Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mary Cummins Loves Randy Turner

Using the words of Dummy Cummy...

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This blog is about issues of public concern as Mary Cummins, Mary Cummins-Cobb, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals, Animal Advocates continues her maniacal stalking of famed attorney Randy Turner.  Mary Cummins, aka "the roach"  actually appears to have dedicated her life to stalking Mr. Turner. 

Why does the village IDIOT Cummins do this?    That is easy – she is INFATUATED and OBSESSED with Mr. Turner, probably because he is so successful and despite Cummins rantings that she “Took down the Philadelphia mob”,  Randy Turner took her financially down to the tune of $6.1M plus interest which means she now owes his client and him nearly $7 MILLION DOLLARS.   Apparently Mary Cummins (a crass act if ever there was one),  cannot stand the fact that Randy Turner is an honest man and a crusader for the rights of animals and the dedicated people who care for them.

mary cummins randy turner

Oh, there is one more thing, Mary Cummins has not been able to let go of the obvious fact that Mr. Turner finds her repugnant so she blasts all over the Internet that he tried to “massage my hand during deposition.”  In her dreams!  Her bizarre statements actually caused her own attorney to petition the court to be removed from representing the financially illiterate Mary Cummins.  When the judge asked why he basically said, “I have to testify for the other side. My client Mary Cummins is a LIAR.” And this came well before the disgusting Mary Cummins-Cobb aka Mary Cummins stated in open court that there is a picture of her on the Internet with a substance on her face and identified the substance as ‘semen'.

Mary Cummins can rant all she wants on the Internet about how she despises Randy Turner (not on your life, she yearns for the man) but she sure has made it impossible for Randy Turner to get loose of Mary Cummins because she is constantly filing frivolous motions against his clients (Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary) to make certain she stays in his life. 

Mary Cummins threatens attorneys, judges, news people, animal care givers, process servers, government agencies, etc.  How does she get away with it?  She is apparently mentally disturbed and under the care of a psychologist (while denying that she has ever seen one).  Read the last paragraph on page 9 of this off-the-wall lawsuit she tried to bring against Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google!
So many blogs, so little time to show the world the ‘real’ Mary Cummins who self-proclaims she is “too ugly to prostitute”, identifies that she is a “dumpster roach baby” and states she receives awards for her ‘business sense’ (LOL, OMG I cannot type that without falling over with laughter) all while she is telling the courts and respected justices that she is INDIGENT and collecting aide from the state of CA. 

Let’s all take a moment of silence to picture of dummy cummy in orange with specific letters across her back.  I hope prisons issue dunce caps to identify the people you need to avoid.


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And lastly, a plug for my favorite charity-
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