Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mary Cummins, Cyber-Hitler

Well, well, well does the lunatic Mary Cummins liken herself to a whistle blower (a person who reports misconduct)?  LOL, you bet she does.

Say what, what, what?  Mary Cummins is a seemingly deranged (albeit on most days just a plain nasty piece of work) cyber-troll/cyber-stalker of the innocent, the good, the people who care about animals and others.  Mary Cummins is NOT and never will be an honest to goodness whistle blower.  It simply is not her MO.

Mary Cummins saying she is a whistlblower and an advocate for free speech is akin to Hitler stating he was just a poor immigrant who tried his best to create a better world as he went about mutilating, destroying, pillaging, raping and annihilating the innocent.  My God, it is bad enough that she fancies herself an expert in anything and now she is once again beating the "I am a whistle blower drum." 

Hmmmmmm, so is this more of Mary Cummins devious nature to secure herself a ride to the big, white house (not that big white house but the one where they accept people restrained in white jackets)?   Time will tell!  LOL


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