMAO 

MC:  "Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary is the old person in the middle wearing a red shirt."

I absolutely cannot stop laughing!  There are 3 bodies in the picture; 2 of them do not have heads which is a clue as to Mary Cummins’ photography skills.  There is only one person “in the middle” hence there is no reason to mention a red shirt OR if you mention the red shirt, there is no reason to mention the person in the middle because there is only 1 red shirt.  Mary Scummins, on the other hand, is easily recognizable even without a head (if only) since you can see skanky hair bits.  WHACK!

Next time let’s play Cumminopoly  and take a look at Mary Cummins who recently identified herself as the person who is “too ugly to prostitute” as well as being the creator of the words that have disruptively burned a hole in our minds as she told a judge, “There is a picture of me on the Internet with a substance on my face that is semen.”  Yuck, I do believe that says it all about the crass Mary Cummins.  Go on, get ready – WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, and WHACK!!

 Mary Cummins Exposed
Mary Cummins Makes Death Threats
Mary Cummins stalks Bat World Sanctuary

Mary Cummins stalks Amanda Lollar
Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates
Mary Cummins Malcontent
Mary Cummins Cyber-Stalker
Malicious Mary Cummins
Mary Cummins, Cyber-Monster

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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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